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Vegans Are Cool, Part 1

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Welcome to “Vegans Are Cool” where we proudly present some of our young Association members and friends from around the world. These multi-talented kids demonstrate what it means to follow a loving vegan lifestyle while pursuing their passions. A vegan lifestyle is one that doesn't involve eating and using animal products. These youth are compassionate, heroic, smart, and cool. They are role models of peace and love. First, we are traveling to meet two young vibrant vegans, Juanita and Angelina, in the beautiful city of Brisbane, Australia. ‟Hi, I'm Juanita and I'm 12 years old. I've been vegan since birth. Yes, her name is Lucky. And she's a dog. She surfs. I noticed when Lucky sleeps with me, I only have good dreams. I don't eat meat because I care for the animals, and they have feelings too.” One of Juanita's hobbies is poetry and she has written this beautiful poem about dolphins. Our next talented guest is from Hong Kong. ‟My name is Oliver. I'm 8 years old. Animals are our friends; we shouldn't hurt them. They are just different from us, like skin colors. For example, horses, they sleep while standing, they are living beings. But some of them won't grow up because people kill and eat them." Just like his mother, Oliver also enjoys practicing yoga and baking vegan cupcakes! Next up, we are meeting up with compassionate 11-year-old Seung-hyeon from Jeonju, Korea. ‟I thought it wasn't right to eat meat after watching a meat processing clip on Supreme Master TV. I don't think my friends know that a meat diet is crueler than we thought. When I eat a lunch box at school, my friends want to eat my lunch box rather than the school lunch, and they say the veggie meat is more delicious.”
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