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Between Master and Disciples

One-Year King, Part 4 of 9, Dec. 12, 2021

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So, it’s just the destructive time. (Right. Yes, Master.) The lenient time is already passed. (Wow.) Even the tip of the tail of it is already passed. (Wow.) So humans will not be pardoned. We work tirelessly with the Heavens, trying to save as many as we can, but finally, they will all have to answer themselves for their own actions and lifestyle.

Any other questions at all? (Master, there’s an article that an archbishop, he’s a former Vatican ambassador to the U.S. He’s asking the pope to resign also, over the sex abuse scandal.) So? (Well, I was just mentioning that even some of his people are asking him to resign.) Asking whom? (Pope Francis.) Asked Francis to resign. (Yes.) Why? (Because he knew about the sexual abuse cases way before, and he still allowed them to happen.)

He is not in line with Christianity. (Yes.) It’s not only that. Many other things people maybe do not know. (Yes.) Like these raunchy girls. (Yes.) And because of that, there are other things that could happen. (Yes, Master.) So who knows. Whatever. So his own people asked him to resign. I see. (Yes.) Well done, well done. But I don’t think this guy will resign ever. I’d be surprised. It will be a miracle if he resigned. (Yes, Master.) Unless many, many more people pressure him or more evidence or whatever. Otherwise, this guy, he enjoys too much his privileged life. How would he resign? (Yes, Master.) You can see big chicken-people, big turkey-people, big beef steak, and big wine, big alcohol, big car, big reception everywhere. (Yes.) So how would he resign?

These types of people, they don’t know any shame and morals. They don’t know anything like that. They just jump in the priesthood because it’s an easy life. (Yes, Master.) And say a couple of things like, “Oh, we have to help the poor people.” (Yes.) But they themselves don’t help anything. They have nothing to help. (Yes, Master.) Or maybe doing some humble action outwardly, just to gain people’s respect and trust, and then more donations for him. (Yes, Master.) So this is nothing. Just a piece of… you know what. (Yes, Master.)

Even the piece of whatever, it can be recycled, or be some help to some plants or trees or something. (Yes.) But this kind of entity has no shame, no remorse, no use, no help to anybody. (Yes, Master.) Only an empty shell with the devil inside, manipulating. Just all for theater. (Yes, Master.) Many people can see through it, but a lot of people cannot see it. (Yes, Master.) Only enlightened people can see, only sages, clairvoyant people can see them, such things like that.

Many popes have been devils incarnate also. (Wow.) In the history of Catholicism. They are not from a real Christianity anyway, it is the Romans who took over and changed it into some system just to benefit the government, just to rule, and just to make it like religious. Just political to begin with. (Yes, Master.) They killed Jesus and then they made it into Catholicism, Roman Catholic, just to change everything to benefit themselves. So, many of the reincarnation teachings or vegetarianism teachings have been cut out of the Bible. (Oh, wow.) (Understand.) Just to suit the government at that time. And they continue that way. They drink wine, they eat big fish, big meat and everything.

In The Gospel of the Nazarenes, Jesus states, “Wherefore those who want to be my disciples, keep your hands from bloodshed and let no flesh meat enter your mouths for the Lord is just and bountiful who ordains that man shall live by the fruits and the seeds of the earth alone.” - Gospel of the Nazarenes 38:1-6

And even some are not cut, like in some parts, they forgot to cut or maybe deliberately leave it, some priests deliberately leave it, saying the Lord doesn’t even want it. (Yes, Master.) He doesn’t want any sacrifice of the lamb or she-sheep or bullocks or anything, because who kills them for sacrifice, their hands are full of innocent blood. (Yes, Master.) What’s the use of all this theater anyway?

Some people ask me, why if any Master came to the world, They should rescue the whole world. They don’t want to be rescued. Every period of our history or present or future, there were only some people who want to be enlightened, who want to be liberated, who want to go Home. The rest are still going round and round in the wheel of recycling. (Yes, Master.) Blindly. Deafly. Unwisely. Dumbly. Most Masters, They just know it. (Yes, Master.) They just don’t want to do anything with the world. They just save whoever wanted to be saved and then He goes back home. (Yes, Master.) There are not many Masters who want to rescue the whole world.

