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Between Master and Disciples

Control One’s Desires and Choose the Safest Method of Enlightenment, Part 6 of 6, Oct. 6, 2019

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Take care of yourself, meditate, go Home. Keep going. That’s all we do now. Nothing else to do in this life. Keep going Home, until you reach it. Very simple life now. Whatever else we do, we have to do, is secondary. Our main purpose is just to keep going, until you go Home. That’s your life right now.


Anybody? Over there. (Master, I was thinking about what You said about what maya told Your dog, how maya basically made a threat. Was that just a threat, or did he act on it later, and how come, if a Master is not allowed to be killed in this time period, why is Master’s life endangered, so often?) So often, but not killed. I’m still here. (It’s not fair, Master.) Don’t worry. Yes, maya is like that. He just lied. I told my dog, “He lied, don’t worry.” He lies. Don’t worry.

If anything happens to me, it’s because I allow it to happen. If I don’t allow, it won’t happen. It’s all my fault. No maya can do anything to me at all. If I allow things to happen, it’s because it’s good for the world or good for the disciples. But, if my life is not destined to be cut short yet, then I am OK. I am still here. So, I told my dog, “Don’t worry, I’m still here.” So, I teach them how not to worry. I told them, “We are very powerful. Don’t worry about it.” Then she was OK. She went to sleep right away, afterwards. Don’t worry.

Maya is a troublemaker, always. He tried, he could not threaten me, he threatened my dog. I scolded him so much. I said, “You are so stupid, and cheap. Why don’t you take on somebody like your size? And you harass my dog, what for?” I said, “I despise you so much. Leave my dogs alone, or I will destroy you.” I told him. I was so angry. I said, “If you touch my dogs, I will destroy you, and you will never ever exist again.” And then he went away, with his tail between his legs. I mean, the maya. I was so angry that he harassed my dogs. I was screaming at maya. I was so angry. I was really, really angry. I said, “Don’t touch my dog. Don’t bother my dogs. Otherwise, I will really destroy you, no matter what reason, or excuse.” I was really mad. And when I am mad, I am really mad. If you saw me two nights ago, you would know, "She’s really mad, really angry.” True.

Don’t worry, I’m here! (Thank You, Master.) I’m just telling you things that happened, but you don’t have to worry. Just to tell you things, like I tell you the story of Lord Mahavira, for example. Sometimes I tell you things that happened in my life, but not to worry. I’m tough, big girl. Look at me, I’m tough. No? Truly, I’m very tough. I don’t know if any woman is tougher than I am. Working so much and… The doctor gave me a lot of medicine, I don’t know what, and vitamins and all that. I just realized today that I never took them because I forgot. No time. And I’m still OK. So, don’t worry about it. Getting better all the time; stronger, more powerful. That’s why I can avoid so many attempts on my life. Not because I know and I try to avoid, that I can or not, but because I’m powerful. That’s why I can avoid. If I’m not powerful enough, no matter what, they will bring me down. But they can't. It’s not because I know and I can escape, but they just can’t. That was just an excuse only. I go when I want to go. I leave when I want to leave. Nobody can do anything.


And, from now on, when I’m on retreat, I told all of the stupid magicians, I said, “Whatever you send to me from now on, I will return it to you and you’ll take your own medicine, because I won’t take it anymore. I don’t want to.” I won’t harm them; I just return the gift. That’s it. Very simple, and then you will know what it’s like. I will just return the gift. So, I keep telling them, “Don’t try. Don’t try anymore because you will be in trouble. You’ll be in more trouble than you asked for.” Before I used to take it. But now I don’t take any more. I return 100%. If somebody gives you something, and you don’t want to take it, then you return it, right? (Right.) Very simple. So that’s what I told them, during my last retreat, three weeks. I make all of them know very loud and clear that, “The time is up now. You guys behave, because if you try to send some bad things, no matter what kind of magic, you will have it back, full, complete.”

But still, somebody still wanted to try. Nothing happened. They just get more frustration and trouble: they will be sick, they will be ill the whole life, and nothing can cure them, so that they will not harm others. I will just dismantle their power, that’s all. I don’t do anything harmful to them. I just disable them. All their magical power will be gone, “So just don’t touch me.” I told them that. “All your power will be gone, stripped, zero, and then you will be sick all your life, not able to harm any other people or animals, or any kind of beings.” That’s what I told them. And I’m telling them now. All of you hear it also and be my witness.

So, don’t worry about me. Whatever I don’t allow, it won’t happen. And if I do allow, then it’s for your good. I’m here just for the good of others. Yesterday, some of your brothers didn’t send me some Supreme Master Television work for me to work on, because they said it was too late, let me rest. I said, “What? I never rest. If you don’t send it, I will be even more restless, because I don’t know why, what’s going on.” I do it all the time. I work all the time. There’s no time to rest, except when I meditate. Don’t worry so much. I said, “Don’t worry about me, I’m here to work. We work together. If you don’t rest, I don’t rest. If you work, I work. So, don’t worry too much about me.” I hardly ever sleep until two, three, four, five o’clock in the morning anyway, so eight or nine o’clock in the evening, that is my teatime. If I ever drink tea.

