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Women Have to Be Protected and Respected, Part 6 of 8, Aug. 19, 2021

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They just did it because of their idealism, because of their protective nature. (Yes.) And because the world looked up to them as the police. (Yes.) Police of the world. So they just did their job.

So, it’s not the Americans’ fault or it’s not that they love war. No! They also don’t want to spend like billions, billions in a strange country and then risking their sons’ and daughters’ lives. (Of course not.) It’s not fun. They just did it because of their idealism, because of their protective nature. (Yes.) And because the world looked up to them as the police. (Yes.) Police of the world. So they just did their job. (Exactly.) That’s it.

But the Taliban was the cause, was the excuse for them to do that. Otherwise, you don’t see them going to another Muslim country, (No.) even in Iran. (Yes.) Even though Iran and America did not get on well, and did not talk well at the moment because of the so-called atomic development problem. Or North Korea, even the atomic bomb and all that. This is even more urgent and more serious. But they didn’t go there to make war. (Yes. True.)

Because the Iranian government still treats their citizens with, I mean, not borderline brutality. (Understand.) Still lets them have some freedom. (Yes.) The Iranian girls, I saw them also wear some normal Western clothes, some of them, or jeans. And they also go to college, universities and all that. (Yes.) There’s some form of freedom. Some portion. (Right.) The Iranian government did not forbid the girls to go to school, did not force people to wear burqa. (Yes. Understand.) So even then, America and Iran are not on good terms since a long time because Americans and the world worry that Iran makes nuclear bombs. (I see.) So they have to check on them, but then they did not go there to make war with them, just because they are Muslim. (Yes, Master.) Many other Muslim countries now make peace with each other and even with Israel. (Yes. Right.) So America was just negotiating peace ‒ peacefully, gently. (Yes, yes.) But the Taliban was too much, too brutal, that the international community cannot just ignore the pain and the suffering of the women there. That’s why.

So, I don’t know. If after 20 years, they did not change, I don’t know what can change them. OK? (Right.) Let’s see what the karma brings. Let’s see what God decides. I can only say a few words, however unpleasant, just hoping to wake them up. Hoping that they will be less violent, they will be more gentle on the women, and the so-called ex-enemies. (Yes.) That’s what I’m hoping for. That’s why I risk myself to talk like that. Because maybe sweet words don’t work. Everybody kowtows to them and nobody dares say anything. So maybe my talk might wake them up (Yes.) because it’s brutally truthful.

I did not mince my words. I hope to wake them up that way. Sometimes people need to be shocked out of their stupor. (Yes, it’s true.) Hopefully, that’s all. But anything else, I don’t know. I cannot guarantee anything. (Yes, Master.) What can I do? I’m an old woman. Mostly, I normally should be just a spiritual Teacher, and now I have to do many other things. I’m busy already with my work, with Supreme Master Television, with my business.

(Thank You for speaking up, nevertheless.) I have to. (Yes.) I have to. I have to fend for the women. Whatever I can. At least I cannot just ignore it. I cannot just like keep quiet, for my safety or for whatever precaution. (Right. Understand.)

I don’t live for my safety. I live for others. I cannot just ignore the plight of the women there when it comes to such an extreme like that. (Yes.) Because I feel the suffering, their suffering, as if it’s my own. Like suppose it’s me. (Yes.) That’s why. I cannot bear it. Suppose you are in Afghanistan and you are Afghan, and I know you. How would I just stand by? (Right, understand.) I don’t know them, but I feel like they are me. They’re my friends or relatives or whatever. (Yes.) Because they’re just like you. They are women. They’re innocent, they’re helpless. (Yes, Master.) And no arms. They don’t have anything to defend for themselves and they trod upon them like dirt. Like worse than criminals. The women, they are not criminals, they did nothing wrong. Never. (No, they’re innocent.) So they cannot be treated that way. It’s beyond inhumane, it’s beyond evil. I don’t regret saying anything I have said. (Yes, Master.)

So, as I said, President Trump signed the peace deal because he really wanted peace; he doesn’t want any more bystanders’ innocent deaths, for the Afghans as well as for the Americans. (Yes.) But that doesn’t mean he is scared of them. He was just a nice president. Or maybe bordering naïve, believing that everyone else also plays straight and fair as he does. (Yes.) So, he believed in the Taliban’s promises. That’s why he signed the peace accord.

And now, even though Biden looks weak… All the governments, or the armies of the international community are leaving, and it seems like they’re very humble. But just because they wanted peace. (Right.) They want to avoid bloodshed. That’s why they humbled themselves. But that is not a sign of weakness. (Yes.) Even though they look weak. Maybe Biden is weak or looks weak, but the Americans are not weak. (Yes.) They still have their commanders, they still have the generals and the big, whole, powerful top-of-the-world army. (Right.) So they might even bypass Biden to defend the innocent, helpless Afghans, like the women and the children.