Even one of the Chinese Masters, I forgot, what’s His name, Mo Tzu, Lieh Tzu, maybe Mo Tzu. Somebody asked Him if He would like to rescue the world. Please save the world. He said not even to exchange for one of his hairs He would do it. He wouldn’t want to. It’s not because He has no love or compassion. He just knows it’s useless, wasting time, (Yes, Master.) wasting precious time for nothing. Just like you want to change the Sun into the Moon. The Sun is hot. The Moon is cool. (Yes, Master.) Cannot, it’s the nature like that.

Any other questions? (Yes, Master. Why are there so many volcanos erupting around the world at this time?) How many? (As of December 4th, there are about two dozen major live eruptions globally. So that’s quite a number.) Yeah. (Recently, on December 4th, in Indonesia, Mount Semeru erupted on Java island,) Yeah. (and 30 plus people were killed and there are missing persons.)

Yeah. There will be more coming even. (Wow.) Many are threatening to spew out their anger and their destructive power. Many more, not just that. You know the answer. (Yes, Master.) We have many other things. Even everything already under control, came back. Even some things like bird flu, swine flu, whatever. You know, right? (Right. Yes, Master.) And they just continue killing these bird-people, these chicken-people or duck-people or geese-people, or whatever. But they’re killing themselves, the humans.

This is the time of danger, of survival risk, but they don’t turn around, they don’t listen to wise words of ancient Masters or present Masters. So, it’s just the destructive time. (Right. Yes, Master.) The lenient time is already passed. (Wow.) Even the tip of the tail of it is already passed. (Wow.) So humans will not be pardoned. We work tirelessly with the Heavens, trying to save as many as we can, but finally, they will all have to answer themselves for their own actions and lifestyle. (Yes, Master.)

And the big leaders of the church, of all kinds of religions… Good religions, I don’t mean the satanic so-called religion. The satanic is not a religion. (Yes, Master.) Because you don’t worship the killers, the murderers, the destructors. (Yes, Master.) Satan is that, is a seducer, destructive entity, unmoral, cold, war-like, killer, murderer. (Yes, Master.) And seducer of people, to make people do wrong. So how can you worship such a thing? (Yes, Master.) He has no love, nothing.

So, from all the good religions’ leaders, if they don’t lead their people into true righteousness, then they will also have to go to hell with their followers. (Yes, Master.) Because of collective karma, and because of failing responsibility. Everyone born into this world has been given a responsibility and a duty. If you don’t fulfill your duty, then you are also sinful, and you also owe something, and you have to pay for it, and then recycle again and again. It depends on how big the sin is, or how big the responsibility is. So the religious leaders, they think they’re doing well, there’re good people worshiping them anyway, and nothing happens to them. They don’t know. They don’t know their souls are already chained and burned in hell.

Some people, they burst spontaneously into flames, just because their time is up. And then the flame of hell even manifested on Earth. (Wow. Right.) Because the devils came and got them. See that? (Understand.) So many things in this world are very scary. Really scary to live among humans, you never know what they’ll do to you. There are some humans who are good, of course, the 10%. (Yes, Master.) The other, some of them are not so bad, but many, the big number of humans are very scary. (Yes, Master.) Because they are not well in their spiritual makeup and mental understanding. They’re not clear on anything. They’re easily influenced by the devils and do bad things, harmful things to humans, and/or themselves also. (Right, Master.)

Of course, the volcanoes, they are just one of the signs. It’s all predicted already. In the bad times, the end times, many disasters will come, consuming humans. (Yes, Master.) Not just the pandemic. I have told many months ago, no? (Yes, Master.) Was it last year, February? When I said there are many ticking bombs, not just one, and don’t have to even wait for climate change to destroy our world. Many ticking bombs, at the same time. You see? We have many things at the same time. (Yes, Master.) Volcanoes. Storms. Floods. I mean, unprecedented. Not just normal. (Yes, Master.)

And the humans are the pandemic themselves. They are forever killing, murdering, either their own race or the animal-peoples. (Yes, Master.) Forever. Forever destroying lives, and trees and forests, and oceans, and earth, and air. (Yes, Master.) The humans are the worst pandemic of all. Don’t you see? (Yes, Master.) And even many warnings went unheeded. First, Heaven just put a little pandemic and then let you be cured, and rest, and done. But they don’t stop, don’t take it as a sign of warning, continue. So, it gets worse and worse. You see that? (Yes, Master.)

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