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The Environmental Photographer of the Year Contest

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Organized by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM), and the free interactive video and streaming platform WaterBear, the annual Environmental Photographer of the Year Contest draws people’s attention to the planetary crisis through inspirational photos from around the world. This venue also supports the urgent calls to action by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The contest is free to enter for both professional and amateur photographers, and the categories include Environmental Photographer of the Year, Young Environmental Photographer of the Year, The Resilient Award, Environments of the Future, Sustainable Cities, Climate Action, Water and Security, and the People’s Choice Award.

Let’s now see some of the most stunning photographs from the 2021 Environmental Photographer of the Year Contest. The photograph entitled “The Rising Tide Sons” displays the soul-stirring image of a child sleeping in a ruined home on a beach in Togo. The picture highlights the problem of rising sea levels affecting the coastline in 13 West African countries, causing thousands to become homeless. This artistic work by Spanish photographer Antonio Aragón Renuncio won the Environmental Photographer of the Year 2021 award.

The winner of this category is “Survive for Alive” by Ashraful Islam. This photo was taken in Noakhali, Bangladesh where extreme droughts have sucked the life out of both animals and humans. Here we see a flock of sheep-people desperately searching for grass in the cracked soil. Just looking at this image is enough to make your throat feel parched.

Images submitted to the contest examine the relationships between economic development, environmental degradation, and social inequity, as well as celebrate innovations, spiritual activities, human diversity, and the incredible beauty of our natural environment, to visually remind us of what we need to protect. The power of photography exposes the impact of climate change and sparks action. Images of children as the innocent and helpless victims of climate change, catch people’s attention and win their hearts. We hope that these efforts lead to more authorities stepping up to make positive and meaningful policy changes.
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