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Between Master and Disciples

The Power of Vegetarianism is All Over the Planet (Part 1 of 5) Jul., 10-11, 2013

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“That’s why I told you, right now we have a lot of vegan people in the world, or vegetarian. Or at least very much aware of it, and trying to eat less and less meat now. Last time I reported to you that we have about more or less 50% consciously vegetarians and vegans and/or maybe breatharians. But other people, they eat less and less meat. So, even if we don’t have 100% vegan population, but we have a lot of ‘half’ percentages. You know, half vegan. Or two-thirds vegan. Something like that. There’s more awareness now about vegetarianism, the cruelty of the animal diet, and also the environmental damage of the meat consumption.” 
“You’re a great woman. Four years long and she endured all these negative attacks. And now she bears the fruits, all positive, zero negative. You’re famous. (Because of Master. They don’t know me, they know Master. All I posted, I downloaded from Supreme Master TV. And uploaded to there, so they can view…) Programs. (Programs and all of Master’s teachings or interviews, all interviews, animal communicators’ interviews, and vegan cooking…) So smart. So smart. (Because of Master.) And for doing that, your level has gone up so quick. (Thank you, Master.) As you sow, so shall you reap. If you’re so loving and kind to others, try to help others in this way, of course Heaven rewards you.” 
“(It was not doing well for a while, and then somebody told me, ‘If you own a Loving Hut or if you work in a Loving Hut, you have to meditate five hours a day.’ And we were working so hard, we hardly had time to meditate, but I said that’s what I have to do. But I heard five, so I started meditating five hours a day. And then, things just turned around, things turned so quickly, and now… Just like she said, at first, there were some negative comments, but it seems like if somebody made a negative comment, somebody else jumped in and made a positive comment and gave us five stars.) Yeah, wow! (So, now we are four-and-a-half stars, which is the highest for our area. So now, we try to meditate four to five hours a day, and if there are more problems, we just meditate six hours a day, and then things are taken care of.) I told you, ‘Seek you first the kingdom of God.’ I keep telling it, but nobody believes me. Now you do, huh? (A lot of people came to eat and then lately, they became vegan and vegetarian, yes.) They just cannot bear meat. Normally it’s like that. Their system just begins to change slowly and then subtly, and then they just cannot bear meat. Yeah, automatically. It’s good. Because you put a lot of love in it. And the gods’ Names. Yeah? So people change. Okay?”
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