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Vegans Are Cool, Part 7 of a Multi-part Series

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The lovely Melody from Sydney, has a big heart. After winning first prize in drawing for her age group, she donated her prize money to help sick children in hospitals. “Animals are so cute, we love animals. I told my friends to be vegan to keep animals happy.” “I want to be a doctor and a vet so I can help animals and people at the same time!”

Some kids from Yilan are also going green by planting vegetables in the garden. While busy in the field, Li Kai Er shared with us his reasons for being vegan. “I love animals and the Earth. So, I'm a vegan. Being a vegan makes me healthier. I don't get fat.”

Next, we will visit Toronto, Canada, to meet Noah Porter-Rosensweig, who is passionate about protecting animals. According to Noah’s mom, Ms. Miriam Porter, who is a vegan writer and actress, Noah has always been empathetic towards other sentient beings. He participated in his first peaceful protest at age four and became vegan at five. On January 26, the seven-year-old Noah joined a protest in front of the marine aquarium in Toronto. During another demonstration against the fur industry, Noah became known as “the powerhouse” among the protestors, as he passed out over 300 flyers. After reading about the horror of this cruel industry, some people immediately returned the fur coats they recently bought!

In the United States, a 2020 study shows that approximately 9.6 million people are following the plant-based diet. Look, the little girl Lena already knows a lot about being vegan. “No, I don't like that!” “Because I am vegan!” “Making everybody eat vegan saves the whole planet!”

The 16-year-old Ping from Bangkok, Thailand, will now give a short presentation on an important issue. “Firstly, performances such as circuses should be animal free, because using living animals to perform tricks is unethical. Secondly, it’s to ensure the animal and human safety. Using animals is immoral as people are forcing animals to do tricks against their own will.”

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