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Between Master and Disciples

A Glimpse into Tim Qo Tu's New Spiritual Domain, Part 4 of 4, Jan. 24, 2019

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Because over there, we don’t care about names, or fame and stuff like that. We don’t even think like what we think here. Because everybody knows that land. It’s just Tim Qo Tu’s Domain, OK? (Yes, Master.) Tim Qo Tu created it.

(Master, if a disciple has had magical power in past lives, how can he or she ensure that it doesn’t activate, and especially to cause trouble to Master?)

Yeah, some do! Not just past lives, but they learn in this lifetime. Some of them learn black magic, and they even came, during all these decades. I escaped many deaths from these magic people. (Oh Master, no.) Black magic people, they send knives to my body, but then it doesn’t hurt me, it just turns around and then drops down. But the invisible knives, people don’t see it, but still it will hurt you and you’ll die. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) Might not be immediately, but you will die soon, or suffer greatly from the wound. Or they use a magical power to push me, punch me and all that. And then it comes back to them, later they confess, for example. Maybe, some of the old Chinese tapes, you might find it, if they have not cut it away, they’re still there. (Yes, we heard, Master.)

At least several of them, and even recently, not long ago, a few months ago some former disciples, used the magic to harm me. I cannot return their magic power, because they’re disciples, that’s the problem. They have some connection, so it’s easier. It’s just like an inner, insider spy. There’s something they don’t like about me, or they think I am not good or whatever, and then they just harm me, cursing and all that stuff. Oh, their souls are also covered with blackness. And I even had to rescue, again, not just at initiation but one more time. And all that, they make me sick. (You’re so merciful.) And no medicine can cure even, so a lot of medicine, I return. And, even if I take medicine, nothing helps! And it seems like it helps one or two times, but then it’s not really helping. It worked one or two times. It wasn’t really from medicine, but from my meditation. And the medicine helps just very little, and then later it cannot help anymore, because the Maya put poison in it. (Oh, no!) So, Heaven warns me, “Don’t take anymore. It’s useless to You and the more You take the more You get sick.” Because the Maya put some poisonous essence in it. Invisible, invisibly, so I did not take anymore, and then I just healed myself with the retreat, with meditation and just with time. It took many months.

(May Master be safe and protected.) What, love? (We pray for Your protection, Master.) Oh, it’s OK, what to do? Just do your job and help for the world, OK? (Yes, Master.) I take care of myself. Just do your job, meditate well. But thank you for your prayers. It probably helps. It’s OK! Yeah, it helps. At least if you have love in your heart, then it will help me and it won’t harm you. But if you just pray because you have to or you feel like you must, from a guilty feeling, then don’t, OK? (Yes, Master.) Has to be real, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Whatever you wish well for others, it always brings some benefit back to you, in any case, because it’s positive energy. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

(Master, You once mentioned that sometimes You have to use like a more masculine power to move mountains, spiritually. Could Master speak a little more about what She does?)

Oh, it’s just like a metaphor. It’s not like I move mountains. What for? The mountains are OK where they are. It’s just an example, like sometimes the disciples are so heavily-burdened with karma or heavily-possessed because she or he doesn’t meditate well, and just so mundane and thinking of all kinds of not-clean and not-pure thoughts or desires, then I have to maybe, like yell at them. It’s like using the power to move the mountain. That’s just an example, the comparison. (Understand, Master.) Is it clear to you? (Yes, Master. And we remember, is it the Buddha who said that if the karma of one person could be seen in physical form, it would fill the whole universe.) Yes. (So, we can imagine it would take a pretty mighty power to push those aside.) That’s why not everyone can become a Master. That’s why in every generation, there’s only one or two Masters at one time. (Yes, Master.) You have to be super, super powerful. Super strong!

(Master, I just have a curiosity question. Master has often said that Heaven tells Master to wear Master’s hair and clothes a certain way, like sometimes Master has to wear Her hair up, or has to wear a certain type of clothes when Master sees disciples. May we know why Heaven would like Master to wear Her hair blonde, for example, or is it to have more affinity with humans on the planet?)

It’s just the way it should look to appeal to people. That’s why you see sometimes, some of your brothers and sisters, before initiation, they have seen Master Ching Hai in different outfits already, before She even wears it. (Right. Yes.) Before he even got initiation. And then after that, after initiation or before initiation he came into one of your brother and sister-initiates’ house and saw the photo, and said, “Oh, this is the one I saw!” “In my dream!” Or, “the one who came and rescued me in my accident” or whatever. Or, “the one who took my mother, father, up to Heaven. This is the one; she wears like these clothes.” Remember? (Yes, Master.) So, everything, it has to go according to Plan. That’s all. Because some people are familiar with that type of image; in the past life, or in this life or a long time ago, or in Heaven they see that, and they recognize it, and that empowers them to remember more, and then encourages them or reminds them to go to get the key for spiritual practice, from the Master.

