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Vengeance Never Brings Peace, Part 5 of 5, Aug. 29, 2021

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I pray that the world will wake up, especially those so-called leaders. They will just have to wake up, really dedicate themselves for the sake of their co-citizens or subjects, and not thinking of their power and their fame and their gain, and their selfish or bloody goals.

And now, finally, Harris says she will pledge to help the Afghan women and children. They died already. Now, at last she says something. But I’m not sure if she will ever do anything (Yes.) to match up what she speaks. It’s just all talk, just fake. I don’t believe anything in this administration, Biden, Harris and Pelosi, (Yes.) and the rest of the group. (Right.) Some Democratic members are good, but many are so bad, just blind and just political, just for power. I’m so disappointed. (It is disappointing, yes.)

But, for me, I knew it was going to happen like that if Biden’s in power. (Right.) It’s going to harm Americans and harm peace. I know. It’s so easy to see. (It is.) You don’t even need to have a third eye to see if the demons are behind him or not. You can see the way he decides things or talks, you can know it is not good. (Yes. That’s true.) And Harris didn’t do anything even worth mentioning, and Pelosi, she just blah, blah all the time. It’s nothing. Nothing good comes out of them. Not even by talking, nothing good comes out, not to talk about action yet. (Yes, Master.)

I just have to be straight with you and with the Americans, and then they decide what they want to do with their president. I have no power there. (Yes, Master.) I have no interest, no gain out of this. (True.) (Yes, Master.) So if I don’t speak the truth and straightforward, who else would? (Right.) Maybe we just air it all out. They believe it or not, I don’t care. (Understand.) Because there’s a logic behind it. (Yes, there is.) You can see the reason. (You can see. Yes.) Otherwise, it’s so difficult to explain why he does that, why he did that, why she said like that, why they do like this. It’s all useless.

They are standing there, staying in their position, taking money from taxpayers, living a wealthy life and comfortable, do nothing good for their citizens, for their employers. The normal Americans or taxpayers are their employers. (Right.) They are the employees, but they don’t do anything befitting good behavior of an employee. (Yes.) So the employer should fire them, so simple. The Americans should know that they are employers and the administration, the government are their employees. In any country, in any company, if an employee doesn’t do their job well, they are fired. Very simple. (Right.) They’re taking money from Americans to do their job, (True.) and they don’t do well, then the employers, the Americans, should fire them. Very simple. (Yes, it is.)

Did I answer you all? (Yes, Master.) Any question about that anymore? (I think no.) No, then (It’s clear. It’s clear.) is there another question? (One last question.) Tell me.

(In Afghanistan, should the European countries take things into their own hands to negotiate an extension for bringing back the allies or people who worked with the coalition, and not rely on the United States anymore? Because it seems the Biden administration doesn’t know how to handle the situation.)

Yeah, but first, they have to see if the Taliban, really keep to their words, like they want to be modernized, they changed, they are moderate now, (Yes.) and that they have human rights, women’s rights, and they will cooperate with the international community, and they will let women work and be free, study and all that. But there is a catch, saying according to the Islamic framework, then I don’t know. That can be very big. (Yes.)

Just like they say, “Women, you should stay home, because the soldiers are rough.” (Yes.) They’re not trained to be nice and respect women. But if they stay home, they still can go from door-to-door, knocking at their door. (True.) And if the woman opens the door, maybe they rape them or kill them or take them out and execute them because of any reason or mistake or whatever. (Yes, Master.) So what’s the use of saying this and doing that? They don’t walk the talk. So it doesn’t matter if the United States deals with them or the European Community deals with them. (Right.) They have to change. They have to respect their own people. (Yes.) Respect and protect them, especially women and children. If they don’t, then if it were me, I would just ignore them.

If you cannot help the Afghan children and women to be safe, then at least you ignore the Taliban. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, if you work with the Taliban, strengthen their power and position, they will continue to oppress and harass and rape their women and children. (Yes.) Then you like cooperate with them, condoning all this kind of behavior. (Right.) They just execute anybody at random, and just kill any woman the way they see fit. (Yes.) If I’m European or American, I don’t accept that. I cannot cooperate with killers, murderers. (Yes. Of course.) It’s not fair. Not fair for the women and children. They live in fear. They are terrorized. What kind of government would give their citizens this kind of feeling? (Yes, Master.) No, nowhere. Nowhere we can see such an extreme terrorism within their own country. People are terrified of them, especially women and young girls. So it’s not about who’s cooperating with them, it’s about how they are cooperating with their citizens, taking care of their citizens, and protecting their rights. (Yes.) Especially woman and children. (Yes, Master.)

It is good that the Europeans and the Americans are always united like all the way up to now. (Yes.) So they are stronger. They show solidarity with each other so they help each other to regulate (Yes, it’s good.) some upheaval or some injustice in the world and make the world a little better than without them. (Yes, Master.) It’s better they work with America, with the United States of America. But you also need a good president to work with. (True.) Working with Biden, he kills everybody. You can see that. (Yes.) First, let somebody kill, and then later make an excuse to revenge. And then they revenge you back. America revenges them, the Taliban or whoever revenges them back, and the circle never ends. (Right.) The devil’s cycle or circle never ends. (True. Yes.)

