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Since Russia’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine, which has caused untold suffering for this peace-loving nation, people worldwide have been voicing their support for the Ukrainians and condemning Russia’s unjust action while providing financial and material assistance whenever possible. From pop singers and rock stars to classical musicians, artists of all ages from Ukraine and other parts of the globe have used their talents in sending positive messages of support to Ukraine during this critical time of need.

In early March, the seven-year-old Ukrainian girl Amelia Anisovych was caught on camera singing the popular Disney song “Let It Go” while sheltering in a Kyiv basement. Like an angel of hope, her presence and voice brought tears to the eyes of many. “The glory and freedom of Ukraine has not yet perished. Luck will still smile on us, brother-Ukrainians.”

The song “World Support Ukraine (Russians Go Home)” performed by Ukrainian singer Diana Mess for Eurovision 2016 is gaining renewed interest. “Do not say, My war isn’t your war! ‘Cause tomorrow it might knock on your door. It’s not a game, it’s not naive fun, When children are facing the offenders’ guns. Russians go home!”

We pray that through the world’s united efforts and the blessings of God, darkness will soon be expelled from Ukraine, and the people can resume their everyday lives, rebuild their country, and look forward to a better tomorrow. We would like to conclude our show with the song “Hello, Lost Eyes” composed by musician Trúc Hồ and dedicated to Ukraine on behalf of the overseas Vietnamese (Aulacese) people.

“Hello, lost eyes, Going through the darkest time of your life, Despite stars falling from the sky. Hello, lost eyes, Looking for someplace safe to call home. Hello, lost eyes, Gazing at the stars up high, Wondering why the sun is not shining, Why the moon is not bright. Only haze in the sky. Please don’t be scared, don’t cry. There is heaven and earth in your eyes. You are on your own, but not alone. Our hearts and thoughts are with you. Dark skies turn blue.”
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