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My Relative Got Better after she Turned Vegan and Repented.

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Dear Supreme Master TV team, One of my relatives fell ill after receiving the second COVID-19 vaccine shot. It was a serious cystitis with inflammation of the urethra. After seeing several doctors, none of them could identify what kind of bacteria it was and therefore could not prescribe the right medicine. She was suffering too much to be able to go to work.

During meditation, I saw that her urethra had discharged bones and feathers of chicken-people. I realized that her illness was the karmic retribution of eating meat. (The chicken-people came to take their vengeance.)

Before that, I had told her to keep the vegan diet, but she didn’t listen. Now she’s been sick for more than four months, and has not found any cure for her illness, feeling severe pain both bodily and mentally.

We also prayed for her. One time, I saw her gasping on a sickbed, with her breathing having almost stopped. Master’s transcendental body appeared and touched her head, then her breathing returned to normal. (Master saved her life.)

Heaven was lenient with her so that she didn’t die. The karma of eating meat is terrifyingly deep and heavy, which is beyond the endurance of our soul and body, and yet we must repay this debt. Now she is afraid, has repented and turned vegan, while praying for forgiveness from the animal-people and the Blessings of God.

Humankind must put down the meat in their mouths, repent as soon as possible before it’s too late, treat animal-people nicely, and lead a virtuous and kind life in order to receive the protection and Blessings of Heaven.

May everyone become vegan to enjoy a peaceful, safe, and healthy life.  Jui-Yun from Taiwan (Formosa)

Informed Jui-Yun, Thank you for relating this karmic experience and example of Master’s omnipresent Power and Compassion. It is such good news that your relative is now a vegan. May you both and the motivated Taiwanese (Formosan) people continue to receive Buddha’s infinite Blessings. In Heavenly peace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has a message just for you: “Encouraging Jui-Yun, your relative is lucky that a caring practitioner, like you are, is praying for her and helped her turn around. Thank God she did repent and change her lifestyle. May she get better soon. I’m sorry that people are having to pay so heavily, but that is the karmic retribution now. May the Divine open all hearts and bless you, your loved ones, and inspiring Taiwan (Formosa).” 

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