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Wake Up and Check Yourself All the Time, Part 1 of 3, Dec. 17, 2017

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Then you also come here to eat tomorrow, and then you meditate and rest. Speak less and make use of your time, to keep your energy. If you speak too much, you’ll waste the energy and lose some blessing.

OK. It’s pretty cold, huh? It’s better than there. (Yes, a lot better.) (Master is so beautiful.) Thank you. (Hallo, Master.) (Hallo, Master.) Are you all from Mainland China? (Yes.) (Hallo, Master.) Close the door. It’s cold. All right? (Hallo, Master.) (So beautiful.) Close it if you can. It’s too cold. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo to you all. It’s too cold. (I love You.) Love you. Love you. Loving you is troublesome. We can close the glass door. Just open it when someone comes. No need to close the screen door. It’s troublesome to open twice. Close the glass door then there’s no need to close the screen. If you feel cold, you can close the doors. All right? (All right.) Closed them.

It’s warmer here, but in winter it’s still cold. You can wear something nice. I don’t mean to look nice but to keep you nice and warm. Are you all from Mainland China? Why do you let them sit so far? Here is Pingtung? Or Kaohsiung? (Singapore.) Singapore? Ah! OK, OK. They’re also foreigners. OK, good. I thought you didn’t treat the Mainland Chinese fairly and let Taiwanese (Formosan) sit here and push the Mainland Chinese over there.

How are you guys? (Very good.) Feel better here or not? No? (Yes.) The other one, small room, and more convenient. Just here the air is better for you. Supposed to be my place. Oh, very cold. Very cold, very cold. You have enough clothes? (Yes.) OK. Do you all have Chinese translation? (Yes.) OK.

It’s too cold. I don’t bother dressing up. I wear this. It’s convenient, very warm. I’ve been working, come back straight from work, so just throw some powder on. That’s it, nothing else.

The door wasn’t closed tight with a gap, right? There seems to be a gap on the right side. That’s right. Close it then. Close the door to keep us warmer, OK? The glass door there isn’t closed yet. Close it. If we can avoid cold, why suffer? If we can avoid it, why suffer, right? Anybody like to suffer voluntarily, raise hand? No, OK. I can exchange my life with you.

I let you come here because over there they say, “It still smells.” It’s not only the smell. They use something to suppress the smell. But it’s still, the air is still not that good. Anyway, I don’t want to go there. I wanted to, but Heaven told me, “No.” So I didn’t go. I was supposed to go this morning, see you. I put alarm clock, I put all the nice dress and shoes, everything already, ready last night too, but last minute, They don’t want me to go. Actually, They told me not to go long time already, before I even moved here.

Can I put this on to see if I look better? Can’t see anybody. Where are you? You just look like small, small dots. Oh no. This is like reading glasses, right? No, this is a different one. They saw me wearing this in Hsihu, but this is a different one. That one has no far and near degree like this one.

How come so many people? Are you all from China and Singapore? And Mongolia, for example? (Vietnam. Âu Lạc.) Âu Lạc (Vietnam) also. Yeah, OK. Wow! Who are you? (Âu Lạc [Vietnam].) OK. These are Indian? Tahiti. Canada, Quebec. You Poland? (Slovenia.) Slovenia! (Australia.) Australia. (Australia.) Australia. OK, not too many white flakes? I have designated one person to take care of these white snowflakes, white people. I mean the Westerner who doesn’t speak Chinese, but he’s not here at the moment. Anyone…

Can anyone speak both English and Chinese in Kaohsiung? Or, anyone from Singapore? Is anyone from Singapore with good command of English and Chinese? Raise your hand, Singaporeans. No? Nobody? I can’t believe that. OK. Anyone who speaks Singlish, raise your hand. That’s good. If you speak Singlish, it’s good. You can take care of the foreigners. The Westerner who doesn’t speak Chinese. Because I don’t have enough Westerners around to take care of you. I’m sorry about that and I’m very, very busy. We do have, it’s just that we have to work a lot. Yeah, work a lot. Do have one or two, I can’t just have a lot of people around.

