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Vegans Are Cool, Part 2

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Today, in part 2 of our, “Vegans Are Cool” series, we’ll introduce you to two young Korean vegan artists who are sharing their inspirations with the world. First, let’s meet Si-a in Wanju County, North Jeolla, Korea. Si-a has shown great interest in painting and pottery since she was young. She even published a picture book at the age of 10. The book is titled, “The Meaning of Words” and was part of the Little Masters Picture Books Exhibition, which was held in a library and book café called “Samrye Book Village.” "This book was created because there were some friends who were confused about some Korean words with multiple meanings, during a conversation with each other. For example, the Korean word [bam] means dark nights, and it also means ‘chestnut’!" What’s the role of Master and spiritual practice in her life? "There are two of Master’s paintings in my room. Besides that, when I see the paintings and photographs taken by Master, which are aired on Supreme Master TV, I am inspired to draw. There are times that I want to go outside and play while meditating, but I still sit and meditate because it makes me feel refreshed and relaxed, and my body feels lighter." Next, let’s travel north to Yeoncheon County, in Gyeonggi Province, to meet Bomi, another young aspiring artist. "I’m inspired by things I see in my dreams. Also, when I see things in my daily life it inspires my imagination. This is not a real butterfly, but a butterfly I saw in my dreams. It had an incredibly beautiful yellow color and its eyes were sparkling. The title of this painting is ‘Heaven’s Butterfly.’ The title of the painting is, ‘The Rainbow Bridge to the Sky.’ This is a rainbow bridge that can lead to heaven. The earth is not ordinary brown, but a shiny golden color. The title of this painting is, ‘The Legendary Harp’. The painting was inspired by one of my dreams. I saw a beautiful harp with rainbow colors in my dream." These images seem to come from a higher dimension and fill us with wonder, joy, and peace. We wish for them to continue to beautify and elevate the world with their heavenly artwork, and their bright, positive energy.
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