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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever We Want, We Will Have It, Part 1 of 12, Dec. 10, 2017

Lecture Language:ZH-HANTVI
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(Thank You, Master.) No. Thank you! (Thank You.) (Thank You for coming to Hsihu and for being so good to the villagers here.) (Yes.) Thank you. (We make business whenever we come here. Thank You, many thanks.) Thank you! (Thank You, thanks Master.) See you. (Thanks, everyone as well. Many thanks, thank You.) Thank you. (Oh, Master can speak Hakka?) Just a little bit.

What are you selling? (This and this.) You are selling this. Which one? Which one do you want me to buy? (It’s up to You.) Which one is not selling well? Is it this one or this one? Or that one? (It’s up to You.) Did the initiates come out to buy it? They said they did? (They would.) Did they buy it from you? (They would come out to buy.) (These aren’t sold yet.) Right, not yet. But would they normally buy it? (Yes, they would.) OK. Then I’ll buy a little bit, OK? This is very tasty. I am not going to buy all of them. Save some for others. Understand? (Yes.) (Just buy them all.) Just buy them all? What are they going to do if there’s nothing left when they come out? (As soon as it’s sold out. I can call it a day and go home.) You want to go home, OK. How many? How much? Pay her. (OK.) Note it down. (Yes.) Count how much is left in your wallet after you pay, (Yes.) then you know how much I owe you. (Yes.)

It’s time to go. We’ll take the car. Here you come again. (Master, I am also here!) I have bought it just now. (Sorry, please buy some.) I can't buy them all. I don't have have enough space. (Just a little.) What are these? (Corns. They are roasted.) Corns again? (Yes.) We just bought a lot. (Master, You also speak Aulacese [Vietnamese]? I am Aulacese [Vietnamese].) Ah, Aulacese (Vietnamese)? Oh! (I am Aulacese [Vietnamese].) New citizen. Aulacese (Vietnamese)? (You see, Master understood.) (No, Master did not understand. I’ve just spoken Aulacese [Vietnamese], but Master did not understand.) I understood, why didn’t I? (Master understood.) (I just told Master to buy things from me, but You ignored me.) Didn’t I buy it? (She said You ignored her.) I did buy some. (Yes, you did. You bought peanuts.) No, I bought some peanuts already. (Yes, she said You... I told her. I told her Master is Aulacese [Vietnamese], and Master understood Aulacese [Vietnamese].) OK, I don’t have this. I’d like to buy this. OK, how many now? How much are these? (Oh, Mây, please say that is from another vendor.) (These are theirs. I only have corns.) These are not yours? (No.) Are these yours? (Yes, corns are mine.) OK, we will buy some more. (I am still eating.) Twelve. (Twelve. OK. Thank You.) Twelve. OK. (Twelve.) (Wei.) (Twelve.) Four, twelve already. (Yes, twelve.)

(Oh, this is the first time I see You, Master.) I can sing Aulacese (Vietnamese). (I see You passing by here every day, but today…) Four, eight. (Nine, ten, eleven, twelve.) I can sing Aulacese (Vietnamese) also. (First time I see Her. Oh, my legs and my hands are shaking.) She said she’s shaky. She said she’s shaky. (No, today is my first time seeing Her...) Twelve? (Seeing Supreme Master Ching Hai in person.) How come it is the first time? (No, every... I live just down there.) Yes? (Today is my first time seeing You.) So beautiful. Aulacese (Vietnamese), so beautiful. (Today is my first time seeing You.) Can you sing Aulacese (Vietnamese) songs? (Yes!) Which song? (It’s my first time to see Master. I am so happy.) Which song? She said she has goose bumps. Why? I am just buying vegetables. (No. My heart is beating fast. Heart is beating fast.)

OK. How much? Oh, we can't buy anymore because we have to go back to the gathering. (Time to go back.) (Twelve. How much each?) (NT$40 each.) (NT$40.) (Four times 12, NT$480.) OK. I am going back to the gathering, OK? (OK.) What kind… (Thank You, Master.) Some… which song can you sing? (…which song can we sing?) Roads of Vietnam, you know that song? (I don’t know how to sing that song.) (I forgot how to sing that song. I live here quite long, so I forget it all.) Say it again. Which song? Which song can you sing? Which song? (Now, I don’t remember at all. I am so happy to remember anything.) So how come you said that I don’t understand. (So happy…) She said she’s worried I don’t understand Aulacese (Vietnamese). I said, “Do you know any Aulacese (Vietnamese) song?” She said, “Nothing. Don’t remember.”

OK. I am sorry, guys. (Master, my vegetables are very good.) Thank you! (Master, these were grown in straw.) OK. Thank you. Because… (These were completely grown in straw.) I see. Then I’ll take those that are readily prepared. (OK. I will just take NT$100.) OK. NT$100 each, so four of them are NT$400. (No. NT$100 will do.) That’s impossible. (No. I don’t want to charge so much.) So cheap. (These were grown in straw.) Grown in straws. (It’s organic.) Thank you. I like it. (Also beans and all others. We’re still picking. You see, there are a lot of straws.) I like it. It’s OK. Thank you. (Thank You.) The straws are also edible. (It’s grown in straws. Do You still want this?) That will do. OK. I’ve got to go now. I need to go to the gathering. They are waiting. How about I come by another day and start buying from this side, OK? I haven’t bought it from there. Thank you. Sorry. I must go to the gathering. OK.

