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Joanna Ampil: Radiant Actress and Singer, Part 1 of 2

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Accomplished stage and screen star Joanna Ampil is known for her charismatic talent. Her splendid performance as the leading lady Kim in the musical “Miss Saigon” first drew the attention of influential theater producers in 1993. Ms. Ampil has since stayed at the top of her field and in 2011, she performed in the role of Thanh in the unique musical “The Real Love,” inspired by the true story of Supreme Master Ching Hai.

She also performed as the innocent Éponine in the famous musical “Les Misérables,” which ran during 2000 to 2001 at the Palace Theatre in London. Another career highlight was playing Fantine in “Les Misérables” in a Windsor Concert performance for Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family.

On August 27, 2011, the global premiere of a special musical, “The Real Love,” took place at the prestigious Pasadena Civic Center in Pasadena, California, USA. “The Real Love” starred Joanna Ampil as Thanh, a tender-hearted Aulacese, also known as Vietnamese, woman helping war-torn refugees.

How does Joanna Ampil look back on that role? “Oh, with fondness, and with such joy. This is the gift that keeps giving. It was such a special time in my life, and every time I look back, it’s almost like wanting to go back in time and redo the whole thing because it was so wonderful. It was so easy, in a way, because I felt like something was... there was an intervention. And I honestly believe it was the Supreme Master Ching Hai praying for me because She said that eventually in Her letter. And every time I would watch Her talks in those videos that they sent me, there’s just a certain calmness that came over me. And I don’t know what it is, it’s like I was cleansed spiritually, mentally, and physically, and everything became so clear when I was playing the character.”

The experience brought some unexpected rewards. “Really, there was something that got over me mentally that I just wanted to be so kind to everyone and to all the animals and to all my co-inhabitants. It was that kind of feeling. It was light. It’s so magical; it was such a magical time in my life. Looking back, it just gives me the smile, remembering all those moments.”
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