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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Revelations about the Planet Diw, Part 2 of 12, May 19, 2022

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In the planet that I’m going to tell you about, they never feel tired, no matter how long they live there. (Wow. That’s wonderful.) They feel always the same. (Wow.) Energetic, young. Not “babies” young, but like in their prime. Twenty to thirty. That’s why they’re full of life. Always.

Sometimes I also feel frustrated with this planet. I wonder if I’m failing, because talking so many decades already, the result is so slow and so little. Now and then, hear some little good news about vegan, or vegetarian. But, not including those who eat fish, seafood, and eggs, and call themselves vegetarian.

Fish is not a vegetable, is it? (No. No, it’s not.) No. Eggs, also not, right? (No.) You don’t call eggs one of the vegetables, no? (No.) No. And milk also not, no? (No, Master.) Does the supermarket put milk and eggs in the vegetable section, next to asparagus? (No. No, they don’t.) Or next to spinach? (No.) No. Vegetables, they’re alone, in the vegetable section. (Yes. Right.) Milk in a different section. Eggs in a different section. (Yes. Yes, Master.) That doesn’t belong to the vegetable kingdom anyway.

And they call themselves “vegetarian.” It’s still better than eating others more. (Yes.) It’s minimal animal consumption, but still, it’s not good. Not good. Just different animals, different kinds of meat. (Yes.) Milk is also a kind of meat. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Just kind of a watery meat. (Right.)

So now, you still want the planet? (Yes, Master.) You still can ask the question later, if I’m still OK with it. I mean, physically. Recently, I feel some difference physically. More easily tired. (Yes.) The body keeps reminding me that I have one. (Oh. Ah, right.) But this is just a lousy atmosphere, lousy world.

In the planet that I’m going to tell you about, they never feel tired, no matter how long they live there. (Wow. That’s wonderful.) They feel always the same. (Wow.) Energetic, young. Not “babies” young, but like in their prime. Twenty to thirty. That’s why they’re full of life. Always. (Yes, Master.)

Now, this is on the 28th of April. Just because I saw one of the UFOs that people captured and displayed on the internet. But they don’t know where it’s from and if it was a UFO or what. Sometimes they debate like that. (Yes, Master. Yes.) It is a UFO, though, (Oh.) these special vehicles from other planets that are more advanced than us. But to tell you the truth, except hell, every other planet is more advanced than us. Such a sorry and sad story. Because we keep killing each other and destroying everything. (Right.)

Everybody works so hard. Eight, ten hours, two, three jobs even, sometimes to make ends meet. (Yes.) And still pay a lot of taxes and then all the taxes go to war, go to destroying instead of building. There are many people who live from hand to mouth or don’t even have one meal a day. You know that. (Yes, Master.) And all these billions of trillions of dollars…

You know how much Russia spends every hour in Ukraine, on the war? (How much, Master?) US$15.5 million per hour. (Wow.) And not to talk about that America gave Ukraine 40 billion just for military purposes and/or maybe some other financial help. (Yes, Master. Yes.) No matter what, it is still because of the war. Otherwise, that money could be used for more necessary purposes. For children, for mothers, single mothers or for difficulty in pregnancy, for poor people; make everybody become happy and live in contentment and joy. (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

Terrible, terrible. What for does everybody work so hard, and then all the money keeps being burned, from one country to another. If not Iraq, then Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, or wherever. (Yes, Master.) And before that – World War in Europe. And in Japan, in China, in Taiwan (Formosa), in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), etc. You can list this forever. Like we live in forever trouble, or war and famine, pandemic or endemic. (Yes.) Epidemic, sorry. I hope it’s “end-emic,” so we don’t have anymore: end-pandemic. That’s why I said “endemic.”

Oh, man. Now. So I saw that UFO, and I thought they said they don’t know what it is, or something like that, or where from, or what for they came. I thought I read it like that, if I remember well. But I knew it.

I know this UFO came from only about 152 light-years from our Earth. (Wow.) One-five-two (1-5-2) light-years. That’s nothing nowadays, right? (Right, Master. Yes.) From here to the Moon, how far, anybody knows? Quickly, your dictionary, check, check. I don’t know how, but you know. (385,000 kilometers.) Ah, kilometers. (Yes.) Oh, that’s different from light-years. (Yes. That’s right.)

But nowadays, they’re talking about thousands of light-years or many millions of light-years. So, 150 light-years is not much. (Yes.) But they have the ability to hide themselves. So, I don’t think the scientists will find out, maybe not yet. Maybe in the future.

Oh, the name is D-i-w. They call it Diw. Diw planet. (Oh.) They just came to check out our world – why we have sent so many signals of trouble and discord. But they cannot help much. (Oh, understand.) Even if they help us now to erase all the wars that we have, humans will continue to kill each other. If not the next day, then maybe next week, next month, next year. If he’s not next door, then another next, next, next door. (Yes, Master.)

It’s obviously like Russia, the gang and the government. Some of the government workers threatened Finland, Sweden, France, America, and NATO – everything. (Yes, Master.) Except, they don’t dare threaten China, because they know each other very well. What I mean is, they know each other’s capacity, reactions, and mentality. (Yes, Master.)

So up to now, China has never condemned Russia’s war in Ukraine, anyway. But they have refused to help, I mean physically, materially. I mean there’s no manifesto of physical help, just talk. (Yes, Master.) Just maybe not condemning. Maybe just kind of here and there, covering up for them, but not much. (Yes. Right.) Like China said, “NATO pushed Russia to the wall.” What wall? Where? (Yes, Master.)

Such a big country and still feels bad about small neighbors around. The whole country is bigger than Europe together. (Yes, right.) You look at the map. (Yes.) And how can they feel scared or claustrophobic? How? (Right.) Because the country is so big and all the sides mostly don’t have any countries around, except on one side. (Yes.) And these are tiny, tiny bit countries compared to them. (That’s right. Exactly.) Tiny and weaker. (Yes, Master.) No threatening statues or anything. They’re just happy to have peace. (Yes.) They’re just happy to do their own business, mind their own country, and take care of their own people. (Right. That’s right.) They could not be a threat to Russia. No way. Is there? (No, Master.) No, no way they could be any threat to Russia.

In fact, Russia has been victimizing plenty of them. Maybe Finland, for example. Russia even went there and occupied some part of Finland. And after a while, Finland did not want any more bloodshed, so they let them occupy one part or something like that. And then, they signed the Moscow Peace Treaty. That’s it. To have peace with Russia. (Yes, Master.) Because they just let it be. They did not want further bloodshed, so they just let it be and that’s it.

And now Finland wants to join NATO and they threatened. But now Putin toned down his threat already, it’s not like in the beginning. (Yes.) But still cut off the electricity for Finland.

(Yes, Master.) And Sweden got mad, so they kind of “shoot” Russia down, in disrespect only, not like physical shooting or anything. (Yes.) They shut them down, shut them up.

You just have to stand up for yourself. Otherwise, we sometimes keep pleasing the bully, just making him more arrogant, more of a troublemaker. (Yes, Master.) More bullying. And now Finland and Sweden already applied officially to join NATO. They just wait for the time. And it’s already very speedy. Normally takes them a longer time, but this time they promised fast track, fast lane. It still has to wait. (Yes, Master.)

Russia seems to want to take everybody’s land up to now. (Right, Master.) And then, they complain that other people threaten them, barking at their door, or whatever, according to p. Francis. (Yes.) Look at the map. (That’s right. Right.) All the countries next to them are like peanuts compared to Russia. (Exactly, yes. Right, yes.) And still complaining, “Oh, pressure! Barking at the door!” Oh, my God.

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