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Two Friends, Part 7 of 10, Apr. 11, 2022

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If we promise something, it should go through. (Yes, true.) So, it’s a shame on the side of Russia, as well as the West, especially those who prevented Ukraine from joining NATO, and those who inked the treaty, the memorandum to protect Ukraine, in case of any attack. (Yes.) It’s really a shame, they make a very bad example, they sent a very bad signal to the whole world.

Alright, my love. We have many more new channels. I guess you can see it. You have to know, we have new channels all the time, in case you want to find your language and your location. We have so many new channels all the time. Today, maybe five or six new ones, and a Russian social media. (Oh.)

But after we talk about all this, I don’t know if they’ll let us continue. Let’s pray to God. Keep fingers crossed.

They should keep it. (Yes, Master.) At least if they want to know what I’m saying, then they have to keep it. (That’s right.) Right? (Yes, Master.) To hate me or not, they must know what I say, no? (Yes, of course.) They must know what the world’s opinion is about them. No? (Yes. True.) So that they can act accordingly. (Yes, Master.)

Whatever happens, is God’s will. What can I do? (Exactly.) It’s the humans that have to change. I keep saying that all the time, but I guess not too many want to listen.

They’re so used to listening to like p Francis, for example. Or the patriarch in Russia, their own. The patriarch today, the big patriarch told the Russian people they have to rally around the government, around the authorities. That’s what it said in the news. (Oh, no.) Before he supported Putin anyway. He sanctified it.

Alright, my love. Any more? (I have a question, Master.) Sure.

(Several countries are increasing their defense budgets; like, Finland is going to increase their budget, worrying about Russia. Japan and Taiwan [Formosa] are worrying about China. So, when they’re spending all these billions of dollars for defense, they’re not able to use it for the benefit of the people. What is Master’s advice for their leaders? What should they do to deter a possible war in the future, yet maybe save that money for the people?)

You get me into trouble or what? What shall I say? If they want to defend themselves, they have to show off something. They have to show that they are capable of retaliation or at least, kind of, hissing. (Yes.) Not wishing to bite but have to hiss. It’s like a prevention. They want to show that they have preventive measures. (Yes.) So, they want to show Russia or China that they are capable of retaliation. To deter, to stop, the war before it happens. (Yes, Master.) That’s what their intention is.

I cannot tell them to stop. I don’t want to either. (Yes, Master.) Because if I tell them, “Oh, give up all your weapons,” and then China will come to invade them. (Yes.)

Or just like Russia. They all told the Ukrainian government to give up all the nuclear weapons. They did. And all of them signed, at least three big powers. Russia themselves signed that, too, under Yeltsin. (Yes.) And then United Kingdom signed it also, America signed it also. Guaranteed safety, sovereignty, freedom for Ukraine’s independence. And if, in case Russia betrays them, for example, they will protect Ukraine.

And now, what did they do? All this time, so many people have died already, and they just began to give a little bit more. (Yes, Master.) Before that, even American defense or people asked Biden to give Ukraine more, whatever they asked. Biden said, “Not yet.” Don’t give. And then Poland wanted to give also free, and Biden also stopped that. (Yes, Master.)

All these evil people. They themselves promised. I told you before, they broke their promise. They did not keep their promise to Ukraine. (Yes.) And Germany deterred Ukraine from joining NATO as well.

All these people, if they’re helping Ukraine in any way, they’re paying their debt to Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) And can never pay enough. They can never repay all the innocent women, children, elderly and innocent men who died in such a horrible way. (Yes, Master.)

That’s why you heard me up to now, I’m not thanking anybody. I’m not thanking any of them. (Right.) None. America, Germany or whatever. Did I thank them? By mistake maybe. If I did, please delete it. (Yes, Master.) Because, maybe it’s just a habit that I’d say that. But I don’t thank anybody. I think they’re not doing enough, even. They’re not paying enough yet, even. And they will never pay enough. You hear? (Yes, Master.) You cannot pay enough for all these lives lost and all the suffering, and all the infrastructure that’s all damaged, and all the horror and all the unsettling war energy, and all the trauma that cost the people, psychologically. (That’s right.)