This not bad here, no? You prefer over there, right? I prefer also there. I bought that land. There was no smell, no chickens. I had only one chicken, you know that I show on the videos that sometimes they put it on TV. That’s the chicken, the only chicken left from that area. And a goat, and a rabbit. At that time, that’s all what’s left over from the farm. And there’s no smell, no trouble. And then I left, long time, and all the chicken farms just sprang up like hot cake and they smell terrible.

Do you all have translation? (Yes.) Can Mainland Chinese hear? Do you understand? OK? Aulacese (Vietnamese), too? OK, very good.

And then I don’t know, now I come back. I also didn’t want to move, it’s just for you. For you, because I thought it’s too cold over there. When it’s raining, especially for elder women, my heart feels so bad. Before we had no problem. We didn’t have to move anywhere because there were no people who come to see me, except Sunday. Or retreat, and then they leave, no problem. But now you come and stay one month, two months, that is terrible. I cannot bear it, especially older women and men. It’s just very cold. I don’t mean I’m younger, but some much older and they came from far away, from China. Two days, three days, four days travel to reach Taiwan (Formosa). Just to see me and I don’t want them to suffer so much cold. So I had to move south. Moving is not a very easy thing to do.

You can see I don’t have any clothes to wear. I wear this since two days already. It doesn’t smell too bad really. No problem. I don’t have time to even think of buying stuff, because normally I have to bring some clothes from the other house. But I travel quick and I already have two small suitcases and one big one. I don’t know what’s all inside. The clothes, I don’t have a lot. By the time you put this book, this document, this stuff, this computer and then it looks like the suitcase is too small. And some medicine, some stuff. And some shoes. Then I come here, I pick some beautiful shoes and come here, they make me wear this. It’s not fair! Useless!

Well, I’m glad that you are here. Every day you can meditate here in the warmer area. You close the doors, and it’s warmer. And then you can have your tent outside to put your things.

You’ve put up your tent yet? No time? No time or don’t want to? No time. Where did you put your luggage? (Outside.) Outside, here? Does it have a roof? (Yes.) Have a roof? (In the parking lot.) OK. Just a parking lot. No roof? (Have a roof.) Have a roof? OK. Just in case it rains. Well, I don’t think it’ll rain tonight. Does it rain tonight? Maybe, who knows.

I am so sorry for you. I move house, I understand what it’s like for you. But, here it’s better for your lungs. The air is better. Over there, maybe more beautiful. I don’t know. I haven’t been there for years, more than ten years. I bought it and then I stayed there for a little while. Just to clean up, take care of everything, and then I left. Just for cleaning, or directing what to do. And then I left. And since then, I don’t know what.

It’s comfortable there, yeah? Have a lot of rooms, right? It used to be a chicken farm, that’s why. Every house you saw there is a chicken farm. Used to be chickens running around. “Quack, quack, quack.” I bought it, and then we made it clean and nice. I thought I could go there and stay with you because they have more comfort, more rooms. But I’ve been reported that they keep smelling, smelling, and the brothers and sisters there already gave them something to clamp down the smell. But it’s still, the air is still no good. Even if you don’t smell, you understand that? But even then, it keeps smelling. Now, it keeps coming back and forth. Even today, is a lot of wind, still smells stronger than yesterday. So, I thought, “No, no.” It’s better I move you here, prepare the things for you, and you stay there only two nights, three nights.

I intended to go there. You see? To stay with you, more convenient. But it’s not good. Sorry about that. If you prefer, you can also go there, nobody force you to come here. Did they force you to come here? (No.) No. You don’t even know where you are going anyway, right? But if you prefer over there, you can ask them to bring you back. No? Yes or no? (No!) Why? More house, no? Over there, you didn’t have to put up the tent, right? Did you have to? They did it very fast. But the smell, you cannot get rid of.

I heard that they are building a water reservoir over there. So, I heard that in two or three years, the farm chicken, the animals farm will have to go. Because, otherwise the water will be polluted, the downstream will be polluted. But I said, that’s nonsense. If you wait for two, three years, the earth will be soaked with pollution and bad. And then the water will be contaminated even more. So, if they move, they should move now. The earlier the better for the people who drink the water down the stream. But who am I to say anything? I don’t know anybody. Government, nothing. So, it’s OK. It’s better you move here. You have enough room, right?

