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Between Master and Disciples

Control One’s Desires and Choose the Safest Method of Enlightenment, Part 5 of 6, Oct. 6, 2019

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文),English
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And you saw Jesus and Abraham and Moses even. (Yes.) Just to prove to you that all great Masters, They’re working in the same benevolent way for humankind. (Thank You.) Many people are like that. The Buddhist saw Jesus, the Christian saw Buddha; just to break their concepts of religious difference.


(She has two questions. The first question is: For which god did Abraham sacrifice His son Isaac for?) It was just a test. I guess maybe second-(level) god. (And the second question is: What is the difference between Western and Eastern Heaven? Is the Eastern Heaven higher in terms of level than Western Heaven?) There is no Eastern or Western. In Buddhism, we have one place called Western Paradise. It’s because Amitabha Buddha resides in the west. And another Buddha resides in the south, the south of the hemisphere, compared to our planet, so we say “west” and “east.” But they are all the same. If it’s Heaven - of course there’re different degrees of Heaven, it’s not all the same. It’s different in degree of spiritual consciousness, but not different because it’s the Western, because their nose is higher or taller, it’s not like that. We’re all humans, same. If you do bad things, you go to whatever hell. If you are good and virtuous, you go to whatever Heaven, depends on your spiritual consciousness. You might go to Heaven, but there is no differentiation between the Westerners and the Asians in terms of Heavens. (Thank You.)


Any more questions? Yes. (Hallo, Master. I am very grateful to Master for all the sacrifices and effort You’ve made for all disciples, all human beings, and all animals in the world.) OK. (I My mother was a fellow initiate. She practiced very diligently, often meditating for ten or more hours daily. She also did a lot of Master’s work and had very good experiences with Master. For example, after receiving Master’s blessed food, she immediately had a very strong feeling, and she once also experienced that Master covered her with a quilt on a winter night and that she felt very warm, etc. She had a lot of experiences. However, in the several days before passing away, she suffered a great deal of pain. I don’t know where she is now. Could Master check and see if she’s fine now? She’s very good. (Wonderful.) Very, very good. (Excellent. Thank You, Master.) She is now in the New Land. (That’s wonderful. Thank You, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Good disciples will all go the New Land. Don’t worry. (I’m so grateful to Master.) There’ll be some problem, if you’re not good. But sometimes when we suffer a little, it’s to cleanse our last trace of karma so we can go. This is because our fixed karma can’t be changed too much. It’s all right. (Yes. I felt very sorry for her because she was suffering so much in the last week before passing away.) It’s not so. She herself didn’t feel painful. What matters is that your mother has been liberated. (OK. Thank You, Master.) Whatever has happened is all illusion.


(Master, I had a spiritual experience, I would like to share with You.) Two years before initiation, I used to meditate. I had an experience. I was in Abraham’s temple in Jerusalem between many Masters, such as Abraham, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), Musa, Prophet Jesus.  I could see everyone’s except Abraham’s face. I felt like I was a woman. I was crying from happiness. Jesus asked me, “Why are you crying so much?” And then another experience I had with Jesus was that we were in a really long cave that was full of Light. There was a sound of a river nearby in the cave. I was really happy until Jesus left.) Good! Good! So you can see   the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him, and Jesus; They are friends. You are Muhammadan? Muslim, right? (Yes.) And you saw Jesus and Abraham and Moses even.   (Yes.) Just to prove to you that all great Masters, They’re working in the same benevolent way for humankind. (Thank You.) Many people are like that. The Buddhist saw Jesus, the Christian saw Buddha; just to break their concepts of religious difference. Very good. Congratulations!  (Thank You. Thank You.)


(Master, You’ve just mentioned about the relationship between wife and husband comes from the power of peace from Heaven. May I ask which Heaven it is? On which level is the Heaven?) It depends on both of you. There’re higher Heavens and lower Heavens. The power comes from the heaven where you are. As to which level, it’s different. It’s the Third Level at least because it’s the power of creation. You can also practice this kind of method, but it’s not as good as the Quan Yin Method. Quan Yin Method is the best. All enlightened Masters emphasized this method. How many methods did Buddha know? But He still said that the Quan Yin Method was the best. Other enlightened Masters did not talk about other methods. They told people to practice the Quan Yin Method and that was enough. This is because talking about too many other methods would distract Their disciples’ attention. They would want to try this and that, and have their attention distracted. That’s why it’s the best to practice the Quan Yin Method. One method is enough.


