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Yoga – The Supreme Bridge to Cosmic Attainment: From Agni Yoga by Nicholas and Helena Roerich (vegetarians), Part 1 of 2



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The esteemed mystical and philosophical writers Nicholas and Helena Roerich are two of the most influential spiritual thought leaders from Russia, recognized for founding the doctrine of Agni Yoga, also known as Living Ethics. Traveling extensively throughout Asia to deepen their spiritual studies, the Roerichs eventually met their Master in Darjeeling, India. The ascended Venerated Master Morya, also known as El Morya, is a Master of the Great White Brotherhood, an order of ascended Masters and Their incarnated disciples, one of whom was Helena Blavatsky. Morya revealed messages of higher wisdom to Nicholas and Helena Roerich, which they recorded on paper and later gathered into a series of texts. Today, we will read a selection from “Agni Yoga,” from 1929, a book containing some of the remarkably uplifting teachings of Master Morya, put into texts by His disciples Helena and Nicholas Roerich.

“Yoga – that supreme bridge to cosmic attainment – has existed through all ages. Each Teaching comprises its own Yoga, applicable to that step of evolution. The Yogas do not contradict each other. As the branches of one tree, they spread their shade and refresh the traveler exhausted from heat.”

“People do not realize the meaning of God or Bodhisattva. As though blind, they ask, ‘What is light?’ But people even lack words to describe its properties, though daily they perceive light.”

“One can visit different planets in one’s mental body. Thus is indicated that future step when consciousness will not be confined to the one planet. As we now cross from one part of the world to another, the same principle will be applied in interplanetary crossings.”

“Anyone who is able to observe human auras may witness a vivid play of the emanations of light. Plans of rational action can be based on observation of this cosmic flux. Each sign of atrophy is connected with the products of darkness. But where there are waves of Light, where the vital sparks interplay, there is Our Ray.”

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