(But it seems unique to Master, because we don’t see other Masters doing that.) Your Master is unique. Sorry. Yeah, not everyone can go to the Original Universe, also. (That’s very true.) OK, so you have a problem with my clothing? (No, Master.) Actually only when I go out to see people, mostly. When I’m in my cave, I have only a few pairs of simple clothes, I like simple clothes. (Yes, Master.) It’s less complicated, easy to wear, easy to wash, (Yes.) and they feel more relaxed than in the official clothes. (Understand, Master.) And the hair, I just put it on top, like a tuft on top of my head, simple, easy. No need to dress up, nothing. But don’t worry, different Masters, They do different things, accordingly.

Like Quan Yin Bodhisattva sometimes, in some photos, you saw Him as a man, but in many of the photos She wears beautiful clothes. (Yes, Master.) She wears normal, beautiful clothes. Anything the Master has to do, is for the humans or for the beings, not for Her or Him self. (Yes, Master.) Because if I really like luxury, you can ask yourself, why would I live in a cave instead of a big luxury building? (True, Master. Sure.) Because I just don’t care about any of those things. Whatever I have to do, I do. Wherever I have to stay, I stay. (Yes, Master.) Whatever I have to wear, I wear or not wear. You don’t know; wearing official clothes and ornaments and all that is kind of also troublesome, and burdensome and time-consuming. (Yes, Master. Understand.) And when I’m alone, to wear bracelets or earrings sometimes, it’s troublesome. (Understand, Master.)

All right, what else? (Master, once You mentioned that Spiritual Blessing Lines in India have gone down, in spite of having so many Saints born in India and practicing in India. Is this because of some people not practicing spiritually, or not enough people being vegetarian or vegan?)

Yeah, all kinds, all of them. It’s a pity; in the old times maybe India was more spiritually inclined, but at least they are still, a lot of people, at least they recite God’s name and they do things; at least they remember something more than the mundane life. (Yes, Master.) They are more desirous for God than many other countries, at least. It’s just that the lineage of the real spiritual practice is not always available to the people, so mostly, they just worship the statues or recite some past Masters’ names. (Yes, Master.) It’s still better than many countries, who don’t even think about that. Many people don’t even remember to recite God’s name or don’t even think of God or pray, (Yes, Master.)

Any other questions? (Yes, Master, the New Land that Master created, does it have a name? And if so, would Master be able to share with us?)

It’s not a land actually. (Oh, what is it?) It’s a spiritual dimension. We just call land, but it’s not land, like the new land we bought otherwise we could buy it, you know, many new lands for you guys. I wish it was so easy. I’d just buy a new land for you. Yeah, oh, by the way, come to the New Land, actually, I never thought of giving it a name. I will, OK? (OK, Master. Wow.) Because over there, we don’t care about names, or fame and stuff like that. We don’t even think like what we think here. Because everybody knows that land. It’s just Tim Qo Tu’s Domain, OK? (Yes, Master.) Tim Qo Tu created it. Talking about the new land, it looks big and has room, but even not enough for all the people when they came. And you are better where you are, because over there, at least each of you has a private quarter to retreat to when you want to rest and sleep. (Yes, Master.) In the new land, it looks like a lot, but then, when the people come, I don’t know where to put you. Last time, I thought nobody had to put up tents anymore, because there already existed some buildings, a five-story, but still doesn’t have enough room for people. They still needed to put up tents. (Wow.) Never mind, maybe in the future, it will be different. You’re OK where you are right now, OK? (OK, Master.) Whenever you need, whenever you can or appropriately, you can come and have a look, but it’s nothing to envy. It already exists. You are better off where you are, OK? (Yes, Master.) More private and you have your private place to go back to rest, OK? (Yes, Master.)

Any other questions? (Master, at the end of the last conference, Master asked us to remind You about the Korean leaders, that if You had any affinity with them? Because we asked and You didn’t think about it nor check on this at that time.)

Ah, I see, I see. Yeah, I was one of your queens before, and king before. (Wow.) I don’t remember very much detail; I don’t want to go into the past, it’s not always good.

There was a queen of Korea; I was one time, this queen; she was very good and wise. The queen who ruled the country, even. Not just the queen of a king. (Yes, Master.) First she was the queen of a king, but later, she ruled the country for a while, until another bad king came and made trouble, and then she had to retreat somewhere, maybe the north area, to the north or something. (Yes, Master.) Also, some time, I was king, also. Not only that time. (Wow, two times, not just one time, Master.) No, not just two times, several times. (Wow!) It’s just one time, I was a queen. Once I was a queen, ruler queen.

(Master, I did some research. I think I know the queen You’re talking about.) Yeah? I don’t remember Korean name, sorry! (Could I please share a little bit?) Yeah, tell me. (Oh, so there was one queen who actually did rule, as Master said, as the only monarch, Seondeok Yeowang, Queen Seondeok of the Silla Kingdom, in the early 7th century. And I just wanted to share that, I found out that she was really generous and benevolent and wise.) Yeah. (She helped Korea survive difficult times during the warring Three Kingdoms, through diplomacy. And she would do things like send out inspectors to make sure that the vulnerable people were taken care of. And she reduced the taxes. She was a devout Buddhist.) Yeah, yeah. That’s what she was. (Yes. Wonderful, Master.)