(Thank You, Master.) No. Thank you! (Thank You.) (Thank You for coming to Hsihu and for being so good to the villagers here.) (Yes.) Thank you. (We make business whenever we come here. Thank You, many thanks.) Thank you! (Thank You, thanks Master.) See you. (Thanks, everyone as well. Many thanks, thank You.) Thank you. (Oh, Master can speak Hakka?) Just a little bit. Thank you. (Thank You. See You.) (Did we pay you?) (Yes.) (Goodbye, goodbye. Thank You. Thank You, Master.) How do you say goodbye in Hokkien? (Goodbye.) (Goodbye.) “Goodbye?” Just like the Taiwanese (Formosan)? Goodbye. Thank you. Goodbye. (Goodbye, goodbye.) Bye-bye. See you later.

Hallo. Where should I go? (Turn right, Master.) Turn right. Hallo there. Hallo. Turn right? This way? (Yes.) Hallo, everybody. (Hallo, Master. Master is so beautiful.) Hallo everyone! (Hallo Master!) You brought the sun here. We had a lot of rain yesterday. You should come often and we will have more sun here. (OK.) Where should I walk? People love me everywhere. Which way? Right or left? Who wants to say it first? (Left.) (Right.) A voice vote is faster. (Hallo Master!) Hallo everyone! (Master doesn’t get old. Hallo Master!) OK. Thank you. How is everyone? (Good.) Has the weather been good? (Yes.) OK. (Master, I love You.) Love you. (Master, I love You.) (Master is so beautiful!) You are beautiful. (Master is so beautiful.) (Hallo Master!) Thank you. Thank you. (Master is really beautiful!) (Master is beautiful.) (So beautiful.)

How is everyone? (Good.) I love you very much. (I love You too.) Thanks for coming. (Master is so beautiful.) Thank you. Are the mainland Chinese still here? (Yes.) In the front. They are all here. Great! They let you sit in the front. Very kind. Oh, what should I do? This is a lot of walking for me. I can never walk around enough for you. (Master, I love You.) Love you, love you. Love you. I love you. I love you. Love you. (Master is so beautiful.) Love you. Love you.

(Hallo Master!) (Master is so beautiful!) (Hallo Master!) You look beautiful. Your hat is pretty. Thank you. Thank you. (Hallo Master!) I love you. (I love You.) I love you very much. (Master, I love You.) Love you a lot. (Hallo Master!) Hallo! (Hallo Master!) Hallo everyone! (Hallo Master!) (Hallo, Master!) Hallo, how are you? (Hallo Master!) (Master looks so beautiful!) You are beautiful! (Master is beautiful!) Thank you. (Hallo Master!) (Thank You.)

Is everyone OK? (I love You.) I haven't walked through here, have I? (Master, I love You.) Love you. (Master is beautiful.) I will go there later. Have a look. (Hallo Master! I love You.) Love you. Love you. (Hallo Master!) Why are you all here? Someone asked you not to leave? (Hallo Master!) We need to turn back. (Hallo Master!) Hallo! (Hallo Master!) I love you. (I love You.) Love you.

(Master is so beautiful!) Thank you. Thank you. Hallo, how is everyone? (Master is so beautiful!) How are you? (Fine.) It’s warm. Do you feel cold? (No.) You don’t? Yeah, good, good. Thank you. Thank you for coming. Thank you. Oh! It’s better to be a man. Yes, you have more space. You can sit farther apart. That’s not bad. (Master has been working hard.) No, no. I am happy. Work is busy but it’s not hard. (OK.) It’s not hard. (Hallo Master.) Very good.

(Hallo Master.) Are you OK sitting there? (Yes.) Were you assigned to sit there? Or did you volunteer? Volunteered, right? To see the old places. Wow! Is it OK here? (Yes.) You can squeeze together if it rains, right? (Yes.) OK. Wonderful! We don’t need to build an ashram, do we? There is no need. It’s good like this. The air is good, right? (Yes.) As long as we do this every day…on Sundays, it’s fine. It rained a lot yesterday. I am thinking of moving our "capital" to somewhere more sunny, such as Pingtung and Kaohsiung. But their centers are smaller. Let’s see if they can host us. Where are you from? (Pingtung.) There may be some odor over there. (A little.) A little. I did ask them to get ready in case we come. The place is bigger. Kaohsiung is smaller. It’s beautiful but smaller. There isn’t enough space for everyone to sit. OK? Have you seen me?

(Hallo Master!) Hallo! Have you seen me? (Yes.) OK. OK. I will walk this way. (Hallo Master!) How are you? Hallo everyone! I love you guys. I love you guys very much. (Hallo Master!) Love you very much. Thanks for coming to see me. Thank you. Thank you. (Hallo Master!) Thank you. Enough. Have you seen me? I am the same as yesterday and the day before.

I will walk that way later. (Hallo Master!) Are all the kids there? (Yes.) OK. I will go there later. OK? I don’t feel cold at all. Many people asked if I do any exercise. I said, “No, I don’t need to exercise. My dogs give me enough exercise. And when you come, I exercise a lot too.” OK? Thank you. Thank you for coming to see me. (Hallo Master!) Thank you. Hallo everyone! (Master, I love You.) Love you. I love you. (Master, I love You.) Love you. Love you. Thank you. (Master, I love You.) Love you. Love you. (Master, You are so beautiful.) I love You. I love you. Thank you. (Master, I love You.) I love you. Love you. (Thank You.)

Thank you. Korean, huh? Korean, yes? (Yes.) Korean. Only Korean, nobody else? Oh, you came back. You stay here? I hardly see you. Where have you been? Sometimes I see you here. But you come up there also sometimes? OK.

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