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Between Master and Disciples

Being Vegan Brings Out Our Love and Benevolence, Part 11 of 13, Dec. 16, 2021

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Sometimes they come and comfort me when I’m down and say, “Oh, don’t worry. Your disciples love You.” And sometimes they come and say, “Oh, people love You. Be happy.” Like that. When I’m down and I have no one to talk to. (Aw.)

I cannot tell all of you enough. (Yes, Master.) And even trees and all that, I treat them all with love and reverence. You have no idea how I feel. That’s why I have to continue working. I must do with my hope. (Yes, Master.) Even if Heaven sometimes doesn’t let me know the future, I still have to hope and to work my best. (Yes, Master.) Because I feel I owe it to them, owe it to their love.

I did not much good at all to them, just feed the bird-people since I was young, whenever I could, and still do it. But if I can’t, then I tell some people, the nuns or something, to feed them. They all do anyway without me telling. I’m proud of them like that. I caught them feeding the wild. Monks also. I mean the residents – male and female. I say “monk” and “nun,” it’s more simple and quick.

I’m very stingy with words nowadays. Because sometimes I write to you things, I choose the word which you would understand but shorter. (Yes.) (Yes.) Except when I write the comments for Supreme Master TV, then I write it correctly with grammar and flair if necessary. (Yes.) But when I write to you, I just say, “thank all u,” for example. I don’t say “thank all of you.” (Yes, Master.) And “you” with “u” only, not with Y-O-U. Because I’m so tired writing so many things. You know, right? (Yes, Master.) Or correcting many things and do many other things that you don’t know. By phone. This is not a 100% retreat. If I can retreat more it would be better, but what can I do? Working is also helping the world, also a part of helping the world. Not just retreat only. I do both. Inside and outside. (Yes, Master.)

I feel I owe it to the… Oh, before I forget, I’ll tell you. Even the scorpion-… you know scorpion-person, right? (Yes, Master.) Sometimes you see scorpion-people, or not? (Yes.) Sometimes a spider-person also looks like a scorpion, but they also have these pincers. (Yes.) Then you saw them. Sometimes the spider-person looks like that. (Yes.) I think they are scorpion spider-people, right? Or something like that? (Yes, they look like scorpions.)

Sometimes the snake-people also come out, tell me things. (Wow.) Sometimes these centipede-people, (Yes.) not only they don’t bite, don’t harm you, they tell you things, (Wow!) protect you. And one thing that was very, very touching to me, is that one time, I lived in a high mountain, alone, and then nobody’s around, and it’s summertime. So I took a shower outside with a hose, the water hose (Yes.) for sprinkling the plants. (Yes.) Even though we don’t have plants there, but there’s a hose for me to use. (Yes.) And I just took a shower outside in the Sun, (Yes.) in the middle of the forest. And the scorpion-person came to me. He wig-wagged around to get my attention. I said, “Get away. You’ll get wet. You guys don’t like wet, do you? What is it?” He said, “Don’t take a shower for too long. Stop it. Go inside.” I said, “Why? I’m enjoying it. Nobody’s here. The Sun is warm. What’s wrong? Is somebody there?” He said, “No, no, you will catch a cold.” (Aww. Wow.) Oh, he’s like a mother! (That’s amazing!) (So, caring.) Oh, I was so touched. (Wow.) Every time I see that kind, I also bow, I say, “Hey, live well. Be well. May God bless you.”

And I leave water sometimes for them. And I tell also the nuns to leave water for them. In case they are thirsty, they can drink, or the frog-person can drink, and the bird-people, or whoever. (Yes.) Just some boiled water ready. And I, myself, I tell the nuns also, have to put some stones inside the bowl and the water comes up to fill the bowl. But the stones, some are protruding out, so that some small insect-people, like bee-people, they can land on it, but they don’t drown. You know bee- and small insect-people. (Yes, Master.) Or scorpion- or these spider-people. (Yes.) Or snail-people. Those small things, so they don’t drown. But everyone else who is big, like squirrel- and skunk-people, they can still drink. (Yes.) Still have enough water. Because the stone is the landing place for them.

