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Experience Heaven on Earth: Questions and Answers, Part 7 of 9

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The negative power actually does not exist at all because everything comes from God. He is also a part of God and he is doing his job. Because in order to make us strong, there must be obstacles, there must be tests and tribulations. But if we truly want to know God again, there is nothing that can stop us. The negative power is there to remind us to go back to the Kingdom of God to avoid all this suffering and negative influence.

(I brought with me a wish to Holland three years ago, the wish from my sister-in-law. She is in China. She is Your honest student. I knew You also from her. I really hope I have the chance to see You face to face, on behalf of the whole family in China and of all Your honest students. Thank You.)

Then you go there. You go there and see her. Who asked that question? Raise your hand please. Cannot you go there? Who asks this question? If you don’t have the money to go there, I can help you. But you have to go there yourself. That’s why I ask who asks it. If you need the financial help, then I can help right away. But anything else you have to do. It’s simple. Just go there and see her. Why wishing, wishing? This doesn’t cost much. Next one. Nobody raises a hand, huh?

(What is hell? What is negative… Is that the price of freedom? Thank You. What are negative forces?)

Why did it start, right? (Yes, and what is hell, and why does it exist? And why does God allow us to know it?)

I understand some Holländisch, I am surprised. Waarom (why) and all that, yes. It’s similar to German.

The negative power actually does not exist at all because everything comes from God. He is also a part of God and he is doing his job. Because in order to make us strong, there must be obstacles, there must be tests and tribulations. But if we truly want to know God again, there is nothing that can stop us. The negative power is there to remind us to go back to the Kingdom of God to avoid all this suffering and negative influence. You see, sometimes in a disaster we pray to God more sincerely.

(Would Master like to go on or start with initiation?) Go home now? (No, no, go on, go on with the lecture) Oh, go on? (or start with initiation.) They still have not finished with the registration outside, and when they’ve finished it then we can also start the initiation. So, tell me when you’ve finished. I do what you wish only.

(Should I put an oath to get the transmission? Should I bind myself to something?)

Bind yourself to something? (Yes.) No, you only bind yourself to God, which is yourself. I help you to release yourself from the binding bondage of the negative power and this world, and then you will be free. There is no binding, no condition. All you have to do is meditate every day for yourself. You don't even have to see me again, don't have to call me “teacher,” “Master” – nothing. You don't have to even know me again if you don't want to. If you can go alone, go alone. You are not obliged to anything because you are God. I just help you to realize again that you are God. So, it's up to you because you lose nothing. You will gain a lot. You will regain the Kingdom of God, you will regain yourself. There is no cost, no obligation, no membership – nothing.

(What if enlightenment means that I have to let go of things I have now? For example, leaving someone I love.)

Why? Why would you have to leave someone you love? Because of initiation? (Yes, because of enlightenment.) No, you don't have to leave anybody. I wasn’t enlightened, that’s why I left my husband. And when I was enlightened, he was already remarried. What was I to do?

I left him because I thought I had to be free to go here and there, to go get enlightenment. He wanted children and I wanted enlightenment, so I had to say, “OK you’re free. You have children with somebody else. I have to go.” But after I became enlightened, I knew that you don’t have to leave anybody, but it was too late.

You don't know, our brothers and sisters continue to stay at home making babies. What do you think? When we gather at New Year, Christmas Day, children, a lot of children; I have to spend a lot of money, giving them Christmas gifts and everything. I have so many children. What do you think, where they come from? No, you stay right where you are. Don't go anywhere.

If you want to come see me sometimes because you need to ask some direct questions or you want to see a friend, then it's OK. But you go for a few days or a week, then you come back home. I’ll kick you out of my ashram if you don’t go home. Yes, you ask the old brothers and sisters, how many begged me to let them stay in my center, or do this, do that for me, I’d say, "No, you go home and do work for your family and take care of your family, because God entrusts the family in your hands, and that's your job. You don't stay here." Except some of the young bachelors; they try to live a renunciate life for a while, it's OK. The more we are enlightened, the more we have to be loving to our close ones. Well, it's not “have to,” we just feel that way. We feel we love them more, we understand them more, and we respect them more as God's children. So, don't worry about that. I am just a teacher. I’m a little busy.

I already left my husband, and he’s already re-married, so, I stay like this, but you don’t go anywhere. OK?

(There is some German, but I can't read German.) Come here and give it to me. (Is there a sister of Yours who is already fully enlightened? Do You…)

Ah, he has English here, look! He wants to know if I have a sister who also is fully enlightened. Why is that? Am I not enough for you? Translate.

No. He asks if I have a sister… They ask if I have a sister also fully enlightened. That’s why I ask whether I’m not enough for him or whoever. Yes, I have sisters. And whether they are fully enlightened or not, you have to ask them. This is a personal question. I don’t check up on everybody’s progress unless they tell me.

(Another German.) Normally they write English down there. OK.

(Does one incur bad karma [retribution] when you go fishing?) What is that? (Oh, fishing!)

Oh! When you go fishing? Of course, you will get a lot, a lot of bad karma (retribution). Or what do you think? That the fish gets the bad karma (retribution) or what? Of course, if you go fishing, then you create, of course, heavy karma (retribution) because you are terminating a living being when his time has not yet come, when he hasn't gone naturally by God's will. Anytime we terminate an existence by our own self-will, we create a burden for our soul, and it's very difficult for us to erase that later on.

(What about the world's various mythological beliefs? Are they all just people's imagination or fiction?) What is… (Mythology beliefs.) Oh, mythology, those stories? Some of them are truth, some of them are more kind of more modernized or more modified, some are just imagination for amusement. It depends, yes.

(If we reach complete enlightenment, like Buddha for example, is there really not any dark space within us left over? Do we have to accept this?) When you are completely enlightened, then there is completely (inner Heavenly) light; there’s no more darkness; that is concerning the soul. But if you mean about the physical body, then you have to do what you do here on this planet until the time has come, then you go Home.

(After initiation...Can he meditate with another group?) Yes, yes, I know. (Group, yes.) Yes, you can. You can because you can meditate anywhere. You can meditate on the bus, you can meditate at Keukenhof, you can meditate on the airplane, you can meditate in the cheese factory, in the toilet, in the bathroom – anywhere. No problem. Today, I went to see Keukenhof because I felt so stuffy in my small hotel room. And then there was a Muslim taxi driver and we were talking and we got on very well, because I knew so much about the Qur’an, and he liked it very much.

And then, while driving, I was just closing my eyes and trying to meditate a little bit and he said, "Are You sleeping?" And I said, "No, no, I am just trying to pray a little." Because if I say I meditate, I wonder if he’d understand because the Muslims, they pray five times. So, I said, "I also pray, you know, five times or six times a day." So, he understood that. He said, "But You pray, You must go to the mosque, and You must do this and that." I said, "No, our prayers are simple." I said, "I have a mini mosque I carry in my handbag, and I do whatever I can now, and when I go home, I do the rest." Yes, our method is very convenient – nobody even knows that you are contacting God. While you sit there, seeing Heaven, Light, contacting God, nobody knows anything. I told you, nobody suspects that you are a saint. And just now, he brought me back here again and he kind of asked what I was doing. I said, "I am just going to give a little talk inside." I said, "You are busy; otherwise, you are welcome to come in and listen." He had been taking me all day here and there, but we just talked about Muslims, that's it. And then we ate sandwich together. Yes, and he was very kind, very nice to me. I didn’t have money; he even lent me money. Later, I got back from the bank and I gave it to him. He felt he could trust me. He was extremely kind to me.

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