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The Real Signs of Heavens’ Warning for Humans to Change, Part 2 of 8, June 25, 2022

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Recently, you know already that Heaven wants to destroy the world. (Yes, Master.) And They even told me which type. Because I argued. I said you can’t just kill at random. (Yes. Right, Master.) I cannot spill too much out. Sorry. So, I checked out, I just wanted to see whether or not what They told me is what it is. (Yes, Master.) And I saw some of it. It’s a real sign of what They have told me. (Wow. Oh.) The beginning of it, wherever I can get the news.

In Japan, they earn a lot of money. They don’t need even government money. (Yes, Master.) They don’t feel like wanting a baby or taking care, because it’s a lot of work. Ten months in the womb and then, oh, 10 years, and another 10 years. (Yes.) So, this is a very sad thing, that people don’t even want to have babies anymore.

But talking about it, I am not good either. But what to do? I can’t even have time for myself. Luckily, I don’t have a husband and don’t have children, or else you’d never hear from me. Truly. (Yes. That’s true. Right.) Truly, sometimes I could hardly breathe already. (Yes. True.) And eating while working. (Yes, Master.) And looking at two computers at the same time. Because I can do that. Well, not all the time, but often I can. Like, for example, I’m just reading the news (Yes.) while I’m listening to and watching the show to edit. (Ah.) So that doesn’t harm each other at all. (Yes, Master.) It’s not as good as if I concentrate on one thing, but I train myself. Otherwise, I would never be able to close my eyes.

Actually, it’s good that I learned from Buddhist monks’ regulations, that the monks and nuns, they shower only twice a month. (Oh, wow.) Before, I took showers twice a day. Sometimes not. But it’s good, because I live alone. (Yes, Master. Understand.) So, the clothes don’t get that dirty and the house doesn’t get that dirty so quickly. (Yes, Master.) I try to take care, but still, you don’t know.

So, that’s the only good news that I’ll tell you. (Thank You, Master.) But it’s a good news, that’s why we have to share it. (Yes, Master. Very good news.) So, even if you have Fly-in news just for five minutes, just like every other news it’s OK. (Right. Yes, Master.) We share it.

But I’m telling you. Do you want to know how many bad news I have? (How many bad news do You have, Master?) For the 23rd of June, I have at least 13 bad news. All bad news. (Oh. Gosh.) And the 24th, similar. 25th, I have only up to eight, because I didn’t have time anymore to continue further. (Yes, Master.) I’ll read it to you, so you know.

I didn’t know our world was this bad. Originally, you read the news here and there. But when you collect them all together, it sounds truly bad. Like all bad news. And this is only from those countries and from those areas that you can even have news from. There are many corners in the world where there is no news. (Yes.) No internet, no connection, no telephone. So, whatever bad news there, you don’t even know. (Right, Master. Yes.)

These are just like from America, from Europe or maybe Japan. Any country that still has connection with other countries – internet and all that. I’ll read it to you. Don’t be too sad. (Yes, Master.)

This is just one day. The reason I never collected all the bad news together like this, not intentionally, is just that recently, you know already that Heaven wants to destroy the world. (Yes, Master.) And They even told me which type. Because I argued. I said you can’t just kill at random. (Yes. Right, Master.) I cannot spill too much out. Sorry. So, I checked out, I just wanted to see whether or not what They told me is what it is. (Yes, Master.) And I saw some of it. It’s a real sign of what They have told me. (Wow. Oh.) The beginning of it, wherever I can get the news. (Yes, Master.)

I guess many remote corners or some countries don’t even print it on international news. (Yes, Master.) Maybe local news only, which we have no chance to know. But whatever I knew, I observed that it’s sum-like. It seems like They are doing what They said They are going to do.

23rd, this is all I read to you. (Yes, Master.)

Number 1: “Thousands of cows die altogether all at once in the heat in Kansas.” I don’t know if this ever happened before. (Wow.) They just died all in one go. (Wow.)

Number 2: “The boat ignited on fire, just like that.”

“Media Report from Inside Edition – June 22, 2022, Diane (f): Everything was just burning so fast – so fast! We had to jump.

Reporter (f): Diane and Kitt Watson and the first mate Jarrod Tubbs live on the beautiful 70-foot yacht named ‘Too Elusive,’ or at least they did before it was consumed in an inferno. They were heading to port in New Hampshire when the blaze broke out. They knew they had to save themselves, and their dogs, Pahma and Nancy.

Kitt (m): We grabbed the dogs, jumped off and swam away.

Diane (f): That’s it. We did the best we could.

