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Experience Heaven on Earth: Questions and Answers, Part 5 of 9

Език:Dutch (Nederlands),English
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We can help by sincere prayer, but we must be enlightened, we must be connected with this God power first, and then whatever we think will come true, whatever we want will come true.

(How do we reconnect with the sound of God inside, and how to do that?) I will show you later.

(Is the future of our Earth fixed?)

No, it's not. We can make it better, we can make it worse, because we have the power to change – but only if we know how to get that power. If everyone does not do anything about our inner power and just stays the way they are, then the future of the world is fixed. But if some of us try to do it better, try to know the secret of the universe, and try to make use of the God power within us, then we can change the future of the planet.

(Very often I hear God speak, but sometimes I doubt if it is God's voice. Sometimes I get visions as answers for my questions. How can she know if it is God's voice?)

That's why I will show you how to verify it. You see, that's why I ask that you get the proper instruction, so that you will not be lost in the spiritual world, in spiritual adventure, because in the spiritual world there are also dangers. At the time of transmission, God power will protect you from that day on, so nothing can happen to you and all the experiences will be very clear to you. And we will tell you how to identify whether it's God or whether it's from the negative power. That's why it takes like one or two hours. Otherwise, enlightenment is like this. Enlightenment is just a second, but because you have to continue your process of knowing your complete Self every day, little by little every day, so we have to tell you about the many tricks and traps, and give advice on the spiritual journey so that you can help yourself at home, alone, and you don't need to always ask me.

But of course, you can always ask me later if you are not clear yet. Because in the beginning, maybe you have a few questions. It will be clear to you later, after some time of practice. In the beginning, if you want to ask me questions, you can write or you can come see me sometimes, because sometimes we make a gathering; everyone who has questions can come see me and then I answer all of them, individually, one by one. At that time, only you can come; nobody else can. That’s why we will give you an ID card, and only you can come to talk to me individually. If we don’t know your ID card, you cannot come there. Not for me, because of the guards and all the people.

Because spiritual business is only between two of us. Not concerning other people. So, you will come alone and ask me yourself. Next one, please.

But it costs nothing, costs nothing. All the questions now, from today, anything I teach you, anything I do for you, all free, free. But you have to pay for your ticket though. Sometimes I pay. Some people don’t have money; I pay for them, too, if they really need it. Sometimes we do. But most of the time, after initiation, everybody becomes so intelligent; they work well, they earn more money, and everybody takes care of themselves wonderfully.

(Do You expect the future coming of Christ as many of us do?)

No, I don't. I know He came already. The same, you ask the same question like the Jews asked themselves when Jesus was alive. They were waiting for the Messiah and killed the one that already came. Don’t do the same again.

(How can we help our brothers and sisters in the Balkans, in the war with Kosovo?) In the what? (In the war.) The war? (War in Kosovo. How can we help our brothers and sisters?) In Yugoslavia? (Yes.)

There are many ways you can help. If you believe that one side is bad, then you join the other side and kill them? Then his brother and sister or son will come and kill you, your brother and sister, and his son kills your son… blah blah.

And there’s another way to help, is that You see whoever suffers, the refugees, you contribute some money for them, help their lives become better. And we do that. We don't join either side and don't kill anybody. We just help when the situation is already so bad, and we just make it a little better if we can. The best way to help is to get yourself enlightened; otherwise, it might be your turn next. Once you are enlightened, if you have relatives and friends, you can even pray for them better because you can tell God what you want. Now God also knows what you want but you don't know what God wants. That's the problem. That's why many prayers are not answered. Because God answers, but we don't hear. Because God talks in a subtle language, we have to quiet down in order to receive it. And we call this meditation, contemplation, or quiet prayer – whatever. But we have to open our contact with God first. We have to plug back in, reconnect the telephone, and then we can talk to Hirm and we can receive the answer. Now God tells us to do one thing, and we do another because we are not connected; that's the problem in this world. If the people fighting in Yugoslavia can contact directly to God, they would not start the war at all. God won't tell them to do that. So, since it's started, it has to continue to some point. Just like the engine of the car has started and it's downhill, it has to run its course and then it will stop.

We can help by giving our loving thoughts and loving power. But our prayers must be powerful. And at the moment, our prayers don't have power because we are not connected with the power inside. That's why Jesus did not waste His time trying to go around stopping any wars, and Buddha did not go around trying to make peace between countries. They were busy teaching people to get enlightenment because They knew that's the only solution to any problem on this planet and any other planet in the universe. We can help by sincere prayer, but we must be enlightened, we must be connected with this God power first, and then whatever we think will come true, whatever we want will come true. At the moment, we want something but we don't have anything to back it up. Just like we want to buy a dress, we want to buy shoes, but we don't have money in the bank. Have money in the bank first, then anything else you want, you can buy. Thank you. I can see that talking about money, you like it. It is very practical. Everybody understands the language.

(How do you deal with an enemy’s attacks on a person?) How do I heal? (How do you deal with the attacks of people?) How do I deal with the attacks of people? (Yes.) You mean me personally or generally? (How does one?) How does one deal? Again, we have to be enlightened. And then you will know how because every situation is different. I cannot tell you a general guide of what to do, but mostly, we have to do it lovingly. But because many people in this world are also not enlightened, therefore, they sometimes tend to be violent. So, even if you try to be gentle, it doesn't always work. Yes, that's why we still have war, and that's why everybody must be enlightened. As long as there are ignorant people on this planet, we still have the threat to peace. Threat to peace. If there are ignorant people, then… Thank God you understand English. What’s next?

(What about the Mother of the World? What about the heart? What about love and wisdom? This is the middle path of the Buddha. What about the expansion of consciousness? Is this a process?)

Yes, I am trying to expand your consciousness. I am here to help you to expand your consciousness; and you can have loving power, you can be more intelligent, happiness – whatever you want, you have. We are talking in the same language, except I know how and you don't. We all talk about the flowers, except I have it here and you don't. Nice, yes.

(Are You a saint?)

What do you think? Do I look like a saint to you? No. I don’t, huh? Thanks God. If I look like a saint, I will be in more trouble. I already have enough trouble without looking like a saint. It's not important that I am a saint or not. It's important that you will be a saint. And I guarantee you will become a saint, if I teach you. Yes, in the name of God, I promise.

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