The Buddha and Jesus always emphasized that: Must cut the cycle of vengeance. Must forgive, make friends, otherwise it will never end. The cycle doesn’t just end here, but also after life, in hell, it will not end. (Yes.) People will suffer, the perpetrators will suffer more, more, more, more, more, more, forever in hells as well. Not just this lifetime that we should worry about. (Yes, understand.) So this is a really, grave, very, very serious and grave problem with venging. (Yes.) That’s why God said, “Vengeance belongs to me.” (Yes.) The Buddha emphasized peace. (Yes.) All good religions emphasized that. (True.)

Any more questions? (I think that’s it, Master.) That’s it? Good, good. (Yes.) Because we have so much work these days that I don’t know if we could even afford to take care of world, so-called behavior or politics. This is not just politics as usual. It is humanity at stake. It’s peace at stake. (Right.) It’s the whole American society in danger, and Afghanistan also in danger. Many people involved, or bystanders also. And the international community will also be affected. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s not politics. Got that? (Yes, yes, understand.) OK then. If no more questions, I wish you well. God bless. (Thank You, Master. God bless. Thank You so much.)

I pray that the world will wake up, especially those so-called leaders. They will just have to wake up, really dedicate themselves for the sake of their co-citizens or subjects, and not thinking of their power and their fame and their gain, and their selfish or bloody goals. (Yes.) What for want to conquer a world? I’m telling you, the world is ending. Ending signs are everywhere. If we don’t wake up, we will have no more world to live in, no more planet to stay on. (Yes.) Not to talk about fighting with each other for a seat in the presidential, prime minister’s palace, or parliament or senate, whatever. (Exactly.) Or a land or country. (Yes, right.)

Trump has realized all that. That’s why he just wanted peace everywhere, tried to encourage and to compromise halfway, so that people have peace. (Yes.)

But then, somebody like Biden comes up in between and spoils it. (Yes. It’s really bad.) So that you can see who is what. (Yes.) You can see that he’s really steered by demons’ influence. I can see it. (Yes.) I just hope that the psychic people can tell their government, their people openly. I think they also fear the revenge. So nobody dares to speak up anything. (Oh.) I’m the only woman to do that?? I don’t regret. I don’t regret. (You’re brave, Master.) I might just well say it, if nobody else is there. (Thank You as always for speaking the truth and we also hope for…)

What is my life for if I cannot speak the truth, if I cannot help anything? If I don’t have weapons, at least I have my right to free speech and true speech. (Yes.) I have to say something when I know it’s truth and I believe in everything I said, I believe everything Heaven told me, also, in confirmation. (Yes, Master.) OK, my love. (Hope people will listen and understand.) I hope so. (Yes. Should listen.) If they don’t, at least for my conscience.

I have to speak for those who cannot speak, like the women, the girls in Afghanistan and some other Muslim countries. (Right.) They cannot speak for themselves. They have no means to. And if they go out on the street and protest, they will get crushed or imprisoned by the government because maybe the government officials and employees also, they do the same. They’re also maybe raping women in secret or harming women in secret, taking bribes of the molesters and all that stuff. You never know. So, the women in such countries have no rights, no mouth, no power, nothing. I have to speak for them no matter what. (Yes, understand, Master.) Whether it’s safe or not, I have to, (Understand.) have to speak for them and speak the truth, only the truth, nothing but the truth. (Yes.)

I can swear on any Bible that I spoke and speak and will speak the truth always, (Yes, Master.) especially when it’s concerning others’ safety, dignity, and the humans’ right to live a normal, decent, peaceful life. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

OK, my love. My well wishes to all of you, in-house workers and outside workers for the Supreme Master Television and all the initiates. Keep safe, keep healthy, praying to God. Be humble, be grateful for your life and your health and your safety. May Heavens, may God, may Allah be with you. Amen. (Amen, Master. Thank You.) May our world have peace and have vegan policy. (Yes, we pray also. Thank You, Master, be safe) Thank You, Love. (and healthy.) Thank you. (We love You also.) Thank you, love you too, love.

And I’ll speak to you some other time. (Sure.) So now you at least you have all the questions from everybody. They should be happy that you helped them to ask, because I cannot just speak to everybody one by one. (Understand.) It’s not convenient right now (OK.) and I don’t have much time. (Yes. Understand.) Every time setting up things and talking to one by one, it takes up too much of my precious time right now.

I use all my seconds, minutes to meditate, to pray, to bless the world. (Yes, Master. Appreciate it.) So I apologize to everybody that I cannot speak to all of you one by one, but my love is with all of you, one by one. May God be with you and guide you and protect you, all of you. Amen. (Amen.)

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