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Between Master and Disciples

A Glimpse into Tim Qo Tu's New Spiritual Domain, Part 3 of 4 Jan. 24, 2019

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The whole drama is just about one and a half minutes, but it was unnerving; it’s kind of unnerving. And I just stayed on the chair, where I work, waiting for it to come, to face it, to fight it squarely. But it moves away as fast as it comes, thanks to some interference, by pressure from the protecting Ihôs Kư Godses, then I felt free again.

(Master, it’s also exciting to see more and more public access TV outlets on Supreme Master Television.) Yeah. That’s another joyful news that I enjoy very much, and I have to thank all your brothers and sisters out there, who try very hard to expand our horizons, expand our television network. And I’m so thankful to God for such disciples like they are. I’m very grateful to them. I’m sure these people will go to the newly created land, when they go. (Wow.) They’re worthy, yeah. And so are you, so are you. (Thank You, Master.) You work for the whole world. You help me to work for the whole world and I will not let you down. OK? (Thank You, Master.) God will reward you, richly. (Thank You. Thank You, Master.) Through your Master, perhaps. Through Tim Qo Tu. OK. Any other questions or opinions?

(Master, You were talking about the land that Amitabha Buddha created. So, the people who didn’t get to see Master but sincerely pray and recite “Amitabha Buddha,” they can go to the land between the Fourth and the Fifth?) Yes, that’s according to Shakyamuni Buddha, yes. (OK.) But they have to be really sincere and recite His name non-interruptedly. Like they have nothing else in their mind except that name, all day, all night, and really sincerely, and they have to even imagine what kind of land that is. (Right, OK.) The Shakyamuni Buddha described that land with lotus and crystal pavement, crystal houses, and gold pavement, and all the trees and the flowers are made with jewels. The land is brightened with light and jewelry. All the trees even singing names of the dharma, of the teachings and the Buddhas, and all that. They have to always have that in mind. They have to imagine all that, without being disturbed or distracted. Quan Yin Method is easier. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) All you do is just do what I told you, that’s it. (Yes, Master.) No need to imagine anything. (Yes, Master.) OK. (It’s so easy, Master. Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. Any other thing, any other questions?

(Master, when Masters or Saints descend as wise rulers or even like military strategists, how are They able to absorb or pay the karma of, I guess, inevitably participating in conflicts and wars?) OK, OK. These are the forces of Maya anyway, the opposite ones. So that, the Master can absorb quickly, because it’s a Master, it’s not a normal ruler, OK? (Right, yes, Master.) But of course, there is some price to pay, it’s not like scot-free. (Yes, Master.) But because such a ruler is the Master, they can do it. But mostly, in the conflicts, these so-called Masters, They will try their best to solve the conflicts with friendship, (Yes, Master.) like King Arthur used to do. And like King Genghis Khan, he went everywhere, and people just surrendered. According to what I read, very rarely was there any resistance that resulted in bloodshed. That’s why he went from one country to another so fast. (Yes, Master.) First, he sent people to talk diplomatically, and then he is helping them, instead of possessing their country. And then they let their own people govern themselves also. Not like go and invade the country and take the whole country and rule it yourself. He just kind of formed an alliance, and the military action was only when it was really, truly unavoidable with very little bloodshed, according to what I read. (Yes, Master.) (Wonderful.)

Also, you should understand that the Maya is always trying to oppose a Master in any way. So, they even manifest themselves into kind of soldiers to go and fight with the king’s soldiers, but they are not real. (Wow.) Because they have the power to manifest; that’s easy for them. It’s all phantoms, you understand? (Yes, Master.) So, even if the king had to kill these opposing armies, they were not real; no karma. Remember, just like when I first announced to you that I was going to make a retreat for three months? (Yes, Master.) And then the Maya made a little bird trumpet agonizingly like an elephant? (Oh, yes.) Like an elephant in pain. (Yes.) And then I had to call all of you. Even though I didn’t want to contact any of you at that time, I had to call all of you to come up and search for any injured big animal, remember? (Yes, Master, we remember.) Yeah, that’s what that was. And then they sent people to my room, but they were not allowed to come in physically, so they came in the astral body and talked very loud, disturbing my meditation, remember? (Yes, Master.) All right. And they even manifested a snake and all that to scare me not to go back to my house etc. etc. (Yes, Master.) OK, all right. So similarly, they can manifest into big armies and all that, but these were all phantoms. (Understand.) All right.

(Master, I remember a while ago in SMC retreat, Master saying something like, Master’s level was so high that Maya could not touch Master, just through the disciples or the assistants around You that caused trouble for Master. But it seems now, that Maya is able to disturb Master’s retreat and meditation, making it difficult for Master, or was it always like this, or is it recent?) Recent, more recent.

(If so, what happened now that Maya is able to disturb Master’s retreat?) Yeah, I am also taken by surprise, because the more disciples I have, sometimes, they have different, heavy karma. Recently, we’ve had a lot, more and more initiates. (Yes, Master.) More than ever before. Before, there were never big numbers like 400, 700, something like that, 800, and now it’s not an unusual thing, OK? (I see, Master.) And most of the so-called disciples, they came from so-called lower consciousness areas of the world, and they still contacted or worshipped like local gods or some ghosts or some demons, in their local environments, to heal sickness or to ask for favors, stuff like that. So, when they come, they are full of garbage, and even after they got initiation, if they don’t meditate diligently, they just come in and just want some favor, or health or benefit or whatever, then these kinds of demons and their ex-friend demons or local ghosts or goblins still can trouble them. And then the Master has a very hard time to always take care of all this, because these are some low consciousness areas of the world. Their consciousness is already low and they’re burdened with all these kinds of invisible goblins or ghost energy, and it’s harder to take care fast, and then, the Master sometimes has to bear these consequences. (Yes, Master.) So, the Maya will use this kind of weakness time to come and trouble the Master, like a leaking roof. That is also related to another question.

