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Between Master and Disciples / The Life of Lord Mahavira

The Life of Lord Mahavira: Refuge to the Demon King, Part 3 of 6, Aug. 25, 2019

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“We are transparent to the whole universe. There’s nothing we can hide, really. Not to talk about people who have magic, or who have this clairvoyant eye, that they can see your aura, to know what kind of people you are. Your magnetic field says everything, your aura says everything. Not to talk about that. Talk about invisible beings, the Heavens and hells even, they see you all. There’s nothing we can hide except ourselves.” “Then don't blame me if the lover cannot come to the New Land (Ashram). It's for your good also, as well as good for everyone else here. She/he looks the same like you and could even talk sweetly and maybe volunteer to do many hard jobs. Nothing like that is counts in the eyes of Heavens. In the eyes of Heavens and Saints, only the inside counts.” “The Buddha said you turn yourself inward to hear your own Nature. He didn’t say use your ears to hear music outside, to hear anything. So, of the 84,000 methods, still, inner (Heavenly) Sound, inner (Heavenly) Light are the best, the most reliable because they’re always there. It’s you, it’s your Nature. It will never die, it never disappears, it never stops. Even if your body dies, it will still be there. So that’s the only thing that lasts with you forever, wherever you go, whatever level you attain, because it is you, it’s your True Self.”
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