Small insect-people. I feel I owe them so much because they have so much love. I told you about the bee-people already. But even scorpion-people come out and tell me, (Wow.) “You will get cold. You will catch a cold.” I didn’t think about it. There were breezes, alright, but I enjoyed it. Because the Sun is hot. And you have cool water and some breeze. You don’t think too much. You just feel very comfortable. I’m just standing there like I’m showering forever so the poor scorpion-person has to come out and tell me, “Don’t shower too long. Go inside.” (Wow) I was surprised. I was thinking maybe somebody is somehow sneaking around looking or something, or dangerous. So I stopped immediately also. He told me to stop so I stopped. And then I asked him, “Why is that?” I ran inside, put my clothes on, and I asked him from inside. From inside. From a safe place I talked to him, “Why is that?” So, he told me, “You will catch a cold.” (That’s so cool.) “Is there somebody?” I worried somebody might watch, or danger, or something. “Is there some danger, somebody?” “No, you will catch cold.”

I didn’t think I would catch a cold on a summer day. (Yes.) Maybe some wind, in the mountains, you always have wind, (Yes, Master.) breezing but possible. It’s possible. Actually, I heard somebody say somewhere that in summer you should not take a cold shower. (Oh.) Some research says that. And I’m taking a cold shower in the open. (Yes.) No wonder the poor mama-scorpion worried to death. Risking herself to get wet or to be squashed, to be maybe swatted by mistake, risking herself to come out and tell me. Must be a “her.” Must be a “she.” Mother’s instinct. (Yes.) “You will catch a cold!” Oh, dear God. What does she know about catching a cold? She would never catch a cold. (Yes. I was wondering about that.)

The insect-people, they don’t catch cold. They go into a little gap somewhere, between the stones. (Yes.) And they have this armor skin. Shiny and thick. (Yes.) But never catches a cold. What does she know about catching a cold? But it touched me so much, touched me to tears. I thanked her no end. “Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, love you, love you, love you. Bless you, bless you.” And then in a “blitz,” she’s gone. In a split-second she’s gone. (Wow. Oh, that’s amazing.)

(Could it be one of the gods coming down, Master?) Maybe, maybe. Who knows, who knows? Because the frog-person is also like that. Sometimes came in, told me something, I turn around, where has he gone? I saw him going into the corner where there is like some wood shelf with legs. That means underneath it has a hole, and he went in there. But I looked all over, I took the shelf out to look, he’s not there. All the time, whenever the frog-people come, all of them go in there. I worry because he might get dusty inside or something might hurt him or her.

So, I tried to shoo him out of there. I said, “Go outside. Outside, go drink, there’s water there. (Yes.) Don’t go in there.” Because sometimes they put some powder or something to stop the insect-people. I worry that he gets entangled in there. But no, I can’t find him. And he can’t go out, it’s all covered, (Yes, Master.) with cement and all that and the fence. There’s no hole under the fence, and no holes anywhere. (Wow.) A small little garden. (Yes.) And he just went under there. Where has he gone? There’s nowhere else he can go in that little corner. (Yes, Master.) He just went there to disappear. So that I don’t doubt what I did doubt. I did suspect there’s something wrong. Why did the frog-person come in here? I never see them jumping around the garden. Why suddenly he appears here and tells me all this? (Yes.) Not always bad.

Sometimes they come and comfort me when I’m down and say, “Oh, don’t worry. Your disciples love You.” And sometimes they come and say, “Oh, people love You. Be happy.” Like that. When I’m down and I have no one to talk to. (Aw.) When sometimes it feels just too despondent. (Yes, Master.) Seeing the world in such hellish pain and cannot do anything else. (Yes, Master.)

All of us have to work for Supreme Master TV. (Yes, Master.) We can’t even go on the street and talk or anything. We can’t protest or anything. (Yes, Master.) So, we protest on air. (Yes.) The group of us, at least. We’re not all showing out, but sometimes we do by conference. They’re scared of us. Seven or eight of us. Big mighty army. Yes, we are, inside. (Yes.) They don’t know what they’re dealing with, these bad people. (Yes.) We will keep protesting and airing our grievances and our opinions and our sorrow until they stop. (Yes, Master.) Until all the children are safe from their evil, evil hands. (Yes, Master.) Until people stop killing the babies in the womb. (Yes, Master.) It’s minimizing. (Yes, Master.)

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