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Vegans Are Cool, Part 5

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Today, we are pleased to present to you Joseph and Mary, a brother and sister from Surrey, UK, who grew up living a vegan lifestyle. “I want to become an artist when I grow up, and I wish the world to be more peaceful and no more coronavirus disease and other natural disasters.” “I am six years old. When I grow up, I would want to be an artist. I want the world to be vegan and peaceful and no animals are suffering. If you sincerely care, please say NO to meat!”

Next, let’s meet Aaron, Angel and Emily from Taoyuan, Taiwan, also known as Formosa. “Being vegan can save the Earth, save the animals and save ourselves. I am a vegan. Being vegan makes you smarter and healthier.” “I support veganism. Animals are our friends. They have lives too. Don’t drink milk. It hurts (the cows). I drink soy milk and other plant-based milk.” “Pray for a vegan world. Be Vegan, Go Green, to Save the Human race. Don’t eat meat, because the coronavirus is caused by meat-eating. Being vegan makes one healthy and pretty, and become as lovely as I am.”

Up next is Jay, an adorable vegan kid from Malaysia. “I am 11 years old. I like to cook vegan food. My role model is my grandfather. He is a vegan chef and vegan restaurant owner. I’d like to open a vegan restaurant and be the best vegan chef, when I grow up.”

Our last vegan hero is Madeline from Jakarta, Indonesia. "I am vegan because animals have feelings like all humans do, and animals don’t want to be killed or hurt. Well, when I grow up, I want to be a singer, like Beyoncé or Rachel Platten. My wish for the planet is for it to be healthy, so that humans can live happily ever after. I dream of a vegan world. Be Veg, Go Green, 2 Save the Planet!”

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