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Between Master and Disciples

Women Have to Be Protected and Respected, Part 2 of 8, Aug. 19, 2021

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So, if we oppress half of the society’s population, meaning women, then we might lose talents, exceptional talents like scientists, astronauts, physicists, teachers, Masters, spiritual guides, presidents or prime ministers, etc. (Right.) We might lose so much, so much talent and workforce by eliminating women in any society.

In the Islamic system, there are flaws also. Like the women have to cover themselves from head to toe. (Oh, yes.) And it’s very difficult to see around like that. Some can stumble and fall. (Yes.) Or will not be able to see if danger is coming. (Right.) Like maybe a corner car coming speedily or men approaching her or some robbery of any kind. (Yes.) It’s difficult to be more prepared (True.) in advance, than if she can see better. And at work, if it’s all covered like that, then the ears sometimes go blum blum blum, cannot hear very well, and cannot work very well. (Yes.)

“Congresswoman(f): It’s an expensive, heavy, cumbersome garment, which covers the entire body, and it includes a mesh panel covering the eyes. The veil is so thick that it’s difficult to breathe. The little mesh opening for the eyes makes it extremely difficult to even cross the road.”

And then covered like that, it’s too hot. In some countries, it’s too hot. (Yes, yes. It’s true.) It’s very uncomfortable and it could also breed some illness. Maybe not very fatal, but still it’s not very comfortable for women.

In the Bible of both Christians and Muslims, it also has this, I think, that God made man, made humans in Hiers own image. (Yes.) In Hiers own image Hes made humans. So the human’s face of a woman and a human’s face of a man should not be hidden. (Right.) Because God has given us birth without any cover. (Yes.) And for the sake of decency in the world, then we cover ourselves. But the face should not have to be covered. (Yes.) That’s what my opinion is. But, it’s OK. It’s not the worst thing. (I see.)

Still, it’s very inconvenient for women to take care of many things, to do work, outside the house or inside the house. (Yes, it’s true.) And also taking care, even taking children to school or doing something like that, it’s very inconvenient. A little inconvenient. Not so easy to work with the clothes like that. But in the Western society, they did the opposite and more exaggerating.

So both sides should like compromise and make the best use of both sides, I think it would be the best. (Yes, exactly.) The woman should keep dignity, that’s for sure. But not cover all over like that. Like you are something ugly, something sinful, you have to hide. (Yes, understand. Yes. Thank You.)

Also, for this system, sometimes, you never know if underneath the burqa is a man or a woman. If a man, if he has bad intentions, he could be hiding something underneath the burqa. Pretending to be a woman and can harm somebody or can harm some of the government persons, in an assassinating scheme and all that. (Yes, Master.)

So, moderate, I think, is the core, (Right.) is the best solution for any country, especially for women.

And even to wear too tight jeans, showing all your curves and all your shape like that, is also similar to baring the skin. (Yes, yes.) Or wearing mini-skirts too short, or wearing shorts, and like that. You know, many children are being harmed because of this kind of dress, also. (It’s true.) Better children from young age should be taught to wear decently. (Yes.) Then we will have less of this kind of tragic events. (I agree. They should protect themselves, and the parents should also take care.) Yes, that’s why I told your editors, if possible, don’t put on any of these skin-baring kind of images, unless you cannot help it because it’s in a public area and some people wear like that. (Yes, Master.)

Of course, your behavior plays also a role in it. You have to keep your dignity and exude this kind of decency. (Yes.) Or purity. Until the day you meet the man that you love, or you deem fit to share your life with and bear the children together. (Yes, Master.) Because you, the parents, must make a good example for the children. (Right.) That’s the main point. (Yes.) Any other questions? Any comment?

(Yes. I was thinking these Islamic countries, they should actually follow Islam, and in Islam, the woman is being protected and seen as something even Divine.) Yeah. In Islam, there are many, many women Saints. (Yes.) During the time of the Prophet Muhammed, Peace Be Upon Him, I saw some documentary film that there was a woman, very great. She was kind of advising the men in many different ways to go and protect the Prophet. And many Muslim Saints were women also. But maybe they don’t even propagate it. (I see.) Not more openly like in Christianity and Buddhism, or other –ism. Like Jainism, or Hinduism, they worship women. (Yes.) And they have women Saints openly declared and revered, (Right.) after they even passed away already.

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we have women Saints also. In China also, we have women Bodhisattvas, Saints, revered even until now. And Quan Yin Bodhisattva is a woman, revered as a woman. (Yes, yes.) I mean She reincarnated in many different forms, but mostly in Asian countries, the Buddhist countries, they revere Her in the form of a woman practitioner, woman Saint. (Right. Right.)

So, if we oppress half of the society’s population, meaning women, then we might lose talents, exceptional talents like scientists, astronauts, physicists, teachers, Masters, spiritual guides, presidents or prime ministers, etc. (Right.) We might lose so much, so much talent and workforce by eliminating women in any society. (Understand.)

Women should be given the opportunity, like men, to develop their potential, (Definitely.) in order to help the world. God knows we need more wise humans to lift our world into a better situation. (Yes, that’s for sure. Women can contribute a lot.) Yes, yes. Many women are presidents in the West. They are very respected. They brought their country to prosperity and dignity. (Yes.) We have a list of women leaders on our Supreme Master TV.

Also, don’t forget that women are the mothers of all the Prophets, all the Masters that have ever graced our planet, and the mothers of all presidents, prime ministers, great leaders, virtuous statesmen of all time, up to now and also in the future. So, we have to respect women. Women have to be protected and respected. And their dignity must be protected, must be respected, so that our world can function. Without women, we don’t have the world that we have now, we don’t have humanity. (Yes, Master.)

