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A Little Hardship Awakens Our Love and Compassion Jan. 27, 2019

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文),English
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Continue to be diligent, be a sincere and good person, and I will surely take you to the newly created Heaven. (Thank You, Master!) It’s more glorious, beautiful and happy than any Heaven.

Hallo. (Hallo!) (Master.) How are you? (Very well. Thank You, Master. How are You?) I’m good, I’m good. Yeah, I’m good. It’s not too cold for the retreat? (It was a little bit cold last night, but today was very, very good.) OK. Yesterday it was a lot of wind. Yeah, today it’s better. (Yes.) OK, I’m going to speak Chinese now.

Hallo, everyone. (Hallo, Master.) Yesterday it was so windy, and you still came for the retreat? (Yes.) Yesterday it was a bit difficult, wasn’t it? Is it better today? Is it warm? Are you still OK? (Yes, it is warm today.) I’m very touched by your sincerity, very proud. That’s why I still tried to talk to you today. (Thank You, Master.) It’s not that easy; I have a lot of work. It was very windy yesterday. How about over there? It’s very windy where I live. How about you over there? (Also very windy.) (It was OK, Master.) It was OK? You have good feng-shui over there. That’s why it’s still there after decades.

Now I live on a small island over here. A cave island. It’s not bad! Very good feng-shui. A lot of wind (feng), and surrounded by water (shui). So, wind and water are abundant. Since the cave I’m living in has two so-called doors, facing each other, the wind just blows through freely. I told them this is a highway for the wind, “wind highway.” That’s why I say the wind is abundant and water is overflowing. Therefore the feng-shui is bountiful, very good. That’s what it means by “good feng-shui.”

The feng-shui here is really good. The cave has two doors, but they are not really doors. Just two openings. So, the wind flows freely. It comes to visit and leaves, in and out, like this. Absolutely free. And also there are two holes as so-called windows. There’s nothing covering them. So the wind is free to come in through the doors or the windows, from all directions. And then the water, of course there is water all around because it’s a small island. There is water all around. And when it’s raining, water also drops from the roof. So the feng-shui (wind and water) is abundant. Maybe you can even take a shower there. No need to bring water. If you want to take a shower, you can do it where the water drops. It’s very convenient. That’s why I say the feng-shui is very good.

Actually, a little hardship is also good for our spiritual practice. Like me today. I have been taking sponge baths for weeks. I couldn’t take a shower or wash my hair, because I was too busy. I’ve been busy taking care of the new place and dealing with many other things. So I didn’t have time. Today I was able to take a shower, wash my hair and trim my nails. Wow! I felt so comfortable. So I thought of you and felt sorry for you. Maybe you are also busy like this every day. It’s just that we are busy for different things. I’m busy for the whole world. You are also busy for the world, but your own world. It’s OK, we’re all busy and we sympathize with each other. Today I thought, no matter what the situation is, I’m still better off than many people.

This island is very new, just 30 years. It has existed for only 30 years. There was no such island before. I feel very comfortable and blessed already to be able to communicate with you through the phone from here. Otherwise, sometimes the mobile phone over here doesn’t work very well. It works only when it wants to work. It stops working when it doesn’t feel like working. Of course, cave life is not that luxurious. But we can live with less things in life. Just enough things. We are better off than many people. And if we lack a little in material aspects, we will have more love and compassion towards others in more destitute situations. So it’s not necessarily a bad thing if we are lacking in material comforts. It depends on how we look at it. In most situations, we can find bright sides.

Today I saw some news on Supreme Master Television that some laborers have to get up very early every day and stand in line at some place to wait for a job. Sometimes there is work, sometimes there isn’t. So these workers are very pitiful. If they don’t have a job, they don’t have money. You know? (Yes.) So if some laborers come to work for you, be generous to them. Give them more tips. That’s what I usually do. Because they don’t often get work to do, and we don’t always have a chance to help them. (Yes.)

So, no matter what the situation is, having a job and a place to shield us from wind and rain is already very good. When we experience a little hardship, we can sympathize with those who are less fortunate than us. I’m not saying you should be poor. No! What I mean is, no matter what the situation is or whatever we’re lacking, we are still better off than many people. Understand? (Yes.) The main point is to practice diligently and go back to our true Home. That is truly everlasting. Carefree and happy forever.

OK, I just wanted to say hallo to you and wish you spiritual progress every day. Go to retreats when you have time. I cannot visit you too often. Maybe later. Maybe when the new place is ready, then people can come. It will be more comfortable. (OK. Thank You, Master.) They are repairing it now, and putting up more big tents. If there are not too many people in the future, the buildings would be enough. There are already many buildings there. Not many, but enough for two or three thousand people. Just not enough when it rains or when it’s cold. Not enough for too many people. It was not enough during the Christmas retreat, for example. But now they’re trying to put up some tents. Then maybe it will be OK. You have to be patient and wait. (OK.)

It doesn’t matter whether I’m there. Master is forever by your side. (Thank You, Master.) We are only separated physically, but we are never separated in our hearts, or spiritually. Do you know that? (Yes.) OK, so continue to practice well when you go back. When you take spiritual merits home, it will also affect your family in a good way and bring good luck and good spiritual atmosphere to your family and surroundings. We affect them as much as we can. Attending retreats, you’ll all gain merits and make progress. Right? (Yes.) Have you all experienced this? (Yes.) Yes, that’s why you come to retreats so often.

No matter if I’m there physically, you still continue to do your retreats. That is right. I’m proud of you. (Thank You, Master.) They told me that the new place still needs two or three months to be ready. So we continue staying in Hsihu. (OK.) If you think it’s too cold, Kaohsiung is OK too. I have also stayed there for a while. (OK.) Everywhere is your home. They are the best homes on this planet anyway. Of course when we go back to our Heavenly Home, it will be even better.

Continue to be diligent, be a sincere and good person, and I will surely take you to the newly created Heaven. (Thank You, Master!) It’s more glorious, beautiful and happy than any Heaven.

OK, that’s it. I will let you go and eat, and go home to rest. Don’t let your family members wait too long. And the buses also. (Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. Maybe I’ll see you around Lunar New Year. OK? (Yes.)

(Everybody wants to say “take care,” Master.) Yeah. I do take care, very good. (Yes.) No problem. Over here, feng-shui is good. “Feng” means wind, is very, very big. And “Shui” means water, is all over around me. Yeah. No problem. We say feng-shui is good. (We are happy to hear that, Master.) You are happy, good. I’m happy that you are happy. (Thank You.)

All right. So long for now, everybody. Bye, everyone. Bye, little kids, good kids. (Thank You. Bye, Master.) I love you. (We love You too, Master.) (Thank You.) I love you, I really love you. (Master, we love You.) See you soon, I hope. New Year, OK? (Yes.) (You are always with us, Master.) Yeah, of course, of course. (Thank You.) You know that and it’s good. OK. Ciao. (Ciao.) Love, love, love. God bless. God bless you. (Thank You.)

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