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Being Vegan Brings Out Our Love and Benevolence, Part 8 of 13, Dec. 16, 2021

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If us humans could be half as good as dog-people, then we don’t need to pray for vegan or world peace. It just would be there. (Yes, Master.) Out of love for each other. How can humans not love the animal-people?

Oh God, dog-people, they know everything. And the boys, all of them have extraordinary qualities that I cannot even express in words. I can only know it by interactions. By being there. If I express to you, it’s different already. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) The love that radiates from them, I cannot tell you. (Yes.) I can only feel it. Even if they just stay there and sleep on my sofa, I feel the love from them. They don’t stop loving just because they’re exhausted or just because they fainted, or because they sleep. (Wow.) Always there’s this love coming out from them. (Wow.)

They never forget to love. (Amazing.) That’s why people all over the world, they fall in love with dog-people. (Yes.) Not for no reason. And dog-people don’t love you just because you give them veggie bone or good food or vegan food or nothing like that. There are many clips on the internet, they even love just a homeless old man. (Yes.) Just because every day, that homeless man passes by and says hallo to him and hugs him. So whenever he sees, smells the homeless from afar, he already gets excited and running all over, wants to jump out of the fence, and crying and so excited. Wagging the whole body, waiting for him. Until he comes and they both hug each other. That’s all the homeless can offer, but the dog-person loves it so much. (Yes, Master.) That’s all he needs: love actually. Even he could starve to death with you, in love.

If us humans could be half as good as dog-people, then we don’t need to pray for vegan or world peace. It just would be there. (Yes, Master.) Out of love for each other. How can humans not love the animal-people?

After you learn so much from films and the internet. (Yes, Master.) In the beginning, before, maybe we don’t have television, we don’t have reports about how good all the animal-people are, not just dog-people. Cat-, bird-people, or anything. Wildlife-people. Even I saw one of the clips… The bear-person, he came, he passed by the street cone that some worker put there when they’re working. (Yes.) The cone, you know? Colorful? (Yes.) Orange color? (Yes.) He saw it fallen down on the street. He passed by already, he returned, picked it up, stood it up, and then walked away.

Who taught him? It’s just a wild bear-person, man! (Amazing.) (Incredible.) They know everything! (So clever, yes.) And even the wolf-people, somebody took care of them when they were younger, maybe orphaned or something, and then released them into the wild. Many years, they come back, they jump all over her, licking, kissing, prostrating, hugging. Oh! My God! Nobody taught them this kind of thing. (Yes, Master.)

I did not teach my dog-people to love me, or to say, “I love you,” I never taught them anything. Until that day I heard, it’s the first time ever. I was taken aback. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I didn’t think of taking the camera. I was just standing there. “You speak English?” She came and said, “Hallo, hallo, I love You! I love You!” She probably was worried to death where have I been, whether or not I’m still alive. Even if I am, she still worries. (Yes, Master.) My God, she worries so much, like I’m her only child. She worries if she doesn’t see me. (Oh.) That’s why not to see my dog-people is a big sacrifice for me. Not because I miss them that much, but they miss me more. (Yes, Master.)

Just for their sake. For their love, for the sake of love, that’s why I want to see them. So if I’m too busy, I can’t see dog-people, or I’m in retreat, I really feel very, very, very consciously disturbed. But I’m too busy so I don’t have too much time to think. Otherwise, I cannot bear. And if they can see me, oh my God, you ought to see, it’s a major. It’s a major one, my dog-people seeing me again. I have to prepare first, stand with my stance, stable on the ground, otherwise, I’ll be taken down with them together. (Oh. Yes.) I’ll be on the floor, with the dogs all over. And no need to take a shower that day. At least we have some laughs; otherwise, it’s all too serious, too sad, too miserable.

I keep telling God, “Oh, this world is like hell, I cannot bear anymore. I don’t know if I can continue like this, to witness all this.” But then, I said to myself, “At least I can do something. At least I can say something to express my love for them. To comfort their souls, their minds, and to wake people up, so not to do evil things again.” I hope it wakes some people up, or at least wakes some other people up who are not evil, to do something about these evil people. (Yes, Master.) So it won’t continue happening again to hurt the poor children, the lonely and weak and small children. They’re not even grown up yet! (Yes.) My God! And already being raped from 3, 4, 5, 6 years old already! My God! What kind of evil is this?

And on the internet, if you show all these kinds of evil clips, they put you in jail. (Yes, Master.) For harmful child pornography. If they can catch you. (Yes, Master.) But all these pedo-priests, they walk free, man! (Yes.) And being promoted! And continue to be worshipped and revered. Oh, this is the last of all the last, the lowest of all the low.