So, no one should mess with the Americans. (Yes.) No one should look down upon the Americans. No one should feel like they have victory over the Americans, even though it might seem so. (Right.) Though they might seem humble now for peace’s sake, but not forever. If pushed too long and too hard, they might just pay back. (Right.) And this time, they will not leave any stone unturned. So, anyone who feels like they have victory over the Americans, they should think twice. (Yes.) That’s what I want to say, because no one should mess with the Americans. (Wow. Yes.)

If they ever retreat or sign a peace accord, it’s because they don’t want any more bloodshed, for both sides. (Yes.) For peace’s sake, for humanity’s sake. That’s all. (Right.) Not because they’re weak. They have all the latest and most modern equipment for war. (Yes, Master.) So why should they be afraid of anybody? (Right.) The people who should be afraid are the Taliban. Because the Americans, they are not afraid of anything! That’s why they went from one country to another, wherever is in need of their powerful protection. (Right.) They don’t mind sacrificing their finance or their most youthful, beautiful and powerful men and women to protect others, no matter how far that country is, no matter if that country has anything to do with them or can offer them anything, in finance or fame or gain, nothing. They are very unconditional. (Yes.)

They’re not afraid of anybody, if they show humility, that is because they are great, (Yes.) because they know they can crush anyone, it’s just they do things with caution, and with humanity at heart. (Yes.) So they don’t always consider themselves, or don’t use enough tricks or strategy to win, because they consider lives of others. (Yes, Master.) That seems to be weakness to others, but it’s not like that. They are just born and raised in a very straight kind of heroism. They don’t know tricks, they don’t do things behind the enemy’s back or stuff like that. (Right.)

That’s why sometimes the enemy so-called wins, but because they (the Americans) do things leniently. They didn’t really want to go all the way out. So I think if the Taliban is being arrogant because of the so-called victory, they might have to think again. Because if they push too hard, I don’t know if the Western community… They’re very united. You can see if America goes somewhere, wants to defend one country, then other allies also come with them. (Yes. Yes.) They’re very united, despite their sometimes squabbling a little bit here and there because of different opinions. But they’re united, (Yes.) together behind the Americans.

But I don’t know if the Taliban, if they continue their brutal way, like 20 years ago or like the way they are reporting right now, recently, (Yes.) still carry on this kind of brutal regime policy, then I don’t know if the West will ever forgive them again, (I see.) if the West ever will shake hands again or trust them ever again, (Right.) for any peace talks. And once they’re decided, I think they will go all the way through.

And no matter what the Taliban have, they cannot match against the West. (Yes.) There’s no match. (Yes. It’s true.) Because they won in World War II, they won in other countries, many countries. (Right.) Many times. (Yes.) The Americans alone, or with the allies. They won all the time. (Yes.) They also won the Third Reich, Hitler, (Oh, yes.) Germany before. (Yes.) And the Germans, they are powerful. They were very high-tech at that time, compared to anybody else. (Yes.) The Americans, they went all the way there to Europe to defend justice and to rescue the Jewish people at that time. (Yes, Master.) They’re not afraid of anybody. Win or lose, they might not be sure, but they’re very courageous people, the Americans. (They are. I can see that.) The only time they did not want to win or they seemed to back off, just because maybe pressure. Like Âu Lạc (Vietnam), they were pressured from their own people even.

Because the Americans, they are too straightforward, they don’t know how to do PR (public relations). (Right.) Many countries know how. And PR is very important also, to decide if you have enough support or not. Otherwise, the Americans, they are not afraid of anybody. You know that, right? (Yes. It’s true. They are really brave.) They go all the way to a strange and far country where they don’t speak the language, they don’t eat the same food, and they expose themselves to all the strategic dangers of war, because they don’t do much strategy. (Yes. Incredible how brave they are.)

But that doesn’t mean they are afraid of anybody, the Americans. Better don’t think like that about them, don’t push too hard. You will feel sorry, whoever. All right.

And I just hope that the Taliban backs off, be more moderate, be more humble, be more righteous with their citizens. Otherwise, if the West feels that citizens are oppressed under the Taliban, I don’t think they will just stand by and watch. (Yes. Right.) It’s not their nature. (Yes.) They have this hero in them. That’s their ideal. (Yes, Master.) And that ideal will not die.

And this time, nobody can guarantee that the Taliban will ever be having their name again anywhere. (Yes, Master.) One time, they (the US) forgive or they back off, but not all the time. (No.) They behave humbly because they’re great, they know they can crush anyone anytime. So they don’t need to show off. (Yes. I agree.) So they just behave humbly, that doesn’t mean that they are afraid or they just give up, or are losing the war. They don’t lose. (No.) They just consider humans’ sacrifice on both sides. (Yes, it’s true.) They want peace. After all, peace is all everybody needs. Everybody wants peace. (Right.) But in order to keep peace, we must live according to logic, reason and virtue. Have to protect the citizens. But if somebody continues not to have peace, then the Western people, they will jump in, I think, sooner or later, (Yes.) just to protect peace. Even if they have to go to war to protect peace. That’s what they do, all the time. (Yes.) (That’s true. I agree.)

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