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Between Master and Disciples

One-Year King, Part 2 of 9, Dec. 12, 2021

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But this pope, he is not Catholic, he’s not Christian anyway. One time, I saw he looked like a devil, (Wow!) incarnate. And I was shocked myself. I was shocked. (Wow.) So he wants to destroy the church and Christianity. You can see that very well. (Yes, Master.) Anytime anything rotten happens, he just breaks all the rules, all the precepts, which have been passed down since time immemorial, since Moses’ and Jesus’ time already.

But this pope, he is not Catholic, he’s not Christian anyway. One time, I saw he looked like a devil, (Wow!) incarnate. And I was shocked myself. I was shocked. (Wow.) So he wants to destroy the church and Christianity. You can see that very well. (Yes, Master.) Anytime anything rotten happens, he just breaks all the rules, all the precepts, which have been passed down since time immemorial, since Moses’ and Jesus’ time already. (Yes, Master.)

So, extramarital relationship is OK, and raping children is OK too. You saw all that? And then killing babies in the womb or outside the womb is OK too. You see that? (Yes, Master.) Is there any religion resembled at all? (No, Master.) (Not at all.) (Totally not.) None of the religions ever advocates all this, except him. (Yes.) So, don’t have to believe me. See what he does, what he says, what he thinks, because what he thinks comes out. (Yes, Master.) Then you can know he’s a devil incarnate. He’s an Antichrist. (Yes.)

"Speech by Pope Francis – New York City, United States – Sept. 24,2015:We need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ. And his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure. The failure of the cross."

"Interview by EI Espectador – Sept. 3, 2017 Jose Galat:This is an illegitimate pope. Illegitimate because he was appointed not by the Holy Spirit, but by 'a mafia of cardinals.' 'Mafia of cardinals'? That expression I don’t use. It was used precisely by the head of the conspiracy, Cardinal Danneels, the European cardinal, head of the conspiracy, who spoke of 'a mafia of cardinals,' while dying of laughter. With self-confidence and shamelessly, he confessed that with political maneuvers prohibited by the church under penalty of ex-communion, those cardinals elected Francis. So, the origin of Francis is an illegitimate origin."

"Francis: And a little wine will loosen the tongue, and you can tell me the truth."

- Prophecy by Archbishop George Browne, Ireland - 1551

“But there is a new fraternity of late sprung up who call themselves Jesuits, which will deceive many, who are much after the Scribes and Pharisees’ manner. Among the Jews they shall strive to abolish the truth, and shall come very near to do it. These shall spread over the whole world, shall be admitted into the counsels of Princes, [...] winking at their sins"

Prophecies about the Catholic Church

“Rome will lose the faith and will become the seat of Antichrist.” - Message from Our Lady of La Salette (Blessed Virgin Mary) (vegetarian), received on September 19, 1846

“The agents of 666 now are loosed in Rome and have entered into the highest places of the hierarchy. It will be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, till all that remains will come forward out of the cleansing.” - Message from Lord Jesus Christ (vegetarian), received on July 25, 1977

“Clergy in My houses, where are your straying sheep? Can you not reprimand the evil doer? Shall you consort with Satan, allowing all manner of foul conduct and abominations in My House? Cleanse your House now, pastor, for you are being judged. The Eternal Father looks into your heart; your time grows short. All that is rotten will fall…” - Message from Lord Jesus Christ (vegetarian), received on November 1, 1975

He is here to destroy Christianity, and then to make people lose faith in Jesus, in God, and many of the good, virtuous and morally high priests. As you can see, many priests are really celibate, really morally upright. And even vegan. (Yes, Master.)

"Interview by Million Dollar Vegan 2019 Pastor: I was a carnist like most folks. After a third stroke, I was given six months to live. And I went vegan the next day. Twenty-six days later, the paralysis of my left side was gone, my vision came back, the slurring and drooling ended. Then, I went on a mission to help people convert to veganism. My target audience is the 2.2 billion Christians that follow the Vatican. Organized religion surely knows that with animal flesh in your body, you block the connection to God. They know the Holy Spirit will not come into your soul when there’s a dead body in it. And because of that, they stay relevant. I had done great works, and I had never gotten a connection to the Lord. I studied scripture, I did all the right things as far as a Catholic Christian would be considered. But, the Holy Spirit never communicated with me until I had several years without flesh in my body. I tell people, you don’t need to come to church. If the church told you, stop eating flesh, and everybody got their connection that I have to God – stop eating meat, live a proper life, and God will find you. At 50 years old, if you use the math, I’m responsible for 5,000 deaths. How is it that I can face God one day? No apology can get there. So, I decided to give everything to the church, live on minimal things, just food. Because I need 5,000 lifetimes to make up for the 5,000 animals that died for me to eat them. I can’t create life. So, the best I can do is to give my life in the service of God."

