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Two Friends, Part 10 of 10, Apr. 11, 2022

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If we don’t have war, people take care of themselves, and then we will have an abundance of everything. And now many countries worry about starvation already, because they cannot import or export food, (Yes.) or things in order to exchange or to make a living. Like, even Ukraine, if it cannot import and export food, then the EU, Europe will starve.

I don’t know why they don’t kick Biden out of the White House. He’s the biggest devil of all. Bigger than Putin. (Wow.) Yeah, of course, you can see that. (Yes, Master.) At least, Putin, maybe you can say he’s greedy or angry. Or he’s crazy, or it’s a vaccine problem. And he wants the country. But Biden, he has no reason to want Ukraine to lose, to die. (I see.)

I blame more that devil even. He empowers Putin. (Yes, Master.) He just says it with the mouth, or from the lips only. It’s only lip service. (Yes, that’s right.) And even accusing Putin of being a butcher. He is a worse butcher than Putin, by preventing people to help Ukraine in time of need. Not only doesn’t help, but prevents people. He truly wants Ukraine to die. (Yes.) Now everybody is surprised Ukraine didn’t die, it’s the Russians who died. (Right, Master.) It must have hurt Biden a lot. His fellow devil is losing. What a pity. My God. Now you can see who is who. No? (Yes, Master. Very clear.)

The NATO chief is also the same. (Wow.) Of course, you can see what he does.

"Media Report from WION Mar. 17, 2022 Jens (m): Of course, we support peace efforts. We call on Russia to and President Putin to withdraw its forces, but we have no plans of deploying NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine."

He doesn’t help, nothing. He doesn’t even let Ukraine join. But Sweden and Finland, "Welcome!” Soon, in summer they join. (Wow, yes.) And Ukraine has been begging all these years, and he doesn’t give. (Yes, Master.)

Ah, man. All these people. They are all murderers in different ways. (True.) They are only murderers, and evil. Uglier than sin. Only hell will be able to tolerate them, with fire, of course, in locks and chains, and all kinds of torture instruments. They cannot escape. Even if in this world they escape, because they take on a body or take on somebody else’s body and then have to live out their allotted time. (Oh.) Otherwise, hell will not tolerate them. Heaven, of course, least of all. (Right.)

I would save Putin, if he stops the war. (Oh.) Just because of world peace and for the Ukrainian people and the world, I want him to stop the war. So, even if I save him and suffer, it’s because of the Ukrainian people and world peace; not because of Putin. (Yes, Master.)

If we don’t have war, people take care of themselves, and then we will have an abundance of everything. And now many countries worry about starvation already, because they cannot import or export food, (Yes.) or things in order to exchange or to make a living. Like, even Ukraine, if it cannot import and export food, then the EU, Europe will starve. (Yes. Right.)

The whole of Europe, because they cannot produce fast enough, even if they give farmers land, like I told you last time. (Yes. Yes, Master.) The food doesn’t grow that quick. And it’s a different climate, different expertise also. (Yes.) You can’t just immediately turn to somebody and say, “Hey, you go be a farmer. Grow me some wheat quick to make my bread.” It’s not like that. Oh, man.

And now so much wheat is left in the stores in Ukraine, and so many people worry they don’t have food. Maybe some areas already don’t have food. (Yes.) And all the food shelves, I saw empty.

First, the pandemic also made trouble for the food harvest; obstructed food harvest, and laborers are short, and are not allowed to go out to harvest. We already had two big problems. And now this. (Yes.) Now this. I’m not sure if the world can survive. I don’t know how many people will die of starvation, or be malnourished. Malnourishment is also as bad as starvation. (Yes.) Oh, God.

And anybody just sits in a comfy palace or bunker, and then just pushes a button and orders people to go out to kill. Just like that! Oh, my God. Crazy. Crazy in many, many ways.

Also, the vaccine makes many people crazy. (Yes.) It’s just because they are small, ordinary people, so nobody knows. (Yes, Master.) But now the scientists have already confirmed that some people who even have just light COVID-19, still can have brain damage. (Oh, wow.) I saw that on the news today. I have a headline for you guys. Even just mild COVID-19, and still may have brain damage. (Whoa.)

