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Buddhist Stories: Seven Pitchers of Gold, Part 1 of 3, Aug. 12, 2015

Lecture Language:FN,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Because you're sincere and you try your best to meditate. The more you meditate, the more you understand many things that I told you or not told you. And the more things will go better your way. Seek you first the Kingdom of God. That's why.

(Master, today I get to see You. Many of our mainland Chinese initiates cry whenever they see or think of You. So I thought, "How come you folks always cry when you think of Master?" Later, I started to cry whenever I thought of Master, too. Tears fell from my eyes incessantly. So I began to practice reciting poems at home whenever I had free time. I told myself I would recite to Master when I see Her. In mainland China, we view singing songs as romantic.) Singing? (Yes. But I can't sing. I just love Master's song, "Joy Am I" very much. I really love this song that Master sang. All the initiates of mainland China love this song.) I've sung many songs. (Yes, that's right. But I can't sing well; my voice is not good. However, I can recite poems that praise Master. This year, on Supreme Master Ching Hai Day at the Hsihu Ashram, I recited this poem praising Master. I vowed that when I saw You in person I would recite this poem. Is it all right, Master? I'll recite it then. This is such a lucky opportunity for me.)

Oh, you can't sing? (I can't sing. But I love Master's song, "Joy Am I." All of the Chinese initiates love it.) Do you want me to sing it or do you want to sing it? (Oh, I want to recite a poem for You.) Oh, OK. (A poem.) OK, OK.

(Most revered Master, You are my freedom, My most beloved You break the chain of endless reincarnations for us, So we no longer suffer and we no longer wander here You've changed the world into the Garden of Eden You've advanced us into the Golden Age. Thank You, Master!) Thank you, thank you. Very beautiful.

(Could You teach us the song, "Joy Am I"? Thank You.) You want me to sing your song now? (No, no.) No? (We would like to hear the song, "Joy Am I" sung by You. We all love it. I heard it on our sound systems.) Oh, I understand now, just as long as you like it. (Yes, yes.) Thank you. That song is beautiful. (Yes.) You are so sincere. (Yes. Our eyes are full of tears whenever we listen to Your song.) Let me give him one vegan cracker. This is for you, as a token of appreciation. It's nothing much, just a token. Thank you. Anyone else? Yeah. Tell me.

(Can I share a few experiences I have? Because it's related to what You've been talking about, the sutras. Since I got initiation, it's quite amazing how, when I started meditating, it was difficult for me. But I believe in Your teachings. And every single time I had a question, I asked You in my meditation. And then You came into my meditation and told me what to do. And then, because it was difficult for me to meditate, and to wake up. I remember my son, he was just two years old at the time. And at five o'clock in the morning, he would wake me up. And he'd say, "Meditate." And then he'd go to sleep.) Oh. (And then, after a while I got used to it. And then I realized even in my mind I believe in Your teaching. But my mind was complaining, "Oh, this is too tough, it’s difficult to meditate, tiring," at the time. And then I carried on pushing myself to meditate more. But my mind complained it was difficult, but because I believe in You and in Your teaching, and everything You teach, I used to have this argument with my mind. Because what Master is saying is right and everything She's teaching is good. And then my mind has a different opinion.) Understand.

(And then, I didn't listen to my mind. And I forced myself to meditate more.) Yes. (And then the more I meditated and then I started two hours, two and a half hours and slowly, I increased it every week by five minutes, and slowly one minute, little by little.) Good boy. Good boy. (And then things were getting better and better. Things were arranged in a way. Anytime I asked a question, if I didn't get it in my meditation, I asked You for the answer and then You answered me through the TV,) Anything, yes. (when I turn on the radio, or someone on the street. Like You say about the Buddha.) Yes. (He came and he told me, but straightaway.) Yes. (Like for example, I was doing too much (inner Heavenly) Sound.) OK. (I was doing three hours (inner Heavenly) Sound at that time.) That's good! (And then I was thinking, "Is this the right thing to do?" And then I was in the Center talking with a practitioner, and then suddenly another brother came, and in the middle of that conversation he said to me, "What you are doing is the right thing to do.") Yeah.

