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Vegans Are Cool, Part 4

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In today’s show “Vegans Are Cool” Part 4, we will be meeting five kids from four different countries. Each of them will introduce themselves including some of their interests and talents as well as their take on being vegan.

First, we have two brothers from Brittany, France. The older brother is the ten-year-old Leo and the younger brother is Raphael, who is seven years old. “I’m ten years old. I play football, I draw a bit and I also do a bit of parkour. I eat a plant-based diet. I eat a lot of fruit. I have been vegan basically all my life. (Do you have a role model in life?) Yes. He’s called Lionel Messi. He is a footballer who has been vegan for six years now and also inspires other people to become vegan because also he one of the best players in the whole wide world. I would like to be a footballer who is vegan, and inspire other people to do the same as me. Be Vegan, Make Peace! I wish for the world that its animals can live in peace and that everybody just makes the right decision and becomes vegan.” “I’m seven years old. ‘It’s cool to be green.’ I eat vegan food. I swim. I do surfing. I hate seeing the animals suffer and die. I think about the animals. They are very cute. Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!”

Our next vegan star is an adorable five-year-old girl named Haram from Daegu, Korea. Haram said this when asked why she doesn’t eat meat. “When animals die, they suffer and get hurt. I don't want to eat fish. I don't even drink milk and drink soy milk. I've never had milk. (Is Kkonnim the prettiest?) I don't know. I like all dogs.”

Our following guest is Dragon kid, an eight-year-old from Hong Kong who earned a yellow belt in Taekwondo! “Hallo everyone, My name is Dragon Kid. I’m 8 years old. I never eat meat and now I’m in primary two. It is because animals are not our food, but our friends. I like playing games, swimming and doing sports. My role model is my dad because I want to promote veganism with him. I want to be a policeman because I can maintain order. My dream and wish for the world are that people all over the world will go vegan, because then the animals won’t be killed. Be Vegan, Repentant = Save your soul!”

Finally, we will introduce to you the nine-year-old girl named Pornsawan from Thailand. “Hallo! I am 9 years old. I like playing with dogs. I want to be like Supreme Master Ching Hai because She loves dogs very much. I want to be a good person in society. I want the world to eat vegan. I want people to have more love for the animals.”

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