"Media Report from 1News March 8, 2022 News Anchor (m): The biggest study of its kind is offering insight into the blunt damage COVID 19 is doing to the brain. An early look at hundreds of people with mostly mild cases has found tissue damage and shrinkage of brain matter that people who’ve had the flu don't get.

Reporter (m): Scans from hundreds of people and one key finding.

Professor Maurice Curtis (m): About 2% reduction in the size of those memory centers there.

Reporter (m): COVID is damaging people's brains.

Professor Maurice Curtis (m): People that had been exposed to COVID, they had shrinkage of the brain, particularly in the memory centers and also some other regions of the brain, particularly around the memory centers and olfactory centers."

And that’s the one thing they found out. They haven’t found out other things yet.

And also now, I don’t know if it was WHO that announced it or America announced it; they have a new variant of Omicron. They call it XE. (Oh, yes, that’s right.)

Oh man, as if we don’t have enough already. I told you, I told you. If they cure one, there will be another, worse. (Yes, they said it’s maybe more transmissible.) Of course! It’s not only that, it’s more damageable to human’s bodies and minds, and the next generation with low sperm count. So many effects, they will never discover them all. (Yes, Master.) And it might appear in another kind of sickness, so, they will not think it’s the aftereffect of Omicron or COVID-19. Just like brain damage, like that. (Yes.) If we don’t have such good scientists who found out, then they would probably think this guy had just gone crazy or something, or brain-damaged for some reason, or genetic, or just sickness. (Yes, Master.) They would not know it’s from COVID-19. Some they know, some they think it’s just a disease. (Yes.) Many strange diseases happen and they cannot explain already. Many. Well, at least a lot. At least several. But they did not think it was from COVID-19. It’s all from COVID-19. (Yes, Master.) Oh, God. Just because they could not find out, so they did not think so. (Yes, Master.) After COVID-19, many strange diseases are happening to people in different countries, and they can’t find out, they can’t explain. Because they have not gone so far as to study all of them yet. (Yes, Master.) Just now they found out about the brain damage, even just from mild COVID only.

Terrible. That’s why I was so careful with all you guys. You know, I’m too strict. But I know it’s better to be strict than sorry, no? (Yes. That’s right, Master.) Even if you just go out and come back, it must be three weeks, (Yes.) and testing before and after. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to relax it yet. (Understand.) You guys don’t blame me, do you? (No, Master, not at all.) You should be glad, that I’m so fanatic for you. (Yes, Master. So caring. We are thankful, Master.) Better to be safe than sorry. No? (Yes, indeed, Master.) The outside people, they’re having a lot of trouble because of COVID. I couldn’t afford to let you suffer like that. (Thank You, Master.)

Alright. Anything else? (That’s all from us, Master.) OK. Then we call it a day. (Yes.) Not break records today. No. (No.) Only two hours, right? (1 hour, 40 minutes.) Oh, yeah, man! Since when? OK, good. I’m glad also to call it a day now. (Yes, Master.) Recently, I’m not very energetic. (Understand.) I’m well, I’m OK, just not energetic, because too much suffering in the world. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) So, you can see that I’m not very crispy in my talk. (Yes.)

All right, love. Take care. (Take care, Master. Thank You, Master.) Eat well, sleep well, whenever you can. (Thank You, Master.) (You too, Master.) If you have to work late because of any situation, just make up for it in the daytime or whenever you can. (Yes, Master.) And if you cannot, then join my club. No big deal. (Yes, Master.) When we die, we can sleep forever, so it doesn’t matter, right? At that time, we can make up for the whole lifetime that we missed. (Yes, Master.) We talk about that, but it’s not fun actually. Sometimes if you cannot sleep it’s also very tiring. Sometimes I also want to join the sleepy guy’s club. (Yes.) The one that wanted to go find somewhere and just sleep, sleep, sleep. Some days, I thought, “Oh, this guy, how come I feel like him today?” But we still have to continue to work no matter what. The show must go on. (Yes, Master.) So, I thank you for paying your debt to the world. And to your former ignorance. Alright? (Yes, Master.) Ciao. God bless. (Thank You, Master.) (Ciao, Master.) (God bless, Master.) Love you. (Love You, Master.)

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