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Between Master and Disciples

The United Spirit of the Ukrainian People Shines Before the World, Part 8 of 12, Apr. 3, 2022

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If something good comes out of the Ukraine war, it’s the united spirit of the Ukrainian people, it’s shining for the whole world to see. (Yes, right.) I mean, worldly, mundanely speaking, they are the best example. (Yes, Master.) But that’s regardless of the Buddha’s teaching, “You should not have a weapon and kill,” and all that. But in this mundane world, they are the best.

OK. Tell me what else? (In another news, Lithuania will no longer import Russian gas to meet its domestic needs. It becomes the first country in Europe to have secured its independence from Russian supplies.) Yeah. Good. (And another, Uldis Bariss, the CEO of Conexus Baltic Grid told Latvian radio, “Since April 1st, Russian natural gas is no longer flowing to Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.”)

Very good. Very good. See? They don’t really need it. They just think they need it. It’s just habit. (Right. Yes, Master.) Rely on habit and laziness. So, they’re just too comfy. (Yes, Master.) Why bother? They have money, they have good position, they have retirement money, for sure, secured; so, why would they bother changing anything to make their countrymen better? (Right. Yes, Master.) Whatever happens, they are OK anyway.

But, in Ukraine, even some of their parliament members pick up rifles and fight. Their ex-president also, Poroshenko. The ex-president of Ukraine, he also went out to fight with the army. An ex-PM (Prime Minister) also. And some others, who are normally not in army service; government people, they also went out to fight. (Yes.)

If something good comes out of the Ukraine war, it’s the united spirit of the Ukrainian people, it’s shining for the whole world to see. (Yes, right.) I mean, worldly, mundanely speaking, they are the best example. (Yes, Master.) But that’s regardless of the Buddha’s teaching, “You should not have a weapon and kill,” and all that. But in this mundane world, they are the best. (Yes, Master.) They’re united to fight, to protect their people. That’s very noble. To sacrifice your own life for somebody else’s life is the utmost sacrifice in this world already. (Yes, Master.) It’s the ultimate. (Yes.) Even family members wouldn’t do that willingly for each other. (Yes, Master.)

That’s why I praise them; not because I want war. (Yes.) I praise their noble spirit. They are just mundane people. (Yes, Master.) And even then, they sacrifice their life for others’ lives. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t know if any of my so-called disciples would sacrifice their life for me, being taught all these decades. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

That’s why when the Prophet Muhammad was alive, Peace Be Upon Him Forever, He said that if you sacrifice for protecting the truth, protecting Islam at that time, you will go to Heaven. And it is like that. (Right. Yes, Master.) He spoke the truth. Because it’s a noble spirit. (Yes, Master.) They are forced to fight to defend others; to defend the Prophet, to defend His, their family members; the innocent women and children. (Yes, Master.)

That’s why after some of those defenders for Islam, for their Prophet, at that time died, He told others who were alive, “Take their wives and children into your protection, and treat them just like your own wife and your own children.” (Right. Yes, Master.) Not that he advocated for many wives in the household. (Right. Yes.) Nowadays, some Muslims use that to their advantage, for their own lustful desire. (Yes, Master.)

But it wasn’t like that, because the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, promoted that so that the soldiers who died for the great cause like that would feel at peace, knowing that their families are looked after. Because in those days women didn’t work. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.) Women could not go out alone to work.

And now many in India, or other Arab countries, it’s still the same. It’s opening more now, (Yes.) but I heard that in Afghanistan, Afghan women still cannot go out alone without endangering themselves. (Oh.) It’s not allowed. Well, at least recently. Recent years, still. (Yes, Master) Only when the Americans were there or when the last king was there, the women were freer. (Yes.) They even can wear shorter skirts, or go out to work. You know, look like Europeans or Americans. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Did I answer your question? (Yes, Master.) Or non-question-question.

Tell me, what else? (Master, Ukrainian volunteers have been weaving camouflage nets and making bulletproof vests in the southeastern city of Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine. Many volunteers in the country also run makeshift operations to supply the army with homemade protective gear.)

Because they don’t have enough supplies from the Western countries. (Yes.) They still don’t have enough. (Yes, Master.) Despite the American’s promise of this and that. Sometimes Ukraine says, “We’re thankful for your support and wanting to send us supplies, but what we receive is not it.” Maybe they send some not functional things or too old. (Yes.) It’s not functioning. They try what they can with their own makeshift or inventive kind of way to protect themselves and to help Ukraine to fight for freedom from Russia, from Putin actually. (Yes.)

The Russian people, they don’t know much about it. They don’t want war. Nobody wants war. No ordinary people would want war. (Right, Master. Yes, right.) No. Why? What for? If you have enough food on your table, and your children can go to school in peace, why do you want war? (Yes, Master. True. Yes.) What is in it for you? Only you may die and leave your children orphaned, and leave your wife widowed. (Yes, Master.) No normal people would love that. Even if they’re not political-minded or peace-inclined, they would never think like that. (Yes.) Never think of going to war and killing other people. (Yes, Master.) It was just forced upon them by stupid, evil leaders. (Yes.) People in Russia, those who know the truth, they hate Putin. (Yes.) So he should be careful. He might be even killed soon.

