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An Uplifting Supreme Master Ching Hai Day Celebration, Part 8 of 8

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The last dance that we have is a Korean dance called “Cute Dance.” This will be our last performance. After this lovely dance by the Korean initiates, the program of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day celebration today has come to a perfect ending.

Should we invite the star today, Supreme Master Ching Hai, our Master to say a few words to us now? “Thank you. I have already wished all of you an auspicious New Year. Let me do it one more time. Wish you auspiciousness, happiness and good fortune. May you have whatever you wish for, be it a child, money, a husband, or a wife. Should you wish to practice spiritually, Supreme Master Ching Hai is here. Today we are so sincere that even Heaven is touched and wouldn’t stop crying. Nothing we can do about it. However, in India, they say that rain is a Blessing. (Yay!) Rain is God’s Blessing, so we ought to be happy. God has blessed us a lot today.

OK, now go enjoy your meal with Buddha’s Blessings. (Yay!) Be happy and have a good appetite. (Thank You, Master.) It happens to be the end of the five-day retreat today. Thank you everyone for putting aside important work to join us here to pray together, for peace and harmony of the world and the Universe. Thank you once again. Enjoy your meal. (Thank You, Master.)” Here we also wish Master be youthful, happy, and beautiful always.

“(Master, You are beautiful!) It looks nice! These people are more beautiful! Anyone will look pretty wearing this. Right? (Right.) I like to watch; I like beautiful things. (Master!) I like you to be beautiful. That’s why I’ve designed so many. I show you immediately after wearing it for a couple of hours. Just a couple of hours; not bad. It’s beautiful. It looks nice. This outfit is also beautiful. (This one is beautiful.) This design is good. (Many people will place order.) Even if my design is good, we still need to have good fabric. Understand? (That’s right.) If I don’t have the fabric, I’ll be out of inspiration. (You see, it looks so nice.) Many people will order this outfit today. (Yes. This outfit is also splendid.) I feel that each outfit is beautiful in its own way. Right? (Yes! They are all beautiful.)”
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