The thing is, there’s another side effect of women oppression or forbidding, is that I think the men, in that situation or in that country, are afraid of women. That’s why they try so hard to suppress them. My suspicion. They know women are so clever and so successful if they focus on something, instead of just scrubbing the floor and cleaning the pots. So they try to suppress them, so that women become helpless, useless, and like a slave under the dictator of the man. You understand what I’m saying? (I see.)

“Media Report from Al Jazeera English – July 2015 Reporter(f): Under the Taliban, they were virtual prisoners, flogged or even executed if they dared to defy their laws. A report by Global Rights estimates that around 90% of women here experience violence or are forced into marriage. Most suffer behind a veil of silence, never speaking about their torment. The safe house is full of women who are terrified of their families. Many are hiding from husbands who have physically or sexually abused them.”

“Media Report from BBC – June 2021 Afghan woman speaker: In Afghanistan, the law is applied selectively, it only penalizes the weakest in society.”

“Media Report from Al Jazeera English – July 2015 Reporter(f): While these patients were injured in accidents, they also treat women who have deliberately set themselves alight.”

“Media Report from France 24 – Sept. 2020 Reporter(m): Her face, covered in bandages, appeared on her favorite football club’s Twitter page. Sahar set herself on fire in front of a Tehran court in early September after learning she could face a two-year prison sentence. Her crime: attempting to enter a football stadium dressed as a man to watch her team play. The young football fan later died from her injuries.”

“Media Report from VICE News – Nov. 2014 Reporter(f): According to a recent UN study, Bangladesh has one of the highest levels of rape in the world, with more than one in eight men admitting to the crime. Often, these rapes are committed by groups of men, and in the most extreme cases, the victims are murdered. (It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, men can take you hostage and rape you.)”

“Sources: WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA: Some Facts about Violence against Women and Girls

 - Globally, 1 in 3 women, or 736 million, have experienced physical and/or sexual violence.

 - As many as 38% of murders of women worldwide are perpetrated by a male partner.

 - An estimated 5,000 women globally are murdered by family members each year in so-called ‘honor’ killings.

 - 200 million women and girls living today have suffered from female genital mutilation.

 - 1 in 5 women globally (650 million alive today) were forced to marry as children, before age 18.

 - 126 million girls are ‘missing’ from the world’s population as victims of female infanticide, malnutrition, neglect, etc.

 - Two-thirds of the world’s illiterate are female.

 - 82% of women parliamentarians in five regions reported enduring some form of psychological violence, including sexist remarks, mobbing and death threats.”

Many things stem out of fear. Any oppression stems out of fear. Like they mutilate a woman’s organ, (Yes.) because they worry that she will be too happy in sex. Blah, blah, blah. And long ago, the Chinese, they bound the feet of the girls when they were young. Make them small, so that they’re crippled, cannot even walk. So, whenever they go out, they needed a servant or man to carry them, (Oh, goodness.) or to hold on to. This also stems from, I think, sadism ‒ and fear from the man’s part to want to control the woman, to want to rule over the family. (Yes.) The woman has to be like helpless, useless, dependent on the man. And I think all this is the devil’s workshop. (Yes. It’s really hard to comprehend) Yes. Hard to comprehend. (how it’s possible still.) Yeah, it’s hard.

Luckily, we have developed mentally and psychologically, or maybe intelligently, so the world has become a better place. A little better for women. Not better in many other ways. (Yes. Yes.) Like in peace and tolerance, benevolence toward other kinds of races, and other kinds of Species, (Yes, Master.) other beings like animals. We have not gone very far with that.

But luckily, I think the world has a lot of ‒ I mean the percentage ‒ big percentage of vegans and vegetarians right now. (Yes.) So we still have hope. (We do. We do have hope.) We still have to continue working until we cannot anymore. (Yes, Master.) We try our best. (Thanks also for all Your efforts.) No, not my effort alone. (Of course, it’s just… It is You who inspire us, Master.) All of us. All of us. The good team from inhouse, and outside, and many others of our initiates, the brothers and sisters who contribute in different ways. (Right.) Like, they’re putting out efforts to advertise for Supreme Master TV, to spread out the flyers so people know the benefit of the vegan diet, and they spread out the news about how vegan will help our planet and rescue humans. All of them are doing something. (Yes, they are.)

Even if they don’t do anything, at least they’re vegan. (Yes.) And their families are becoming vegan also, and that helps some little part, (Yes, for sure.) to save the planet, save the human race, and to lessen the suffering of the innocent, helpless, defenseless animals. So anything is good. Anything they do is good, as long as they’re vegan.

Imagine, even if they work very hard, but all the tax money is wasted in killing, in wars. Instead of helping the weaker countries and helpless people and animals, they spend it all on nothing! Not just nothing, but murdering, killing and harming other beings and other humans in other countries, and harming the planet. Therefore, even a person, if he doesn’t work but he’s a vegan, I don’t blame him. What for if he contributes a lot of his precious time and talent and money into tax-paying, and then the governments just use it for anything except good? (Right.) Very little for good things.

And the good governors like (Gavin) Newsom, (Right.) they even want to kick him out. I don’t know what kind of other governor they want to have! (Yes, Master.) The world is crazy, man! I mean, not all the people are crazy, but it seems to me that this world is crazy, and affecting each other (Right.) with the mental unwellness and physical unsoundness.

All right, my love. I know. I know I’m getting angry again. I’m just anguished, (Yes.) frustrated and anguished, and pained inside. (Understand, Master.) I could scream out loud, and this is the scream-out-loud whenever I seem to be angry. That is my scream-out-loud, because the pain is too much inside. It just oozes out. (Yes, Master.) 

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