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Between Master and Disciples / The Life of Lord Mahavira

The Life of Lord Mahavira: Refuge to the Demon King, Part 2 of 6, Aug. 25, 2019

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“The physical intercourse between a man and woman, that’s one of the methods of practice. But, don’t try. Only those who have a family already, then try to limit it. And even if you have to do it, mostly it’s for the purpose of having children for some reason. But even then, sex is not for recreation. Sex is not for physical enjoyment. Sex is not even for love. It’s for enlightenment. Truly, it is for enlightenment. God has given us this physical means, but then many people abuse it. Most people abuse it, for self-pleasure. So not that 84,000 methods, we can practice all of them. If you really don’t want to follow any master, then just follow the Buddha, the precepts. Study the sutras, stay alone, follow the precepts. At least if you don’t go out and interact with anybody, then the Five Precepts or Ten Precepts are good enough for you. And being vegan.” “Many of you are not. Sixth-four percent of you are good, I've said to you. Good meaning not harmful to me. But the other percent are quite a handful, because they think they’re OK, but they do not realize they are not OK. So, these so-called initiates or disciples should reflect inside, find more time to meditate, to really check inside yourself. Not check me or check your neighbors or your fellow initiates but check inside yourself. Have this opportunity not to be too busy going to retreats or going to group meditation, going to do charity work or anything. Just take care of yourself. Be good to yourself, so that you can climb up together with other people.”
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