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Buddhist Stories: “Husband-Honorer” (Part 1 of 4) Sept. 26, 2015

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“Hallo again! (Hallo, Master.) Hey, you want to drink some of the tea I drink? Or not? (Yes.) Yeah? Like? I drink some, and I put some in here. This is a tree that grows in this vicinity. They grow some at my house. In my garden, back garden. So sweet. He wishes you well. He wishes you better with your marriage. Appreciate it, because it’s very lucky, you and husband because it’s very lucky, you and husband and children are initiated. It’s a holy family. Wholly and holy, saintly. Try to make it work. Many women wish they had a husband like yours, like you have. Because he’s initiated, and he’s the best man you have.” “Many stories that are saying, telling us the story about many, some of the Buddha’s disciples who had committed bad deeds due to ignorance, or due to influence of due to ignorance, or due to influence of bad company, even a bad teacher. Like the guy who was jealous, who was cheated, misled by his teacher, the teacher who was jealous with him. Because his wife liked him. But not he liked his wife. And he was jealous, so he misled him. He told lies. He told him that if he goes out, and if he can collect 1,000 fingers, then he’d become a saint. Things like that. Until he met the Buddha. And then the Buddha delivered him out of his trouble, and enlightened him. So he stopped that. Even then, he became Arhat in no time, under the Buddha’s initiation and guidance.” “I didn’t really want to read them. I did not want it in the beginning, but then I read them still so that people appreciate their own family. It could not be that bad, could not be worse than that, worse than the story of the Wonderful Nun, because her story was truly extraordinarily bad. So if you have some quarrel with your husband or wife, think twice before you want a divorce. There’s always some solution. Search internet for counsel, to see which ways. Maybe there’s a way out of that. Because in the beginning, you loved each other. That’s why you married. Marriage is a big commitment. To stay for each other through thick and thin, through sickness and wellness, through health and poverty. That is what marriage means. It’s a real commitment.”
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