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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms

An Uplifting Supreme Master Ching Hai Day Celebration, Part 7 of 8

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Next, a comedy from the USA disciples. “Âu Lạc at that time was ruled by a king who loved his country and his citizens. Unfortunately, the king passed away suddenly, leaving behind a prince and a princess who were still very young. Since childhood, both the prince and the princess have lived in the palace with all the luxury and wealth, being taught and spoiled by the late king’s officials. Therefore, as they grow up, the princess becomes more and more stubborn, arrogant and hard-headed. The young prince, instead of learning how to rule the country, indulges in the pleasures of the royal life.”

“Your Royal Princess, I just caught three robbers who were snooping around in the palace.” “(Hold on. What did you guys steal from the palace? Let me see. Oh, my royal brother! This precious treasure has been passed down by our ancestors for thousands of years. Nobody has opened it yet.) My royal sister! (My royal brother!) My royal sister, this is the greatest gift that I have ever received, that I can see and hear God. I could not believe that She is so charming and beautiful. I feel like I just woken up from a long, long dream. (Yes, I feel the same.) At this time, in the presence of God, I would like to sing a song to offer to God. (I also want to dance as an offering to God. Let me call the concubines so that they can dance with me.)”

“Mother gives me everything Her whole youth. Her tender love Larger than the sea, bigger than the sky. Mother is a pure, cool breeze A passion fruit, a sorbus tree. Mother is the flower, Mother is the fragrance, Mother is the source of miraculous love.” “Loving us, mum sang soothing words. To lull us to sleep, she didn't mind having wakeful nights. For many years, her tears flowed down like streams, flowing into our hearts, her hair was already gray.”

“From now on, we will walk on the path of the Tao. I will use wisdom and love to rule the citizens in a wiser way. (And I will be a more exemplary princess. I will not be naughty, and will show love to others.) (Your Majesty, from now on, my two brothers and I will follow you, to help you deal with national defense, and spend the rest of our lives practicing spiritually.) (That’s very good! It is very hard to attain a human body. So, we must take this opportunity to practice spiritually. From now on, we will walk on the path of the Tao, to go back to the Kingdom of God.)”
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