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Vegans Are Cool, Part 3

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Today, in Part 3 of our “Vegans Are Cool” series, we will meet four outstanding youths from Taipei, Taiwan, also known as Formosa. Mimi, Joceline, Elsa, and Jimmy each share with us why they think being vegan is the right thing to do. “I feel that eating animals is wrong. Nowadays there’re many vegan restaurants in the world. For example at my school, I often go to the vegan dining hall. Since it’s so easy to get vegan food, why don't we just eat more of it? It's beneficial for the world.” “Then isn’t eating animals also an act of bullying? Because animals are powerless to defend themselves!” “Hi, everyone. I’ve been a vegan since before I was born. I have been drinking soy milk since I was little. The reason I don't drink milk is that milk is for the baby cows and baby cows need to drink milk to grow up. I hope you’ll go vegan like me.” Up next is five-year old Taeyang from Haman, Korea. Taeyang tells us about the activities he enjoys doing and his dreams for the future. “I like riding my bike with my dad and painting and learning math as well. I want to be a good painter like Picasso, Munch, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci.” “I hope that the planet Earth will no longer be sick and a peaceful world will come.” “I've been praying every night before I go to bed. Be vegan, Make peace, Vegan world, Be a Hero, Save the kids, Ban all meat, Now! I pray for a vegan world. Amen!” Please join us in amazing Thailand to meet Saifa. “Hallo! I am 13 years old. In my spare time I like to read and Play the drums. The person that I admire is Tobey Maguire Because he is a vegan movie star. When I’m older, I want to be a protector of the law, so that I can change and make vegan laws. My wish is I would like the world to have peace, no war, no hunger. And I hope that everyone in this world will be vegan.” Although these kids are young in age, their hearts are very big; big enough to include all the animals and the whole world, don’t you think?
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