You asked why I cannot tell you anything new about the new realms that I have accessed and passed through. (Yes, Master.) It is because I cannot just tell you everything. Many things I wanted to tell you but, number one, it is not necessary for you to know. Number two, it is… the Maya hears it and then it will make trouble. (Yes, Master, understand.) Even just recently, some months ago, during these few months, I even just disclosed a little bit about peace related process details, and the Maya said, that will cost me 10% of my own peace from now. From that, because of that, so one time, and then just recently even, because that cost something, you see? So, they can disturb my peace. It’s lucky that they won’t disturb world peace and that I don’t care. OK? As long as the world peace is not disturbed or lessened, then I don’t care. Because I revealed some of the info to you, and of course then the world also knows how world peace comes about. Even if I did not plan in advance to reveal some of that, just some very small part, not even directly, or not even big, not the whole part, and it still cost me 10% of my own peace. (Wow.) That is one of the reasons why the Maya can also disturb me, apart from having a large number of disciples come at the same time, at one time. (Yes, understand, Master.)

They can disturb me directly even, no need to go through any assistants or disciples, that day. They even sent directly to me, the disturbance, through an entity called… he even has a name, he has a title, called “peace frightener.” (Wow.) Means frightening you, scaring you. So, his name, his title is called “peace frightener.” Even has a title, my God. And that entity manifests his power that rattles the lock chain of my door, as if somebody was trying to break the chain and messing with the chain, trying to break in. And he was roaring outside my door like lions, like the sound of many lions. It was incomprehensible what he was saying, just a roaring sound. (Wow. Scary.) Like… like that, OK? (Yes, Master.) But bigger, bigger, stronger, like a loud speaker. And then it cannot get in the house, so it sent some kind of flow of oppressive energy, dark and oppressive energy through my door, and to kind of try to pin me down physically. You would feel that, like physical, like somebody pinning you down.

The whole drama is just about one and a half minutes, but it was unnerving; it’s kind of unnerving. And I just stayed on the chair, where I work, waiting for it to come, to face it, to fight it squarely. But it moves away as fast as it comes, thanks to some interference, by pressure from the protecting Ihôs Kư Godses, then I felt free again. (That is very scary.) I am not afraid about that, but I just also need to feel well, in order to do my work. (We understand, Master.) The Maya threatened to take away at least 10% of my personal peace. It’s not just that he sends some so-called peace-threateners to make trouble for me, but he also makes other kinds of trouble, all kinds of small things, big things, and makes my dogs sick, many at the same time, so that I’m really, really… my head has to really kind of roll around, in order to organize all that, because all the dogs have to be separated into different rooms, from all the healthy dogs, etc. etc. It takes a lot, a lot of work, headaches. He is really punishing me hard. So, I have to work as usual, and I have no time to eat, no time to sleep, and I have to do all kinds of things like that. Just truly, relentlessly. So, 10% of my peace is a lot already, apart from many other things that he does, the Maya, not just 10% peace alone. (Yes, Master.) So, this guy is really hateful. I don’t blame anybody if they hate him. So, I tell you what I can and (tell you) whenever… (Thank You, Master. Thank You for sharing.) …whatever you need, OK? You don’t always have to know. What I tell you is very little anyway, just like a pinch of salt, compared to the whole fields of salt making on the whole planet. (Yes, understand, Master.)

It’s not easy to be a Master; you have no idea. I also don’t have time to tell you everything about that. You don’t need to know anyway, no need. It’s not all very happy or pleasant or happy ending or good luck and stuff like that. If I didn’t have disciples, no one could touch me. Not even God Almighty. This is what I meant by “no one can touch me,” “no Maya can touch me.” But because of disciples, they do. New disciples all the time. (Yes, Master.) And people come in, don’t always meditate well. They don’t meditate, not all of them meditate well. They come in just to ask for anything, healing or whatever, fortune, stuff like that. That’s why when Milarepa studied under Marpa, and before he departed from his Master, Marpa told him, “Don’t bother to go and save any humans. Most of them, they only ask for mundane things. Just go into the mountains somewhere and meditate, and practice to liberate yourself; that should be good enough. Don’t bother with any humans.” That’s why Milarepa had very few disciples or no disciples, maybe just followers. He mostly only hid himself in some caves in the mountains, and even had no food, no offerings, nothing. He just ate some plants to survive, some plants that survive in such an area like the Himalayas. Just ate them to survive, and then he became, he looked green, and grew green hair just like the plants that he ate; nettle, nettle I think. (Nettle plant.) Nettle plant, yeah. And because these plants, they have hair, green hair, growing around the leaves. So, he ate a lot of them. That’s the only thing he could find over there, nearby I guess, and it was easy to find on such a cold mountain like Tibet. That’s probably the only plant he could find or any other similar. So, he grew green hair all over his body, and his hair also became green. And a few, when people saw him in the cave, they were scared, and they asked, “Are you…?” And afterward, they’d come back and see again and he looked like normal but he looked so green, and grew green hair. “Are you a real human or are you a ghost?” And he said, “I’m a real human.” Remember? (Yes, Master.) If you read those stories. I read it a long time ago already. I don’t know, forty years, half a century ago. Oh God! Time passes so quickly.

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