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Experience Heaven on Earth, Part 2 of 9

Език:Dutch (Nederlands),English
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There are two ways to live in this world. One way is the normal way that we accept everything that happens to us as destiny. And there is another way, that we know God's grace and we can live a much happier, a much smoother, and more peaceful life. Once we know the grace of God, life begins to change. Life begins to be the way it should be. Life begins to be like Heaven.

I would like to share some very good, important news to the Holland brothers and sisters. Because there is not much else I can bring to offer your great country, since your country is already very, very great, very prosperous and very intelligent in many ways. So, since I am invited here I think the only thing that maybe I could offer is the thing that I know of, the thing that I have; that is, spiritual knowledge. There are two ways that we can live our life in this world, and you all know that.

Can you hear clearly, his beautiful voice? Is it… Can you hear? Can you speak in the microphone? Don’t look at me, don’t smile at me. Speak right here. I think I’ll take the microphone in my hand so I don’t miss it.

There are two ways to live in this world. One way is the normal way that we accept everything that happens to us as destiny.

Can you hear now? (Yes.) It’s OK? (No, no good.) No good? Yes or no? Please take care that you speak louder. Can you take the microphone and stand up straight? Please. Because I can hear you, it’s just they cannot. (Yes.) All right, that’s it. Now you look like a movie star. (Yes. Yes. It’s…) When you stand straight, it’s better for you.

And there is another way, that we know God's grace and we can live a much happier, a much smoother, and more peaceful life. OK? Ah! They like you now. (Yes.) Most of the people in the world, we choose to live the first way of life because we do not know the second way. We would like to know the second way, but it is, most of the time, hidden from us even though it is very, very simple, as if taking something out of your pocket. We just don't know how, so we live a mostly unfulfilled, most of the time very frustrated, unhappy lives. Once we know the grace of God, life begins to change. Life begins to be the way it should be. Life begins to be like Heaven.

Translate OK? No? Yes? You translate better, you come up. You better make it better. All right. I’m sorry. OK. OK. (OK.) OK. Yes. You better be good. (I’ll try.) All right. It is easier down there but when you stand up here... He is a little nervous, that’s why. OK, we begin anew.

So today, we will talk about the second way of living, which will bring us happiness, which will bring us Heaven, which will bring us peace inside and outside. I like that. The way to contact with the grace of God, people call that the way of enlightenment, the way of Jesus, the way of Buddha, the way of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the way of those great Masters in the ancient times and in the present and in the future. I am not trying to say the way of religions, because religion has two essences. One is the theory that we read the Bible, we become pious, we keep the commandments of God, and we fast or we be a good person, we help one another. That is one way. And there is another way, the spiritual way; it’s much, much deeper. The spiritual way is the way we can contact directly to God and tell Hirm everything that we want to tell, and Hes will tell us how we are going to solve the problems, or Hes is going to bless us, so that our lives will become exactly the way we want to live.

He’s still good? OK. Stay there. Because in the Bibles or in many of the spiritual, religious scriptures, they don't mention how to contact God. They just mention that in the ancient times, like Saint John, or whomever had contacted God, or Moses had seen God, and then He got blessed and then He had wisdom, etc., etc., but the Bible or the scriptures do not tell us how to get the wisdom the way Moses did. Jesus had meditated in the desert for 40 days, similar with Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and similar with the Buddha, etc., etc. There are endless Masters since ancient times, I cannot mention Them all, but They all had to go through a process of contemplating for a long time and every day in life, in order to contact this God, contact God inside of us. So if we want to…

Oh, sorry. OK, go ahead. Is that it? So short! Is that OK? You standby and you remind him when he forgets something. This is fun. Normally, a real translator, they note down some main points while listening and then they translate from that. It’s safer. You want it? (No, it’s all right. I’ll try to follow You.) Can you note a little bit and… yes. (OK.)

It reminds me of a Japanese joke. It is a little bit out of the theme, but you want to hear? (Yes.) OK. Just to brighten it up because we are in spring and flowers everywhere. OK. There was a Chinese tour guide. He took a bunch of Japanese tourists to go around Amsterdam and looking everywhere, and then they went into a comedy club. And then the comedian was standing on the stage and talked and made a lot, a lot of gestures, a lot of things and everybody laughed. All the Hollanders laughed, laughed, laughed, and all the Japanese tour group kept waiting for the guide to translate. And after the comedian had finished and everybody had laughed already, they said, "What, what? What was it?" And then the guide told them, "The comedian has just told a great joke, so now please clap your hands and laugh." Then suddenly all the Japanese laughed. And the comedian said, "Why I talked so long and you talked only one sentence and they laugh?" Yes, yes. I think he is trying to do the same job. OK. Please try. (OK.)

Now in ancient times, the communication system was not very efficient, the transportation system was almost non-existent. So, to find someone who could show us the way to achieve the grace of God or the way to return to our Kingdom of God within ourselves was almost impossible. And that's why most of the scriptures of the religions mention about these spiritual subjects in a very precious way, in a very mysterious way, in a very, kind of, very hard to find subject, and very hard to achieve. And they don't even write down the method for us. But nowadays, because of all the convenience of scientific discovery, we can share with each other anything that we know in a matter of hours or minutes. Anytime that we can see each other, anytime we want to see each other or want to see someone who knows the way, we can always fly over there or go by car, by bus. It's just a matter of a few hours or a few days, then we can know whatever we want to know about spiritual practice. And even if we could not see the person who knows it, we can see the person who is delegated from this so-called spiritual guide or spiritual friend, and we waste no time; we can always learn anywhere in the world. And this is very lucky for us.

I did not know that. I thought I had to go to the Himalayas; but that was my destiny. I had to go there in order to come back and tell you that you don't have to go there. So, it wasn't a waste of time; it was the way of the working of God. But it's not the Himalayas that makes us enlightened; it is a spiritual power that is transmitted to us through a living, chosen station, a living chosen kind of like, spiritual pole, yes. If God has chosen you as an electric pole, Hes will transmit the power through you and then to another person. That’s very simple.

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