(Things like that. And then I was living in the UK and I moved to New Zealand. And then I realized at that point, "I need to meditate more.") Yes. (But, I had to go there, and I had to work full time. And I didn't want that anymore. I wanted to work part time, and have more time for my meditation.) Yeah. (And then I couldn't sleep, because it was all in my head all the time. I didn't know what was going to happen because I was going to carry on meditating more, even if I had to give up everything. And then a miracle happened. Because I moved there, I needed money to buy a house and not have a mortgage, and then I can work part time.) Yes. (And then I went to see my accountant. And he said to me, "If you come, you can bring your pension from the UK to New Zealand." This miracle was happening to me after I increased my meditation. And then because I was thinking that way, I want to meditate more, because that's what I wanted and I chose to do that. And then this miracle was happening to me to help me to achieve that. And then when the accountant said to me, "Oh, you can bring your pension from the UK to New Zealand. And then, if you buy a house you can use it." And then I thought, OK I worked there only four years. Maybe I have 20,000 dollars something like that. And my wife as well, a few years. And then he said to me, it would take a year or two for the pension to come in. And then after a month he called me and he said, "Oh, this is a miracle!" he said, "The money's already here.") Oh. (He said, "I didn't know how it happened." And then he said, "But it's a lot of money." And I said, "But I didn't put much money into the pension." And then he said, "What you put in there, it's multiplied many times." And on the way to New Zealand, It multiplied again another three times. Then I had enough money to have this house and don't have a mortgage. And I can work part time and I can meditate more.) Congratulations!

(That's one. I would like to share another one.) Is your wife here? (My wife, she's...) Is she happy, too? (He's the best, Master. You're the best. Thank You so much.) Are you happy about the event, the miracle? (Yes.) (Always. We have miracles every day, Master.) OK, then it's good. Because you're sincere and you try your best to meditate. The more you meditate, the more you understand many things that I told you or not told you. And the more things will go better your way. Seek you first the Kingdom of God. That's why.

(And there's another one. Because … I got initiation, and this is related with my wife, I got initiation after four years, I was putting Your teachings (in front of her) all the time. But she couldn't see it. And then in the meditation, I asked You, "Master, what's the problem? I talk a lot about You, and about God and how meditation is good for you." And then You said to me, "The karma doesn't allow her to see. There's like a wall around her." And at that time I realized, "OK, it's not her fault. It's the (bad) karma." And then I asked You, "How can I solve the problem? How can I help her to follow You?" And then I meditated that night and nothing happened. A few nights, nothing happened. And then I was looking at the TV, and then I put in one of Your DVDs on. And then when I put the DVD in and I pressed, the first thing You just came out and You said to me "Three hours (inner Heavenly) Sound." That was the first thing. To do three hours (inner Heavenly) Sound. And then I got the message.) Yeah, understand. (After a few days of asking, I always carried on asking every day until I got the answer.) Yeah. (And then I said, "God, this is very difficult, how am I going to do three hours?" I did it the first day. And I went to sleep at ten o'clock. And then at two o'clock in the morning, You just woke me up and said to meditate. Then I wasn't sleepy or anything, really full of energy. And I said OK from two o'clock until seven o'clock, I can do the meditation. I did the first three hours (inner Heavenly) Sound. I did the (inner Heavenly) Light a little bit and then three hours Sound. Then, I did four-and-a-half hours Light during this time.)

(The first day I did it, when I finished it was terrible. My mind was complaining, "Oh, this is too difficult. This is too much.") Poor thing. (And then I had a big fight with my mind and with my body, because both of them were fighting really hard. But I said, "Oh no, I have to do it, because it's good for my wife.") You're good. ("I want to help her.") You're good. My, he loves you so much. (And then after a month doing this, forcing myself to do it, she came to the room and she said,) "Darling …" What? (And then she said, "I want to follow Master. I want to do Convenient Method.") Oh, wow! Such a good husband. (And then six months later, she got initiation. And then two months later, she became the contact person. And then a month later, she started working for Supreme Master Television. And from then we did a lot of work in New Zealand and helped with this and that.)

Wonderful, wonderful. Wonderful! But he's a good man, a good practitioner. One month meditation, three hours every day. I mean the (inner Heavenly) Sound, even numbness and everything. I really respect you. (Thank You, Master. We love You so much.) Thank you so much. It's not easy to do that. One month long, every day. Yeah, but what we wouldn't do for Heaven and to help the loved ones. So if you complain about your wife or your husband, then do the same. He's telling that for all of you, OK? But it's difficult, I know that. Difficult, but he made it. Look at that. That's a good example. But thank you for being a good husband as well. My God! If anyone would do that for me, I'd marry him. For me, for me. Very good.

