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Two Friends, Part 8 of 10, Apr. 11, 2022

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So, whether or not they genuinely want to protect their country, or they just use that as an excuse for negotiation, I don’t know how to tell them anymore. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to, either. I don’t want to feel the burden of responsibility for any nation that I advised to give up their weapons. (Understand.) If the whole world listens to my plea or advice, and give up all their weapons altogether, then it’s wonderful.

If we promise something, it should go through. (Yes, true.) So, it’s a shame on the side of Russia, as well as the West, especially those who prevented Ukraine from joining NATO, and those who inked the treaty, the memorandum to protect Ukraine, in case of any attack. (Yes.) It’s really a shame, they make a very bad example, they sent a very bad signal to the whole world. (Yes. That’s right.) Like, if you follow the free world, if you’re friends with them, you’re going to be killed. You’re going to be abandoned, you’re going to be betrayed, anyway.

“Media Report from 60 Minutes Apr. 11, 2022 Scott Pelley (m): The slaughter of civilians could have been stopped, Zelenskyy told us. He's bitterly disappointed the Allies refused to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine. It's the kind of inaction the world has suffered before.

Scott Pelley (m): Mr. President, in a speech to NATO, you said, ‘All the people who die, will die because of you. Because of your weakness.’ Are you saying that the West bears some responsibility for these atrocities?

Scott Pelley (m): He told us:

His Excellency President Zelenskyy (m): I remember, all of us remember, books about the Second World War and about the devil in uniform, Adolf Hitler. Are those countries who did not participate in the war responsible? The countries who let German forces march throughout Europe. Does the world carry responsibility for the genocide? Yes, yes, it does. When you have the ability to close the sky. Yes, it's scary that a World War could start. It's scary. I understand that, and I cannot put pressure on these people because everyone is afraid of war. But whether the world is responsible for this, I believe so. Yes, I believe so. Stand in front of the mirror every day and ask yourself, ‘Were you able to do something or were you unable to do something?’ You will find the answer in the mirror to this question and to another question: ‘Who are you?’ That’s what I believe.”

You see, they make a very, very bad reputation for the whole West, for the whole free world. (Yes.) And the communists, Russia, Putin, make a very, very bad reputation for the whole communist community, allies and all that. Both of them should be ashamed. (Yes, Master.)

Bombings over their heads and destroy their houses, their families are dead, and they themselves are handicapped. There’s one reporter from Fox News. He lost his limbs and his eyes are in trouble and all that, in the war, because he went there to report. (Right. Yes.) Other journalists die or are kidnapped also. And then, he even lost his limbs, he said he feels so lucky, to be there, wherever he is. (Wow.) Wherever “here” is. I didn’t read the whole thing, because it just freaked me out. (Yes, Master.)

Innocent, innocent people, just reporters, have to suffer like that. How is he going to gain his limbs back? (Yes, Master.) So, the same with many Ukrainian or Russian soldiers. How will they patch up their life together again? I told you, that’s why food doesn’t taste good, and sleep stays away from me. Meditation is just so-so. God. It’s the worst thing that could happen – that I could not meditate well. I’m just praying all the time.

You asked me a question, right? (Yes.) What did you say? (Oh, I was just asking about the defense budgets.) Yes, yes. Of course, it would be better. I told you many times, I spoke about that many times. With all this money spent in war, or weapons, we would have made this world a paradise. (Yes, Master.)

You see, I would really love to tell people, to tell all the governments in the world; please no more weapons. And save all the money to help the poor, to have better schools, better streets, better bridges, better nutrition for people. (Yes, Master.) But now, I don’t know how to tell them that anymore, because by making the war in Ukraine, even if Putin loses, it has sent a strong shockwave around the world to those smaller countries, who the world has been trying so hard over the years to convince to give up weapons, or nuclear power. (Yes.)

Now, they have all the excuses to develop nuclear weapons, or to keep their weapons; or they would never give them up, because they worry they would fall into the misfortune and suffering like Ukraine, because Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons. And now, it’s become weak, or seems weaker. (Yes. Right.)

I’m not talking about their spirit, I’m talking about their leverage. The strong point that they can negotiate with. (Yes, Master.) I’m talking about the leverage that Putin, by making the war in Ukraine, is sending the message to everybody, to all the nations, that, “If you have strong weapons, if you have nuclear weapons, you will have high leverage. You will have the bigger advantage over the other nations.” (Yes, Master.) So, they will use that, whether or not they are genuine, or taking advantage of this situation and keep making their nuclear arsenal, or even more modernized weapons, other kinds of weapons, to counter attack, in case. (Yes.) Or at least to tell other countries, “Don’t come near. We’re ready. We have everything to defend. We have everything to counterattack your invasion.” (Yes, Master. Understand.)

So, whether or not they genuinely want to protect their country, or they just use that as an excuse for negotiation, I don’t know how to tell them anymore. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to, either. I don’t want to feel the burden of responsibility for any nation that I advised to give up their weapons. (Understand.) If the whole world listens to my plea or advice, and give up all their weapons altogether, then it’s wonderful. (Yes.)

But if just one party gives up, a smaller party gives up, or one side gives up and the other doesn’t give up, then they put themselves in danger. (Yes, that’s right.) They would feel vulnerable to attack anytime – they never know. (Yes, Master.)

Just like all of a sudden, Russia came and took Crimea and then took the whole two regions. One is Donetsk and the other one is... (Luhansk.) These two regions, out of nowhere like that. Out of nowhere they just took Crimea from Ukraine, for no reason at all. (Yes.) With the pretext that the region’s people asked, requested for Russia to come in. (Yes, Master.) Maybe, but maybe not. Just a pretext to come in and just snatch something out of another country just for his own mood or anger, whatever.

But you can’t just do that. It’s the people’s country. (Yes, Master.) A sovereign country, free country. And the country that your country has signed and sealed and promised to protect, not long ago. (That’s right.) Witnessed by the whole world. (Yes, Master.) So this is something ugly, very, very low level. Lowlife.

So, Russia should be ashamed, and not continue to come in and make one excuse after another just to snatch away a country like that who has done nothing wrong to your own country or to yourself, personally. (Yes, Master.) That’s a very low level. I’m not sorry to say that. You know me, I don’t hide. (Yes, understand.) I don’t hide.

I guess I would make a very bad diplomat. I hope no country would hire me. I would also refuse. (Yes, Master.) Because I don’t know how to fat-butt. (Understand.) I don’t know how. I probably would have more disciples if I was a diplomatic person. (Yes, Master.) But I don’t mince. I mince only vegetables to make a smoothie or something. But I don’t mince words to fat-butt. (Yes, Master.) For any reason.

So, your question is very good. I’m glad you asked. It’s just, it’s not possible right now for me to tell anybody, “Have peace, don’t have weapons.” Because I will be responsible for their peace or war. (Yes, Master.) I can’t be responsible for one country or any country. I’m for the whole world. Therefore, whatever I say, everything is just and fair. (Yes, Master.)

It’s a pity though. (Yes.) We spend so much money for destruction instead of construction. (Yes. That’s right.) And the whole world; so many, I think, maybe billions of people are still in poverty. (Yes.) It’s not quite right, not quite correct, the world. And we spend so much money on causing pain, misery, separation, death, destruction, to maim, kill and disable people.

Our own fellow humans. (Yes, Master.) Eating, killing animal-people is not enough, we want to kill more, humans even. And eat up their land or take up their countries, rob their property, their money, their finances. All that is not good. (Yes, Master.)

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