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Between Master and Disciples

Tim Qo Tu's Love Will Win, Part 1 of 9, June 10, 2020

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I was asking Heaven, “Is there anything else I could do or maybe I haven’t done enough so the world is like that?” So They say, “It’s not Your fault that the world’s not following peaceful and noble style. The zealous demons are the culprit behind all troubles. There are still some of them.” I said here, “That’s why I ordered them gone. So, I have done my best.”

(Hallo, Master!) How are you all, the princesses, doing? (We are very good, Master.) Yeah. (How are You, Master?) I’m OK. Surviving. (Oh.) Meditating. Reading some stories in case we can get out sometimes. I can read it to you guys, (Oh! That would be wonderful.) and other people. And working. A lot of work to do. Imagine I’m in retreat and they make me work for Supreme Master Television. (Oh.) Writing, checking shows and stuff. (It’s a lot of work.) The last time when I didn’t take care, when I’m in retreat, it wasn’t all that good. Remember? (Yes, Master. We need Master for the channel to go on and well.) I don’t know. Yeah, I guess it helps. Many hands make light work. (Yes, Master. Would Master have any insights to share with us from Your intensive retreat?) Yeah, there are quite a few, it’s just that I cannot always share. I’ll look, see what else. OK? (Thank You, Master.) The karma of the world is not always pleasant. When I look in my bathroom mirror, I look good. Here, I don’t look good. (Master always looks great.) Thank you.

I was kind of sad, and I was asking Heaven, “Is there anything else I could do or maybe I haven’t done enough so the world is like that?” So They say, “It’s not Your fault that the world’s not following peaceful and noble style. The zealous demons are the culprit behind all troubles. There are still some of them.” I said here, “That’s why I ordered them gone. So, I have done my best.” (Yes, Master.) And thanking Them. And They told me, “Don’t let any people or workers near You.” Near me. (Wow. Oh.) Meaning, you guys or any of you. I said, “How near can they be?” They said, “At least nine meters away.” (Wow.) Sounds like they are allergic. There are many other things, I cannot say. I have a little bit more independence recently, because I have learned how to take care of the computer doing the Supreme Master TV work. (Yay!) Yes, So, I feel a little bit better, more independent. Because to be dependent is the worst thing you can have in your life. (Yes, Master.) I ordered a lot of these demons gone but some are still around. Even though not much percentage, but still a lot. And they still try a lot to bug me very much. The other day, on Saturday 6 June, I ordered Ihôs Kư Protectors, and plus other Godses as well, whoever can help, I ordered them to drag all the harmful spirits to hell. (Wow.) Or to the Fourth Level if they are truly repentant. If the Lord of the Fourth Level OK, then they can go up there, meanwhile. Or stay there forever, I don’t mind.

I have some good news but I cannot share with you at the moment because I worry if I tell you, it will be delayed or derailed. The other day, the Protector asked me, “Zealous demons plead for leniency, will not You forgive?” I said, “OK. Last time of leniency. Three more days only. For what they have done to all beings, they should be destroyed.” (Wow.) But now if Lord of the Fourth Level, benevolently accepts them, then they can either stay there or go to the New (Spiritual) Realm after. (Wow.) If they are truly repentant. (Yes, Master.) And I asked the Ihôs Kư Godses, “You’ve got all of them?” And They said, “No, still some hiding in humans and animals.” In the gap of humans and animals. So I said, “OK, deal with those at hand first, as instructed. Get them out of my sight.” For example like that. So, 10,000 zealous spirits and bad ghosts and demons are still on Earth. That was on the 5th of June. And then one day, I was so tired of all the so-called punishment. I said, “Do I really deserve this?” I mean, it’s not like I’m dying or wounded or anything, but still it’s a lot of mental molestation. Torment. So the OU (Original Universe) Protector told me, “No one deserves to be treated as badly as You are.” (Yes.) So I said, “Yeah, I know. Thanks for telling something that I knew. But thanks for Your sympathy,” I said. “Do something. Get rid of all the devils then. Doesn’t matter, as long as it helps, I can suffer. It doesn’t matter.” I said, “I don’t mind.” I mean, I do mind but I accept. (Thank You, Master.) So the other day, on the 6th of June, They said there are still more or less 10 – it could mean 11 or 12 thousand – understand? (Yes, Master.) − zealous spirits still hanging on. They said to me, “We will get them.” (Wow.) “It’s not Your disciples truly make You trouble. It is the zealous demons who push them.” I said, “I know. I know all that.” I know, that’s why I forgave them all. Oh, there’s some good news, but we cannot talk right now. I will show it to you when it comes. I’ll show it to you in my writing here. OK? (OK, Master! Yes! Thank You.) I said to all the zealous spirits, “In three days…” That was on the 6th of June, the deadline’s gone. No more leniency. If they have not repented by then and come out and got deliverance to the Fourth Level, then they would not be having any more chance. I said, “For what you have done to all beings, you should have been destroyed. So that is the chance that you get. No more chances.” All right, what else there? These are just recent things. (Yes, Master.)