(I would like to share the last experience because this is amazing.) This one is emotional or something? (Sorry?) Emotional or because... Is it too difficult? (No, no. Because they are very strong miracles. I mean, really powerful. I mean, these are only two. But there happened so many to me.) Understand. (I can read many of them.) Yeah, wife said (miracles) every day. (This one was about Your "Loving the Silent Tears" musical. I was talking to my wife and said, "This is a good thing. Maybe we should put it on the radio." Then we contacted Supreme Master Television and we said we wanted to put this on the radio, on Radio New Zealand, because at that time we were doing Wellington's radio every weekend,) Oh. (already for three or four years. And we knew things were getting better, and Your energy was expanding everywhere. And I noticed the weather was getting better, less wind. Everything was getting better.) In your city? (Yes, in the city, in Wellington in New Zealand. And I said, "OK, but just ask Supreme Master Television to see if they want us to put Your ‘Loving the Silent Tears' on the radio." And they agreed. They said, "Oh, yes, that would be good." Then, we did it for 18 weeks. And one week, another 18 weeks, and after the 18 weeks finished, then OK. And the thing is, what happened in between, there was like a lot of pushing from Supreme Master Television for us to put it on. We were talking, my wife and I, and I said, "Oh, maybe Master wants to bless Wellington for some reason. We don't know why. There must be a reason for it." And then we did it for 18 weeks. Two weeks later there was an earthquake, 6.9.) God!

(I was working in the hospital and the hospital was shaking, everywhere for four or five seconds. And two years before it happened in Christchurch.) Yeah, a lot of people. (Then I thought, "Oh God, if the hospital is like this!") Again. (Because the hospital where I was working was made for earthquakes and it was really shaking. When I went out, nothing had happened. 6.9 and nothing happened.) My God. 7 points, almost. (6.9, yeah.) And in Christchurch it wasn't that strong? (No, and in Christchurch, it was 6.2 I think, or 5.9.) Yeah. And then so much damage. And here 6.9, nothing happened? (I know it's because of Your blessing from the "Loving the Silent Tears.") Any, any. Not just … Good.

(And in Christchurch, when it happened as well, we did Your flyers, the little flyers we'd been putting into doors.) 6.9! Oh God! How did you know it was 6.9? (Yes, they said...) They said so? (Yes, they said so.) And then just a few seconds and gone. (And then when the Christchurch earthquake happened, a brother who works now at Supreme Master Television, he went to visit his family. And then while he was there, he went with Your flyers and he put into all the doors, in his neighborhood.) Yes. (When the earthquake happened in Christchurch, his neighborhood wasn't destroyed.) Even though he's in Christchurch? (Yes.) He should have worked faster, and put it all over Christchurch. (We did nearly the whole country, but we couldn't do Christchurch.) Understand. (Because there were enough initiates there, but they were busy. But we did most of the country.) More manpower. (And they used to say, "Oh, if an earthquake happened, it would happen everywhere except in Christchurch.") Yeah. (But in Christchurch there were a lot of slaughterhouses, and a lot of farming and the energy wasn't...) Animal stuff. (We couldn't do it. But the...) (Bad) karma stopped you. (And the power of Your blessing flyers just protected the area where the flyers were put on.) Could have been worse, of course. I'm sorry we remember this, sorrowful event. We did send people to help, though. I did send. (Yes, we did relief there... Thank You very much, Master, for everything and for Your love.) You're welcome. But I'm sorry.

(Master, on behalf of our mainland China initiates, I have another poem to recite for You: "I Love You, Tim Qo Tu." I love You, Tim Qo Tu You're the Supreme Lord of the universe Your (inner Heavenly) Light shines upon the whole universe You spread the Heavenly nectar all over the Kory Kingdom We will forever follow Your footsteps, Enter the Original Universe all together. Thank You.) Did you write it yourself? (Yes.) Wow, so beautiful! Thank you! (I think of You every day, so I wrote this one.) Thank you so much.

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