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Being Vegan Brings Out Our Love and Benevolence, Part 12 of 13, Dec. 16, 2021

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Any mother who wants to kill her baby for no reason like that, just for convenience, and for good looks, they should go to jail. And they will go to hell. That is guaranteed. Definite. No one can change that. And even if she repents, her sin won’t be deleted, not until she pays the whole course. As you sow, so shall you reap. (Yes, Master.) That law never fails.

And I read in the news that Congress won’t tax the rich. Before, they were all for taxing the rich. (Yes.) Even one of the famous House representatives, she went to a big party wearing a white dress, and on top of the white dress, it’s written, “Tax the Rich.” She’s one of the House representatives, AOC, they call her. (Yes, Master.) Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. (Yes, yes.) So obvious. But now they don’t. They took it out of the bill.

Because before, they wanted to tax the rich, in order to spend. (Yes.) But how much can the rich afford? You take it, but their money is not like forever; (True.) their money is not limitless. (True, Master.) They need it to invest more. And even if they live in luxury, it’s just their style. They have to. Some of them have to, to suit their status. If they’re some billionaire and big businessman like Bezos, (Yes.) would they live in a 2 x 4 hut like me, with dog-people, (No, Master. I don’t think so.) and invite the guest to go sleep where, and stay where, talking where? They would have to have some prestige, (Yes.) luxuries to show off that they’re successful, so people believe them, and work for them or cooperate with them, or partner with them. (Yes, Master.)

For business. And then they will enrich their country also, not just themselves. And protect these workers, so they are not jobless. (Yes.) If they’re jobless, they’ll make trouble for the government. The government has to pay them. Or if they don’t pay them, or if they’re jobless, they’re bored, they’re frustrated, they feel inadequate, then they’ll go out, get drunk and brawling around, or going to brothels, or killing people, or drugging. (Yes, Master.) Getting drunk and making trouble for the police. And making trouble for the government and the country.

So, the rich people, they are helping already. I told you in the last conference. I don’t want to repeat again. So, you can’t just rob them all, and then they’ll have nothing more. And like in COVID, maybe their business went down. Our business went down also. (Yes.)

Then they have to have something to lean on, for rainy days. (Yes.) So, if you rob all of them, then it’s terrible. The country’s all poor. (Yes, Master.) Even Churchill, I remember he said, maybe Churchill, maybe somebody else, said, “You cannot make the poor rich by making the rich poor.” (Oh.) So this is what Biden wanted to do. (Yes, Master.) They want to take all the money that the rich have, and then they will have nothing; they’ll become also poor. (Yes, Master.) Then they cannot take care of anyone else. They cannot have employees and pay them. (Yes. Right.) They not only pay employees, but also tax. (Yes.) According to the law already. They’re not robbing anybody, so you don’t have the right to rob them.

All right. Anything else? Other questions? (Yes, I have a question. The pro-abortion people, they argue that they have a right to get an abortion, and if we decide for them, it’s like a violation of women’s rights. What does Master think about this?)

Nobody has the right to kill. (Yes. Yes, Master.) That’s very simple. The women have all the rights they want, but not the right to murder. (Yes.) Because that’s a crime, (That’s true.) against any law in any country. (Yes, Master.)

“Rights.” What kind of right to murder like that? Go scot-free and even paid for! (Yes.) This is really beyond idiocy. (Yes.) Beyond evil. Only evil can do that. Only the devil can think like that or do like that, (Yes, Master.) and lead the whole country to do that. No one in their sane mind, just the normal people, don’t even have to be highly moral or a priest or pope, or whatever. No one has the right to murder. Ask anybody. (Yes, Master.)

If you call that a “right,” then all of them should be in jail. Because anybody who murders a child or an adult or elderly, sick people, even, all go to jail. (Yes, they do.) So why do you murder a child, a baby, and it’s paid for? Isn’t that evil? (Yes, Master. It is.) It’s against all logic and reason. (Yes, it is, Master.) Against all loving-kindness and morals, any common sense, even. (Yes, Master.) If that’s the case, then why not abolish all the laws? What for punishing all these prisoners? (Yes. True.) They even kill adults who can defend themselves.

But the baby in the womb, they cannot do anything. But they know! They get scared, they want to run, they want to hide in a corner even. Their reaction is very clear in the video. (Yes.) In the womb, when they see the needle, they run to the top of the womb. And they react, they cry inside there. You can see some of those videos. This is wicked, evil. They should go to jail.

Any mother who wants to kill her baby for no reason like that, just for convenience, and for good looks, they should go to jail. And they will go to hell. That is guaranteed. Definite. No one can change that. And even if she repents, her sin won’t be deleted, not until she pays the whole course. As you sow, so shall you reap. (Yes, Master.) That law never fails.

All right. You happy with that? (Yes, Master.) You agree with that? (Yes, Master.) Don’t you dare not. No one has the right to murder anyone. (Yes.)

The woman has the right to protect herself from an unwanted pregnancy. A woman has the right nowadays to go out to work like a man. A woman has the right to choose her wholesome lifestyle, not just fooling around with anybody, and having sex at random and then get pregnant, and then murder to cover up, or to look good, or for convenience. (Yes, Master.)

They have the right to keep themselves clean, to keep themselves pure, to keep themselves good until the day they find a good man, (Yes.) who they think they can spend their whole life with and have children with. Then, that’s their right. Nobody can force them to be with any man they don’t like.

She also has the right to seek good counsel concerning the baby so that she can preserve it until the day he or she is born. And that includes the rape case, so that then when the baby’s born, she can decide whether or not she wants to give away or to keep the baby.

But they don’t have the right to go out and drink until they’re drunk and don’t know anything, get raped or have unwanted sex, and then unwanted pregnancy, and then murder a life for it. (That’s true, Master.) You invite the baby into your womb. He can’t just go run in there by motorcycle or something. (Yes, that’s true.) You invited him (Yes.) or her, the baby. (Yes.) You invited the baby into your womb, into your life. Then you have to take the responsibility for it. (Yes, Master.)

Anybody who just kills any stranger, even an old, strong man will go to jail – even the policeman, even if he’s doing his duty, a little bit overdone maybe, and kills one person. Not that he died right away under the police, he died after, a while after. And also, it’s reported that it’s from drugs and from other underlying sickness. And he still went to jail. (Yes.)

Mr. Chauvin, Derek. (Yes.) He’s a policeman, and he had the right to capture the person that he believed to be a bad element for society. Flashing out the fake bill, (Yes, Master.) that he believed he’s a criminal. And because people who spend fake bills may be associated with drugs and other criminals. (Yes.) Murderers and all that. These bad gangs.

So, the police believed that he has to keep him under control. He’s too big. And the policeman is smaller. Looks like he’s a very big guy according to the photo. He looks big and strong. (Yes, Master. Yes, he did.) And maybe the policeman was afraid that if he let him go, he might run. (Yes, Master.) Run away and the police cannot deal with it, or have to shoot him instead. So instead of shooting him, he said it’s safer to keep him under there with this technique. (Yes, Master.) Because he looks so strong and big, the police would not believe that he would die or anything. He did not know he had an underlying sickness and also the drug – fentanyl. This also lessened his immunity and strength. So just to make one person die afterwards, he had to go to jail, for life, or at least many decades. (Yes.)

And if you kill your own child or your own baby, it is paid for. What kind of hell is that? (Yes.) What kind of hell law is that?

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