Reporter (f): Did you guys think in those moments you could lose your lives?

Diane (f): Yes.

Kitt (m): Oh, yeah.

Jared (m): Oh, yeah. 100%.

Diane (f): Absolutely, absolutely.”

I just write short for myself. (Yes, Master.) So, I don’t remember what dot com anymore. (Yes, Master.) It’s just for myself and then I share it with you.

Number 3: “Fishing boat sinks, just in seconds.” (Oh. Wow.) Yeah. They went out from the shore and the water came in, just like that. (Wow.) Broke the little edge of the boat and came in and just sank in seconds. I saw it in the video. (Oh.) All this I saw, of course, in a video or in the news. (Yes, Master.) It’s not in my vision. I don’t like any of this in my vision.

Number 4: “Multi Russian generals, colonels died in Ukraine war.” Well, that was before, but they repeat it again here. (Yes, Master.) I guess there are some more colonels and generals died, so they repeat it to say, “Oh now, there’s one more or two more,” like that. (Yes, Master.)

Number 5: “Multi hits, but mostly missed.” These Russians are firing their missiles, but mostly missed. (Yes, Master.) But still, it’s not good, is it?

Number 6: “Deadliest quake in two decades killed a thousand-plus Afghanistan people.” (Oh.) Well, I told them to send some financial help, but I haven’t heard back yet, whether or not they can send. (Yes, Master. Understand.) It’s also a difficult country. (Yes, Master.) It’s not easy nowadays even, also because of the pandemic. (Yes. Right.)

Like, I also sent some financial help to India, for example, because they had floods. India and Bangladesh. Both. Millions of people have to be relocated, because of the deadly flood recently. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from AFP News Agency – June 22, 2022, Tyeb (m): That’s my house. The water was flowing over the roof earlier, but now it’s receding. It tore down the doors, windows and fences.

Joban (m): I have never seen this type of flood in my life. The 2004 flood was big but not like this one. My house is still waist deep under water.”

Millions displaced in Bangladesh and India floods. I sent some financial help. Your brothers and sisters they received the money and they said they could go out to do it. Although I did not know if the government would let them because of the pandemic. (Right. Yes.) The pandemic spikes up again. That’s the thing. That’s another bad news. Even though I didn’t write it here. (Yes, Master.) So, I read only on the 23rd of June.

Number 8: “Sun flares are getting stronger and stronger.” (Oh. Wow.) Scientists report it. I make it all short. (Yes, Master.) It’s not like a big report.

Number 9: “Nigeria flood swept away homes.” A lot of homes. (Wow.)

Number 10: “Some planes are damaged. Airbus-Qatar dispute.” They’re arguing about the planes, the damages. Maybe the planes are not good. Not done well or something. (Oh.)

I didn’t think I would read it to you, that’s why I just jotted it down, and then now I couldn’t even read my own writing. Sorry. In order to write these two, three pages, it took me some precious time. (Yes, Master. Understand.) So, I wrote as fast and as small as possible.

Qatar, I think they have some problem with each other or something. Because the planes are damaged. They’re not as good as they’re supposed to be for using. (Oh.) It’s dangerous if the plane is not in good condition. (Yes.) If you sell or buy it and if you use it when it’s not good quality, then you’ll be in danger. (Yes.) I guess that’s what it is. I just wrote very simple, even less than the headline.

Number 11: “At Miami airport, the plane just touched down and then burst into fire.” (Oh.) Just like that. The landing gear kaput. But that shouldn’t be. Oh, maybe that’s why the airplane touched the runway and that’s why it sparked the fire. (Yes, Master.)

Number 12: “There’s a Wing virus that threatens bees worldwide.” Imagine? Bees are very important to us. (Yes, Master.) It threatens them worldwide. (Wow.)

Number thirteen… Imagine. I wrote number eleven and number twelve again. Because I was that tired. It’s supposed to be number thirteen now, but here, I have written number eleven and number twelve and number thirteen. Yeah, yeah. Your Master. So, I changed it now.

Number 13: “Ivory Coast flood left people with nothing.” (Wow.)

Number 14: “Cuba storm gives Cuban people a housing crisis.” One of the disasters again.

And then, Number 15: This is not really bad news but, what I mean is, bad news because I am observing. Like, Putin, some presidents have a person next to them who always carries a briefcase. In that briefcase, there are secret codes to control nuclear power. (Wow. Yes.) He’s shot and in critical condition. (Oh.) Just like that. Shot in his home. Did not even go out anywhere. (Wow.)

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