And if the native disciples come here, we tell them they can sit outside. They’ve been sitting here for many years already. They can let you enjoy a little when you come, right? Poor Kaohsiung initiates. They are losing their home now. Right? Still can sit some people around here. Next time, you sit here, OK? You sit next to me. And then, the rest, whoever comes, can sit behind, Just like in Miaoli. Keep me warm. Surrounded with human Fahrenheit. Because this is a big place here. What for they put a lot of big place and nobody can sit, I don’t understand it. I need only one small chair. And they put a big chair even. Just to show me up like I’m a small woman. Compared to big things, you look small, right?

I don’t know why I kept speaking English. Do you all understand? (Yes.) Do all of you have translation? (Yes.) That’s great. All right. Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

Are you OK? (Yes.) Sorry. But the situation is like this. If you don’t like it here because the place is not so large, you can go back over there. There are cars to bring you back at any time. Why are you laughing? You don’t want to go back? It’s too tiring to move back and forth, right? All right, just stay then. I hope there won’t be too many people during New Year’s Eve. Then it would be crowded. You’ll have to stack on top of each other’s shoulder in multiple levels. That’ll be warm. That’ll be warm.

Did you have your meal yet? OK? You did? (Yes, we did.) OK. Then you also come here to eat tomorrow, and then you meditate and rest. Speak less and make use of your time, to keep your energy. If you speak too much, you’ll waste the energy and lose some blessing. OK?

I just look at you so that you feel more settled and then I’ll go back to work. I still have some tasks waiting for me. OK? (OK.) I hope you are good, feeling OK. As I said, if you don’t feel good, you can go back there. It’s only about 40 minutes away. If you can bear the smell, like perfume. Different kind of perfume. Is there anyone leaving? Anyone who wants to go over there? (No, Master.) Over there, the place is larger. (No, Master.) It’s bigger there, right?

They told me winter doesn’t smell, number one; number two, they have some kind of solution or something to reduce the smell to 2 % or 1 %. Oh, no, to 10 to 20%. Somebody told me 20, the other one said 10. They really want me to go there. But I think Heaven is too smart, so they cannot cheat me.

Was the odor strong when you were there? When you just got there, right? (It was smelly then.) That’s right. Because they raise too many animals nearby. There weren’t so many before. How come suddenly they raise so many animals? It’s really karma. You cannot say it’s my karma because I wasn’t there, understand? There was no smell when I was there. Because I lived there for a while, there was no smell. It was not even winter. It was summer. Summer, autumn, and then spring. I don’t remember, but it’s not… not the time to wear heavy clothing. If you watch the old video when I was with the chicken, the rabbit and the goat. I wore a very light outfit. That means it wasn’t cold then. There was no smell. Otherwise I couldn’t bear it. I could not sit outside if it was very smelly.

After I left…wow! So many chicken farms just sprang up. They raised chickens and pigs. It became so stinky. So I brought you here. Or else, I originally wanted to go there for your comforts. There are more housings there. Right? (Yes.) There are housings anytime and roofs anywhere, right? (Yes.) The ashram is large as well for 2,000 people to fit in, and there are many small houses available too. I know, I know. I let you stay there at first because they told me that there was no smell in winter and even guaranteed that no smell for sure. And then, and then… Understand?

All right. That’s fine. They fix their ashram for their own use, and it’s pretty too. It’s quieter and cleaner here for us, OK? (OK.) OK, do you have any question? Is there any question you want to ask? (No.) No. Good. Then let’s meditate. I’ll recite the Five Holy Names for you. All right? (Yes.) Help yourself with (vegan) cookies and candies later if you’re hungry. One or two pieces for each person, OK? Don’t take too many, with nothing left for others. Understand? We have less manpower here, unlike in Miaoli.

Everyone needs to be more frugal, such as conserving water, etc. OK? (Yes.) Because we take care of ourselves here. Is there anyone from Kaohsiung? Do we have enough water? (Yes, we have enough.) Water for daily use, understand? Is it enough? (Yes, it’s enough.)

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