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Being Alone Brings Concentration and Happiness, Part 1 of 3 April 4, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Tibetan(བོད་ཡིག),Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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The more stuff we have, the more troublesome it becomes. We have to wipe and to clean it, and worry about it getting taken away by others; worry about thieves. If we have nothing, then we have nothing to worry about. If we have little and cherish what we have, it will be just the same as if we own a lot. We feel even happier than having more stuff. But of course, you must take care of your body; don’t abuse it; don’t let it get sick. However, we don’t need so much to make ourselves healthy and happy. On the contrary, having fewer things and being alone will give us less trouble; no arguments and no distractions. We can be very focused on meditation, or think about something that can help the world.

I don’t mean leaving the world behind. That’s not what I mean. I am saying that we need to be alone to be able to concentrate and feel happy, to be attentive and be at ease. Then it’s easier to think about things. Sometimes, when you are alone, you can think more clearly, right? That’s why I told you to put a notepad or a pen nearby during meditation, because ideas will appear. Answers will pop out. The answers are always there. Usually, when you ask Master something inside, the answer will come to you immediately, as you ask inside. But you were too busy and you forgot, or you didn’t hear it, so you didn’t receive it. Maybe you received it, but you didn’t pay attention to it. Just like watching TV; sometimes, the programs are very good, but we have something else on our minds. So, whatever shows on the TV screen, we don’t hear or see, right?

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