This world is not what I have thought it to be. Originally, I know it’s bad, but I didn’t know it could be so evil! So hellish like this, for these unfortunate ones, that happen to be in contact with these evil pedo-priests (Yes, Master.) and the head of the pedo-priest gang, “Vati-gang” head.

Oh, I can never talk about this enough. It’s not very good for me to talk about this because of karma and all that, but I don’t care. I have to say something, you cannot just ignore this. (Yes, Master.) Just because you are not the child who is being raped, just because you are not the parents of these children. (Yes, Master.)

The parents, I think they are waking up now. I hope all this news will be more printed everywhere so the parents will be more alert and try to trust the children - always ask the child if they are alone in the church sometimes or with some priest or at school. Always ask them, every day by phone or physically, whether or not they are molested or everything OK, like yesterday, or not, (Yes.) if they are at home or not. (Yes, Master.) But maybe with some like that, it’s too late already.

I wouldn’t trust my child, if I had, to any of the priests. I don’t know who is good, who is bad anymore. You see, they smear the whole church, (Yes, Master. It’s true.) the whole Catholic church, (Yes.) and smear it also onto Christianity and into other religions, make people not believe in priests anymore. (Yes, Master.) It’s supposed to be the symbol of holiness. They smeared it all. (Yes, Master.) Oh… wicked, evil!

Yeah, yeah, you see that? Just scolds the nuns, the poor mother superiors (Yes.) and doesn’t even know that the young girls, they are also naughty. It’s not that all of them are angels who come into the convent (Yes, it’s true.) to become a nun. They have their character, they have their desires and worldly kind of taint. And also, they have their revolutionary kind of embedded spirit. (Yes, Master.) Because they’re young, they have hot blood in their bodies. At their age, they should be having a boyfriend or go out. Or are married, something like that. (Yes, Master.) And they’re cooped up in a small room in the convent and with a lot of rules and regulations – of course, they’d break. (Yes. That’s true.)

But that doesn’t mean that the mother superior is all bad, she just has more experience, and she might try to discipline them or trim them, (Yes, Master.) to be suitable for a nun’s life. Because a nun’s life is a holy life, you have to behave, (Yes.) you have to act holy, and you have to be sincere, but not all of them who come in are sincere, (Yes, Master.) including the mother superior perhaps, when she was younger. And later on, it’s just a habit so she continues or maybe she changes her attitude, becomes more sincere. (Yes.) So it’s not like the mother superior, it’s all her fault, why blame only women nuns, and why not mention even these pedo-priests. I’m asking you! Just scratching around and leaving the cancer there. (Yes, Master.) Don’t want to operate it, to heal.

So, you see, you see, you see? Do you see or not? (Yes, we see it, Master.) Just hypocritical. Maybe the pope also is bad himself so he doesn’t dare to open his mouth. (Yes.)

There is a joke in India. Some guru told me, he said, “A lump of sugar came to complain to God. ‘Oh God, please rescue me, help me, tell all the humans not to eat me. Because everybody who sees me, they want to eat me. (Yes.) And now I’m running here, if You don’t do something, I’ll be gone, dead.’ So the God said, ‘Come back in two weeks.’” God. Supposed to be a joke. Maybe it’s not very respectful but some guru told me, Indian guru.

“And then came back two weeks later. The sugar lump tried so hard to hide everywhere, escape from death, and from the mouths of humans and all that. Finally, he sneaks out from his hideout, went to God again and asked God, ‘So what’s happening now? What are You doing? What can You do to protect me?’ He said, ‘I’m not done yet. Please, stay far away from me. Don’t go too near me.’ So, the sugar said, ‘Why God? Why?’ God said, ‘Because I will eat you, also. (Oh.) I also want to eat you.’” Too tempting. (Yes.) “So, He said, ‘Come back again, in another two weeks.’” I guess God, or probably a Saint or something, maybe Saint Peter, has to also first control Himself before He can pronounce anything. (Yes.) That’s what it is.

So maybe this Francis, he himself, is not clean, not clear enough. That’s why he doesn’t dare to do anything, say anything. (Yes. That’s true.) I saw him sitting in a big party with a big steak and with women around, next to him. In Buddhism, you don’t sit like that. You sit far away from women, because they have their energy; they will influence you. All the men influence women, also. (Yes.) So normally, in the convent it is different, a nuns’ convent is different from a monks’ convent. In the old time, in the Buddha’s time, it’s like that. Nowadays maybe they mix a little bit. (Yes, Master.)

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