Some of my birds tell me things about something in the future and the past life. (Wow.) I am “busy every day,” I said. “June 4. Busy every day, complain sometimes of too little time to relax, to really relax. (Oh. Yes, Master.) And some inside job has not been done well, have not enough time to finish, to catch up. So I will have to catch up to do more meditation intensely at night.” The daytime, have to do many works. Daytime, also do meditation, not just work. But sometimes have no time in daytime, so night-time, have to catch up. (Understand.) Sometimes, so tired, I was wondering whether I should eat or should go to sleep. (Oh.) I have to make a choice between sleeping or eating. So I just go sleep. Sometimes I’m too tired.

And then I was writing here about De, the bird that came to my rescue, killed the snake, ate some part of it, so the negative can’t make it into a zombie. I told you already. (Yes, Master.) “We can show now his clip. He permitted it, because no harm comes to him now. People see lots of this type of bird, he said.” Before, he was kind of handicapped, when he was younger, when he saw me. He worried people will catch him, so he told me not to show him on photo or TV or anywhere. But now, he said OK. Also, I said, “If you kill the snake like that, is there any karma for you, so bad?” He said, “No. No.” (Wow.) “No. It’s my job to protect. He’s a bad one, so…” I said, “You protect me like that, also will you have any karma?” He said, “But You protected me before.” (Wow.) And OU (Original Universe) Protector also told me that, “You protected him. So it’s OK.” You know like, I protected him before. (Yes, Master.) One time, I had to pick him up because some dogs were running out and tried to scare him, so I had to shoo the dogs away and pick him up. I picked him up several times, just to save him from something, some entanglement in some bushes and also from the dogs and from other big birds. And I gave him initiation. (Oh, wow!) As per request. (Wow!) I never thought to give initiation to birds, especially wild birds, but I did give it to him. (Wow.) And I also asked him, “Any harm to other birds which are the same type as you? Because if we show you on Supreme Master TV, any harm to other same type of birds or not?” He said, “No, zero.” Oh, no, not him, it’s the OU (Original Universe) Protector told me that. So, that’s why I was sure to tell you guys can show him on Supreme Master TV. So I said, “Thanks a lot, Protectors.” “I was worried…” I’m reading here. OK? (Yes, Master.) “I was worried it might affect him or his type of bird. I asked him if he has a partner already. Is he lonely still? He said no, he doesn’t have any partner.” I don’t know if you’re interested in this kind of stuff. It’s nothing spiritual. Is it OK? You want? (Yes, Master!) It’s just my conversation with him. I just worry about him, if he’s OK, if he has a partner like everyone else. He said no. I quote in quotation marks, “Will be single all my life,” he said. (Wow.) “He reincarnated this time as a bird to protect me. That’s his sole purpose, for love.” So I said, “Thanks, De. Bless you.” (Oh, wow.) (Beautiful.)

I don’t know what to read you; there are so many. I have to think. I didn’t know you would ask this. I didn’t know, so I didn’t prepare much. I just read as it comes. (Yes, Master.) “Saturday, June 3rd. Tell the males to meditate also in the ex empty office, to separate well and have space and comfortable.” Oh, that’s what I remind myself to tell your brothers to do.

I wondered if I can tell this to the world, the things that I’m writing below here. I wrote it to myself. “If I tell this to the world, OK?” So now I have to ask. Because I didn’t think I would tell. At that time I just asked OK or not, but I didn’t get the answer. I have to ask now. Be patient. (Thank You, Master.) Some of the zealous spirits sent me an SMS, said, “It depends on You, that You have vegan or not. You have to do this, do that, for us.” I said, “Oh, get lost.” (Yeah!) “Get lost. Whom are you talking to?” (Yes, exactly. What did they demand, Master?) Oh, nonsense. For world peace sake, I cannot love my dogs. (Oh!) I cannot for world vegan, as well. Blah, blah.  (Master, is that why You would lose 14% of spiritual power and saving power for humans if You saw Your dogs?) Yes. It’s true also but it’s not because of the dogs. (Then why Master?) It’s the people who have to bring the dogs to me. (Oh!) It’s the people who have to come and go to take the dogs out, and take them to feed, and all that. (Oh, I see.) And not all people are high level or matching to my energy, especially in my time of retreat. (Yes, Master.) It’s a sensitive time. (Yes, Master.) Retreat, you should not see anybody, you should not watch TV, you should not see anything that you like, and all that. You should leave the whole world behind. I should not also really work for Supreme Master Television, either. I wish I don’t have to, because sometimes I don’t come back to the body quick enough. (Yes, Master.) And sometimes I hold something and it just drops out of my hand for no reason, as if I did not hold it. My telephone keeps dropping all the time, you know, the hand phone? (Yes, Master.) I say, “Sorry, phone, I didn’t do it on purpose.” I worry the phone will break, but the phone was so tough, you know these iPhones? (Yes.) I have learned to use some part of it for Supreme Master TV. For everybody, not for me. I’m not interested in anything.  

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