Well, it doesn’t matter, he’s sick anyway according to a report that he, for a long time, many years already, sick with cancer. (Oh, wow. Thyroid cancer.) The thyroid, is it in the throat area? (Yes.) Because he talks so bad. He orders people to go out and kill, so what can he expect from that. (Right, Master.)

Taking people’s land, killing people, cutting their throats, taking their property, their freedom, their peace. I’m surprised that he’s still not dead yet. (Yes, Master.) But karma in hell it won’t give him any leniency. He’s supposed to be sick and his doctors are around him often. (Yes, Master.) Flying in from afar.

But instead of praying and being repentant for whatever karma or sin he has done he harms more. He harms these deer-people for their antlers. They get the blood from the antlers to bathe in it. (Oh! Oh, my gosh.) Imagine how many antlers to fill his bath. (Wow.) Maybe he drinks the blood because he is so thirsty. (Oh, my God! Oh, wow.)

Concerning his sickness, he’s really mentally sick because he has thyroid cancer. But he harms the poor innocent deer-people just to have the blood to fill his bath, to keep taking the blood bath in order to cure his cancer. The more he takes this blood bath, the more sick he will become. The blood and the anguish and the hatred from the animal-people who are harmed unjustly will sink into his brain and make him more sick. (Yes, Master.) The poor animal-people. You see this blood-thirsty monster really. It’s just like poop Francis, he wants to eat the beef steak raw, “moo” even, meaning they’re still alive, the live flesh.

Oh, God. Disgusting. Oh, when will these demons stop harming humanity, and go back to their hell? Oh, my God. Demons, they love fresh blood.

“Media Report from Canal de las Estrellas Reporter (f): Two days before entering the conclave in which he will be elected Pope, Cardinal Bergoglio ate at the house of Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, an old friend of 30 years. He would always eat with him whenever visiting Rome.

Woman (f): He was sitting on this chair and I asked him how he would like his meat… Then he looked at me and said, ‘I like it to moo.’ And I looked at him perplexed: ‘To moo?’ And he said, ‘Yes. Raw!’ I thought that ‘to moo’ meant a different thing, not totally raw. So I went, I brought it to him and he liked it very much.”

Why doesn’t he go out in the field and just bite the cow-person? Because it’s still “mooing.” So ugly and evil. It’s not enough even to eat meat, he wants it raw! (Yes, Master.) It’s so barbarous. (Yes.) Like the Stone Age or something. (Right.) The pre-Stone Age even, where people still just go bite the animal-persons to eat. They didn’t discover fire yet. (Yes, Master.) Yuck! So now you know he’s evil. (Yes, Master.)

You don’t have to have inner experience about who he is. Just look at that, and you will know it. (Right. Yes, Master.) What kind of priest who enjoys the flesh, the freshly killed meat of another living being – a creation of God? (Yes. That’s right.) Even in the Bible, God says, “I made all the fodder for the animals,” and, “I made the animals to help you.” (Yes, Master.) He should know that by heart. No? (Right. Yes, Master.)

What kind of bs pope is that? Maybe it’s a poop, not a pope. Sorry. No, I’m not sorry. He’s worse than a poop. Poop, people still can use as fertilizer. (Yes, Master.) It’s harming nobody. But he’s an evil that’s harming the world, (Yes. Right.) harming humanity. And now and then, whenever the situation is favorable, appropriate, or profitable, he will utter something trendy. (Yes, Master.) Long time since the Ukraine war already, and now finally he says something. And not very … He just said it’s like an infantile war. That’s it. (Yes.) Didn’t even say anything more than that. Infantile. It’s like forgivable children. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, man. So yucky. I want to vomit whenever I talk about them. I really have to spit, truly. I don’t want it in my mouth.

“Media Report from BBC Apr. 4, 2022 Reporter (m): Iryna Kostenko wanted to talk about the 10th of March. The day the Russians killed her only son Olexsii. The two lived here just 500 meters from his job, changing tires at a garage.

Iryna Kostenko (f): The pain is so bad.

Reporter (m): On her own, Iryna buried Olexsii in the garden, after she brought his body back from the road in a wheelbarrow.

Iryna Kostenko (f): I covered the grave with a blanket to protect it from the dogs. He isn’t in a coffin. I had to roll him in a carpet.

Reporter (m): Five weeks of war, but it only takes a moment to destroy a family. Iryna found another picture of her son. ‘This is my love,’ she said, ‘my sweetheart.’

Reporter (f): Oleg Svark takes me into his front garden, where an ordinary family was hit by a Russian missile. His two-year-old son Stepan was buried under the rubble.

Oleg Svark (m): He fell asleep in bed with new sheets because he wanted to sleep in ones with stars. So, my wife did that for him. He fell asleep and he never woke up again. He was lively and liked to play, but his final days were spent below ground, hiding from bombs; not in the garden that was tendered with love.”

All these so-called leaders, they are really so cold-blooded, like poop Francis, saying that it’s an infantile war. How can it be? It sounds like just a children’s naughty game. It’s not a game, man. It’s not childish. It is life and death of a nation. (Yes, Master.)

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