Don’t worry so much. I’m tough, really. I want to be a rock that you can lean on. Don’t worry. I’m fine, really. Very happy, very strong. But that doesn’t mean if somebody wants to throw a knife at me, then I just stand there to prove it. No, I just step aside, that’s all. But that doesn’t mean anything. If a tiger wants to bite you, don’t be a hero. Just try to run. Avoid it. Don’t prove anything. No need. There’s a song in the “Lost Horizon” film I like very much. It goes like:

Mountains rise, mountains fall

You have nothing more to prove,

you have climbed them all Now you’re here,

May you stay and share the joy

Sorry, I don’t have a good voice, but it’s free. It’s free anyway.

We don’t need to prove anything. Take care of yourself, meditate, go Home. Keep going. That’s all we do now. Nothing else to do in this life. Keep going Home, until you reach it. Very simple life now. Whatever else we do, we have to do, is secondary. Our main purpose is just to keep going, until you go Home. That’s your life right now. If you don’t want to go Home, where else do you want to go?


(Master, Sister Lee asked me to tell You that she will be going to North Korea to deliver food. She also asked me to relate her gratitude to Master for the recent event on the 1st of October. Master tangibly and intangibly elevated all human beings and disciples to a very high level. She can’t describe it in words. She said she is very grateful to Master.) Tell her, “You are welcome.” Doing charity work with sincerity will beget blessed rewards.


(Master, I was seriously ill a week ago. I was supposed to have an operation. However, I recovered miraculously. That’s because I called Your name when I was in great pain. I would like to know if it was You who shouldered it for me? I heard that, for this kind of pain, Master has to bear it for us, physically. I want to know, since there are so many disciples, do You have to take on the illness for each of us? How can You possibly endure this?)

It’s all right. My body is different; it’s made of iron. I’m an iron lady. (Master, we don’t want to see that while You are busy saving the world, You still have to shoulder such things for the disciples. Shouldn’t we try our best not to bother You next time we are ill?) Good. Then you bear it yourself. Don’t look for me next time. Or should I return it to you? It’s all right. This is what a Master should do. (Thank You, Master.)

The Master can do it. Suppose a Master can carry 100 kg, while you can only carry, for instance, one gram. The Master is different. She’s different. She’s supported by the inner power. She is different. So, you don’t need to worry. She’s very willing to do it. She’s willing to carry some of your pain, as much as She can carry. It’s just that sometimes, She can’t carry all of it, due to the rules. Otherwise, She doesn’t mind, even to die for you. You are welcome. You pray if you can’t endure it anymore.

Anyway, being a human being, we are bound to have suffering, big or small; it’s our karma, predestined karma. We have incurred lots of karma life after life. In this lifetime, we are bound to endure some of it. It’s impossible to come empty handed and leave empty handed.

Even my dogs are like this. I mentioned this during our last meeting. Sometimes, they would bite each other. I asked if they could stop doing that. They said no, because they had come from a very pure realm. They couldn’t stay here without karma. Without suffering, they are not qualified to be my dogs. That’s why they do it. They really said that they bite each other in order to be qualified. Some are bitten more, some less. Paradoxically, the purer ones have to be bitten more. The maya has made a big mess of this world.


I told a story about a goat. He was quietly feeding on the grassland, when a lion came and tried to eat him. The goat asked, “For what reason do you want to eat me? I have never offended you. Why are you here to torture and eat me?” The lion said, “You drank from my river, my stream.” The goat said, “No! I am just eating the grass here. I have never passed by your place or drunk the water from your stream.” The lion said, “Even if you never drank, your father definitely did. If your father didn’t, definitely your grandparents did. If your grandparents didn’t, your great-grandparents or ancestors definitely had drunk from my stream.” Do you understand? It’s not fair to say anything he wants. Such is this lawless world of the maya. It is his own law, his silly and lawless law.


So, that’s why I said I’d just get you out of here. It’s useless to argue with him here. Useless to reason with him or talk about the law. He doesn’t understand; he doesn’t want to understand. It’s just like when a robber wants to rob you, what’s the use of reasoning with him? You could even get beaten up. The best way is to get out, to leave this world. We are walking on the path now, going Home and working at the same time. That’s what it is. Our lives now are all about going Home. All other things are unimportant. If you feel that there are other things more important than going Home, then I can’t help you. I have pointed out the way, so just walk it. Some may walk slower and some faster; it depends on our strength. No matter what, we still have to walk. Now this is what our life is about. We have to leave and go Home. I said, our life now is like that, just going Home. Nothing else is important anymore. OK? Good.


(I want to thank Master for giving us this opportunity to serve on the 1st of October. All the VIPs had a great time in the hotel. When we were watching them from aside, it was just like what Master said, a gathering among friends. They expressed gratitude to each other, to Master and to our working staff. So, I am really happy. Thank You, Master.)

I also thank all of you. You’ve been working in unison. Well done. I forgot to say – Well done! Good job! Are you happy now? You’ve been waiting for me to say this, right? It’s our honor to be able to serve others. You’ll have blessed rewards. Just contribute unconditionally, then the people being served would also feel that it is unconditional. They will feel even happier. It’s so simple. It’s just that humans are very complicated and think a lot. I thank you, all of you. Good job.

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