So I hope people don’t lose faith in God and in Christ because of this devil incarnate. (Yes, Master.) God! But you have to blame humanity also. You can’t just blame the devil. (Yes, Master.) If the humans are righteous and morally upright, and good and fine, then no devils would be allowed to jump onto our world and cause trouble. (Yes, Master.)

So the fact that there is a devil sitting on the top of so-called Christianity, you can tell that our world is really at the worst scenario of morals and survival. (Yes, Master.) Oh, man. If you don’t have morality, you can’t survive. So you can tell that the end is almost there. (Yes, Master.)

I wish somebody would do something, or kick him out of that “Hurrican.” (hurricane+Vatican.) It’s not a Vatican. It’s a Vati-gang. (Yes, Master.) They’re ganging on everyone. On the good, and the oppressed, and the victims, and the meek, and the weak. (Yes, Master.)

Yeah, tolerate all these – so-called tolerance and forgiveness, but gay marriage is not OK! You see that? (Yes, Master.) What have they done? They just want to marry each other and live together. (Yes, Master.) To share their happiness with everyone else. (Yes.) Even if they have sin, they confessed it to the world. And they wanted to be just accepted, and they live together. That’s all they do. They don’t kill anybody; they don’t steal anything. (Yes, Master.) They don’t profane against the teachings of Jesus like Francis. I don’t call him pope anymore. Like Francis and his hench pedo-priests. (Yes, Master.)

But you should not be surprised. There are news saying that even gay escorts go into his residence. (Yes.) They discovered it. And also in his Instagram, he’s supposedly watching raunchy girls, with very little clothes on, these poor girls. (Yes, Master.) And even ticked on it, said, “Like.” Put a “Like” on it. (Oh, wow.) Some people argue that maybe it’s not him, maybe somebody else managed his Instagram account. (Yes, Master.) But the leaf doesn’t fall too far from the tree. (Yes, Master.)

And if he allows such things, or if the people who work for him are doing such things, supposed to be a holy Vatican inside, then he is also not anything better. (Yes, Master.) Even if somebody managed the Instagram account for him. (That’s true. Yes, Master.) I forgot what, Instagram or others on the internet. But it was there on several news. I watched it a long time ago, but I didn’t care about gossip too much. So I didn’t want to tell you. Just today, by the way. (Yes, Master.) If a so-called pope is behaving like that with escorts inside his private place, private residence, and if his internet account is for all the raunchy girls and all that…

So the girl was even happy, she said, “Oh, the pope likes me. That means I’m going to Heaven.” Oh, my God. Poor thing. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) How bad an influence can that be. (Yes.) People can be so blind, and they’re so desperate for blessing from God, for something to hold on to, that they believe anything, such a so-called pope like that. Uglier than sin. So I wish I don’t ever have to hear his name or his evil antics again. (Yes, Master.)

All the principles that I have passed down to you are from ancient times. It’s supposed to protect us. At least, protect us as a human, a decent human. (Yes, Master.) It’s not a dictatorship or anything. Of course, maybe some people fall. Sometimes they fall in marriage. It’s to pity and be forgiven but not as a rule. (Yes, Master.)

You can forgive somebody if he repents and he won’t do it again. Truly repents and quits doing evil things. Or bad deeds. Then you can repent. But many things cannot be repented and erased. Like abortion, for example. Or if you hurt or kill your parents, or hurt the Buddha. Or things that divide the monkhood, (Yes.) the monks’ assembly. These things cannot be repented. The same with hurting the children. It says, also, seduce the young people. In the old times, they use more elegant words, but it’s meaning raping children. (Yes, Master.) These are also not forgivable.

And they don’t even repent. They just go up a higher ladder, and then finding more skillful means to rape the children. Once they have done it, they will not stop. (Yes, Master.) It’s so easy. They’re just getting more skillful. And not easy to catch, that’s all. It’s like a habit already, or like an inborn evil tendency. Do you understand? (Yes, Master.) So, it’s not forgivable. These pedo-priests. (Yes, Master.)

And maybe the pope forgives them all, or promotes them all, because maybe they’re in it together. (Yes.) So that they won’t tell, who knows. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, what for the escorts go in and out, from his private residence, for what? (Yes.) And what for the Instagram account, watching raunchy girls, saucy girls, (Yes, Master.) with little on. (Yes, Master.) And even say, “Like.” (Yes.) You know, in Instagram, they put the “Like.” (Yes, Master.) So they can count how many people like that program, (Yes, Master.) and boast about it. He even ticked, “Like.” After that, maybe he will be quietly watching. (Yes.) Or may be watching porn also. Who knows whatever they’re doing in the Vati-gang there, (Yes, Master.) Vati-gang. And with the pedo-priest, what else they do. This is a system of evil. They are abusing the Holy name of Jesus. (Yes.) To cash in, and to build big temples to boast around and to be revered by people, just for name and gain. (Yes.) This should not be counted as religion. This is not a religious act and way of life. (No. No, Master.)

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