(And there was also another great king, and I’m just guessing, but I think Master was Sejong Daewang (Sejong the Great) of the 15th century, and he’s known more of like a scholar. He himself was a gifted linguist and he’s very famous for creating the Korean phonetic alphabet. He was so compassionate, he wanted to give his subjects an alphabet, so they could read and write. Otherwise they’d have to learn Chinese, which is hard.) Yeah. (And of course, culture and literature flourished under his reign, as well.) Not just about the language, yeah. (Yes.) At that time, China was kind of overpowering Korea, because Korea’s small. (Yes, Master.) So, the Koreans had to be stronger and more independent. That’s why the king created this. OK? (Yes, Master.) So that the Korean people had an identity. And they became more independent, and themselves, and Korean, instead. (Yes.) At that time, most of the old times, they called themselves Gaoli. From Chinese, name is Gao Li, meaning high and beautiful. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) Gao means high (Yes.) and li means “meili.” Meili in Chinese means beautiful. (Yes. Goryeo.) Yeah, but in Chinese, it’s called Gao Li. Gaoli and Da Han are all your country’s names. Sometimes, the Vietnamese still refer to your country as Gaoli. We have also in Chinese, we have gaoli cai. (Yes, Master.) Gaoli cai means the cabbage. They call it gaoli cai; cabbage, they call it gaoli cai, which means the vegetable from Korea, Korean vegetable. Maybe at that time, only Korea had this kind of cabbage, and now, we have it everywhere. Or maybe before, the transportation or the communication between countries was not that convenient, so the Chinese only know this vegetable from your country, called gaoli cai. Gaoli means your country, the “high and beautiful vegetable.” I guess that’s what it is.

You already feel like I have a connection with your country? That’s why you did research in advance without telling me? Thank you for telling me. (Master, I just wanted to do research to prepare it, and I thought Master would be only one of those rulers, but Master was both!) Yeah, two, at least two. (Wow. At least two; that’s incredible.) Let me look. Only three times actually, two times king, and one time queen. (Wow!) Better than nothing. Better than nothing. And I must have been those good kings, (Definitely, Master.) because I cannot be bad, can I? No! (No.)

I have been in this planet, oh God, a long, long time. Became kings and queens and founders of many religious monks’ and nuns’ orders. I was also Patanjali. You know Patanjali? One of the very famous monk founders of Patanjali Spiritual School in India for monks. (Yes, Master.) Very strict, strict monk order. OK, because sometimes they say they are monks and nuns, but they’re married and all that stuff. But in the Patanjali system it was very strict, OK? (Yes, Master. Understand.) It’s just like the system in Tibet, with Tsongkhapa. Real monks, real nuns, not married, no girlfriends, nothing. These spiritual leaders, they form monks’ orders, then it’s really monks, real monk asceticism, not too extreme, but pure. OK? (Yes, Master.) Celibate, what do you call that? (Celibate.) Celibacy. (Yes.) Yeah, they uphold that. Any other questions? (Yes. Master.) Any others want me to be king and queen in your country?

(Master just said that She has been on this planet for many thousands of years. What made Master decide to create the New Spiritual Land, one thousand years ago, or, when was the Spiritual Land created?)

Yeah, because there were some leftover, so called leftover humanities, who also wanted to practice but they had too much burden with karma, and other Masters can not do it, and other Masters don’t have enough affinity to create, to give them a room in their own created domain. (I see.) You have to have affinity with the disciples. Like the Buddha, He reincarnated again, again and again, in different kinds of forms. In animal form, human form, even Deva form, in Heaven, etc., in order to have affinity with all of them. (Yes, Master.) I don’t need all that affinity. (Yes.) I mean, your Master, not I, not the physical Tim Qo Tu. You understand? (Understand, Master.) Tim Qo Tu doesn’t need all that troublesome affinity. If some people really yearn to go Home and suffer too much and call out for help, even just one time, Hes will help, OK? (Wow.) (Yes, Master. Thank You Master.) Because, Tim Qo Tu. (Yes, Master. Yes.)

Any other question? (No, Master, that’s all we have. Thank You so much for answering all those questions.) I cannot hear you! (No, Master, that’s all we have.) Oh, wonderful! (Thank You so much, Master, for Your time.) Wonderful! I thought you might ask forever today. If you know your Master has a lot of paperwork to do, then you know why I am laughing and happy. I haven’t even had breakfast, so I will try to grab something, even though it’s a little late, if I’m hungry. If I’m not, then I don’t have to. OK, I must do some work now!

I’m glad that’s all you have. (Thank You so much, Master! Thank You, Master!) And I’ll talk to you again another time. (Yes, Master. Thank You. We love You.) Love you, love your work, love your devotion and love your pure, selfless intention. Keep all that, OK? (Yes, thank You, Master!) Then you will be in the new created Spiritual Domain. All right? (Thank You, Master!) OK, God bless you all and God loves you. Heavens protect you. (Thank You, Master!) All right. Ciao! (Ciao, Master.) Love you. (We love You, Master.)

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