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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms

An Uplifting Supreme Master Ching Hai Day Celebration, Part 5 of 8

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Next, the disciples from Âu Lạc (Vietnam). It’s a traditional dance. “Floating, Áo Dài dress floating Green is the homeland’s grass field. I heard your every step Stirring the street to the small town. Floating, the familiar Áo Dài dress The bird wings flapping in the wind. I heard from your heart The singing voice filled with love. Even if I would be going far away Homeland stays forever in my heart.”

Next from the Formosan (Taiwanese) disciples singing and dancing. “The wind filled the sail of my boat. Following the wind, my boat flows, taking me to the place that I long to be. The wind filled the sail of my boat. My lady, how I long to see you, pouring out my feelings for you.” Performance by the Taoyuan initiates. The “Boat Song” truly is up to the national concert hall standard. We thank them for their performance.

Coming up is a solo performance by an Australian initiate. “The Blind and the Cripple.” “What poor Christ? (Him, Jesus Christ. In person. The Son of God. He’s very very holy Son. They say that He has done some amazing, miraculous things. He has cured the worst diseases known in the world.)

Blessed be the Holy Son that’s healing me. I see things that I have never seen in my life. I was a wretched animal to try to run away from Him, because there is nothing in the world so sweet and joyful as He. (I must have been really unfortunate to get looked at by that Man, full of Love! I am going to end up dying with an empty belly. I am going to end up eating these cured legs of mine.) Now, I see it well. I was mad to have wandered off the straight and narrow path to take this dark road. I didn’t realize what a great prize it is to be able to see. Oh, how beautiful the colors are. Thanks be to God! Son of God! Miraculous Son of God, there are no words that can describe Your Holiness. Like a river in full flow, even under the weight of a cross, You still have such an excess of Love as to give thoughts to the misfortunes of poor wretches like us.”
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