It’s not just lives lost. It’s the living people who are traumatized and become psychologically disturbed. In the countries that they went for refuge, they set up even psychological consultation, psychiatric wards everywhere, to help the Ukrainians to deal with it.

I hope they can. Such a thing is very difficult to heal. (Yes.) Seeing your husband, your little children die in front of you in such a way like that. How will you ever forget? How will you ever heal? (True.)

So, I blame all these countries who betrayed Ukraine. They betrayed Ukraine. They did. And maybe they’re waking up now. They see all the atrocities, and also all the pressure from everywhere, from the media, from their own party members, from maybe Supreme Master TV. (Yes, Master.)

I didn’t mince any words. Did I? (No, Master.) I wish I could say more, but sometimes I’m stuck with emotion, that I could not even think. I say what I can. I could not say enough. But we devoted many, many weeks, for this subject, no? (Yes, we have.) All the lectures have not been aired yet. Right? Not all of them. (Not, yet.) The first one only, I guess. Or second. And we still have many, probably months to go. (Yes, Master.) And even today, I wanted to read you a story, but news about Ukraine still came in. (Yes, Master.) We could not shake it off so easily. How would the people who are witnessing it and who live in it, shake it off?

See, they all betrayed Ukraine. Well, maybe they are trying to make it up now. It’s good. It’s better than never. But they should have done that before, they should have done that before the war even began, to stop the war, to prevent the war; instead of being scared of Putin, or scared of losing gas and oil, and all that stuff. (Yes, Master.)

They should know that Putin also is afraid of not being able to sell gas and oil to them. (Right, yes.) Because he made a lot of money with it, I mean Russia made a lot of money with it; of course, he also has a share in it if it’s state-owned anyway. (Yes, Master.) So, they should not have betrayed Ukraine.

Anyway, Russia betrayed Ukraine. Betrayed their own promise to protect Ukraine. Instead, they betrayed Ukraine by invading Ukraine, and brutally killing, murdering innocent people and children and women. (Yes.) It doesn’t matter whom anyway. And the West betrayed Ukraine by not truly helping and protecting them. And one and a half months already, they just begin to stir a little bit more.

In the beginning, they didn’t help much, just let Ukraine try it out and die or live, doesn’t matter. (Yes, Master.) They should have known that Russia is very brutal. They should have known that whether or not Ukraine joins NATO, Russia would have still invaded Ukraine anyway. They could see it very well. (Yes, Master.) Because, first Russia said Ukraine should not join NATO, and they used that excuse to want to go in. And later Ukraine didn’t join and NATO said, “We don’t accept Ukraine.” And they still went in anyway, Putin. (Yes. That’s right.) They made another excuse, saying there are fascists and Nazis in Ukraine. Everyone could see that, and still did not help Ukraine. Did not try more forcefully, more honestly to help Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

So, I said they all betrayed Ukraine, not just Russia. (Yes.) Even though they signed in ink, and sealed their guarantee to leave Ukraine in peace and have its own sovereignty. It’s not about betraying Ukraine only. The West made a very terrible show of weakness, cowardice and of an untrustworthy entity. (Yes, Master.)

Because Ukraine loved to be with the free world, and loved to have democracy. And they love peace. They proved that, fatally, by giving away all their nuclear weapons, making themselves vulnerable to the whole world, trusting that the West or Russia would keep their promise, as gentlemen. (That’s right. Yes.)

In the old times, people would just shake hands, that’s it. They don’t even have to sign anything, they trusted each other, because we all have honor. If we promise something, it should go through. (Yes, true.)

So, it’s a shame on the side of Russia, as well as the West, especially those who prevented Ukraine from joining NATO, and those who inked the treaty, the memorandum to protect Ukraine, in case of any attack. (Yes.) It’s really a shame, they make a very bad example, they sent a very bad signal to the whole world. (Yes. That’s right.)

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