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Always Alive - The Journey of a Wild Daisy Seed

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Have you ever wondered about the life of a seed? Today, we have just the story on this subject, for you entitled, “Always Alive” written by Ms. Irene RialBou from Puerto Rico. “Little Whirlwind needed to reach the coast, so he could carry those who give oxygen to the Earth. For that reason, he stood impetuous between the wall and the road full of cars that came and went. Thus began the story of Wild Daisy…”

Before we continue the story, let’s take a moment to learn how to plant flowers with Princess Sprinkles. “Hi, I’m Princess Sprinkles, and I’m going to teach you how to plant beautiful flowers, right here.” “As if she were a reflection of the stars on Earth, and so that everyone could share the dream of caressing them, Wild Daisy now spreads throughout the world. With her corolla of five, eight, thirteen, twenty-one, thirty-four or fifty-five petals, she protects herself from heat or cold. But she always, always, always finds her way.”

“My name is Irene RialBou. I’m a Puerto Rican author. And I am the author of “Always Alive.” I’m a woman. I’m a daughter. I’m a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a friend, a human being. But foremost, I believe in peace, compassion, love. “Always Alive” is a story that follows the journey of a brave seed, last seed until it blooms into a wild daisy. As any journey, it’s filled with perils and difficulties. But also with friends that will help the seed to succeed in its new life as a flower. This story is an invitation to reflect on the different aspects of nature, how we can reconnect with it and how we can learn from it. Every single character is an expression of unity, of nature, and the unity we must have with the natural world.”

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