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An Uplifting Supreme Master Ching Hai Day Celebration, Part 2 of 8

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Now let’s begin The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day celebration programs. The first program is “Celebrate the New Year and Welcome a Bright Future,” brought to you by 24 initiates from Taichung.

The first part is titled “Holding Lights to Search for the Enlightened Master,” performed by children who hold lanterns to search for the enlightened Master. When they met our Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai, they were overjoyed. The second part is titled “The Moon Boat,” in which a group of boatmen rolling their boat diligently under the crescent moon to search for their inner light. Number three: Dance of the Lights. God’s light constantly fills the universe. Number four is: A Lighthouse. Boatman steers towards the light and finally finds the inner Heaven. Number five: Enjoy God’s Love. In Heaven it's filled with boundless love. People share the endless joy with the audience. Now, let’s welcome the initiates from Taichung to perform “Celebrate the New Year and Welcome a Bright Future.”

OK. Let’s proceed to the next program. Next is a modern dance called “Happy, No Problem” by initiates from Thailand. “Yes, hallo, my name is Happy No-Problem. I was born as Happy, so delighted with everything. Dad Bang-Earn has taught me to create. Mom Bang-Orn has taught me well. I was born glad, I’m not expecting too much. Thank you all the Divine, to be born as Happy.”

Aside from the performances from disciples all over the world, we also received numerous congratulatory telegrams from both government offices all over the world and from disciples, one of which is from the Office of the Governor from the State of Iowa. Barbara Finch, Director, Administrative Aid to the Governor, says, “We were extremely impressed with the sincerity and integrity of You and Your disciples. I respect Your ideals for peace, and Your undiscriminating compassion to help disaster victims the world over. We were overwhelmed with the gratitude for all of the assistance offered and especially with the generous contributions from You and Your followers. We shall always be grateful for Your help in the time of need. Best wishes in Your quest to bring peace and enlightenment to all people. Barbara J. Finch.”
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