It is the best. (Master, can You explain more about the spiritual power? We practice for spirituality, but that kind of atmosphere becomes manifest power or whatever? Because I don’t understand.) What kind of power do you need? (I’m just curious about the spiritual power, because last time in the Christmas retreat, You explained the Surangama Sutra.) OK, understand. (Yes.) That spiritual power is not the highest spiritual power. Maybe the Buddha did not explain in the modern term. So, anybody who practices will get spiritual power, but it’s different level. Maybe it’s low spiritual power that he wants. Meaning maybe he wants magic power. He wants magical power. And at that time, they also said it’s “spiritual power.” Of course, because it’s not material power, so the Buddha maybe termed it all in “spiritual power.” But actually, the Buddha meant those lower powers, even spiritual powers, but lower. Like you want to see the Heaven, you want to see the hell, you want to have some magical power. These are not ultimate power; they are not liberating power. (I don’t want magical power.) No, better not. (But that time, Master once mentioned, saying like, “Rather than lose 1,000 lifetimes of human body, but never lose spiritual power; otherwise, you won’t recognize the real Master.”) Different, different. (It’s different?) Different power, yes. Maybe the translation. Buddha spoke in an ancient language, and the translator just said “spiritual power.” Because when you read on, you know that the Buddha didn’t mean the highest spiritual power. He meant those lower ones, still had desires, something like that; or magical power; or the power to go to Heaven and Earth at will, some stuff like that. Some people call that “spiritual power.” What I mean is your original spiritual power that you never lose. And when you practice, you unveil some of that, more. It’s like you have Buddha Nature, but you don’t know much. So slowly, slowly, you discover more and more. It’s like your house is new. It’s your house, but you forget. You have too many rooms. One day you go to this room, the next day you go to the next room, to see what you have. They say that the Queen of England has so much treasure that she doesn’t even know all that she has. What for she needs to know all of them anyway? We don’t need all that; but if we need, we can use, automatically. The more we meditate in the Quan Yin Method, the more power we rediscover from ourselves, then we can use it, automatically.  Because if you really know how to use it, your ego will come out, and the maya will make trouble.


(Master, I have watched the movie, “Son of God,” again and again, five, six times. Every time I’d burst into tears. In this life, Master has done too much for the people and the planet, much more than what Jesus Christ had contributed in His lifetime. Master, we are extremely grateful to You.) Don’t compare. (Master, I have practiced with You for over 20 years, and I’ve always been grateful to You. Without Your grace, I am really too insignificant. The more I’ve followed Master, the more I feel the great power within me. Being able to use this inner power and the power of love makes me feel that I am very blessed. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. It’s good that you know. If you’re aware, you’ll have more self-confidence. It’s good that you have faith in your spiritual practice. No need to compare; Jesus Christ lived in a different era. People didn’t let Him live that long. So, He couldn’t do things even if He wanted to. However, He is still helping us. Don’t compare. Each Master does different things. Shakyamuni Buddha had spoken about numerous scriptures, because He was in India where the people were more benign at that time. That era allowed Him to live long and to explain many things. We are also grateful to Him. Jesus Christ had His own responsibilities and mission. We are also grateful to Him. We are grateful to all Masters. They were bound by Their destiny and could only do that much in that era. But Their work will continue.


(Hallo, Master. My question now is that I usually feel very conscious on this side. But I feel more suppressed on this side, sometimes, so, I am not sure whether this is a spiritual problem.  What am I supposed to do? Thank You, Master.) The pressure may not be always related to spiritual practice. Sometimes, we may be sitting in a place where there is cold air from the air-con or the wind. So, take care of your body and check where you’re facing, OK? (OK.) Keep yourself warm. (OK, yes.) Sometimes, if we have a headache, it’s because we didn’t protect our head. Just meditate on the (inner Heavenly) Sound, and immediately it’ll get well. (Yes.)  OK? (Thank You, Master). You are welcome. Check the room. Not too cold and not too humid.  (Got it.) High humidity will give you pain. (Yes, Master. I’ll improve and pay attention.)   OK. (Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. (I love You.)

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