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Inner Experience: People must be truly pure in their thoughts, words, and deeds in order to survive the purification of the world.

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While in Samadhi on the early morning of December 12, 2021, I saw many places on Earth suddenly collapse to become many sinkholes, from which came out many little “people” who were small, with male features, wearing special uniforms, and with things like spikes on top of their heads.

In the dream, I immediately reached out my hand trying to grasp them. Their leader suddenly kneeled down in front of me, begging me not to grab them. He told me that they’re hell messengers and showed me their ID cards. In the meantime, he took out something like paper filled with human names. Commanded by their superior, they’re here to capture people. They only came out to execute their mission in special times.

Behind this leader stood a lot of his subordinates, each holding the same “paper.” The paper was so long that it seemed there was no end. I asked him why there’re so many people on the list and he replied that those people had committed bad karmic retribution because of eating meat and killing.

In their hands they cast a special tool like a whip, which pierced into people’s bodies and strung them up like sugar-coated fruits. Those who were not on the list would feel nothing when being pierced through, as if they’re like empty space.

I asked him why there are even names of Master’s disciples on the list. Suddenly, the leader took out a three-dimensional round disk and pierced it through my body, which then radiated bright light. The leader then bowed to me and said, “Thank you for not letting us down. For disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai and other spiritual practitioners, our superior issued a special way of inspection. Those with not high enough ‘love and light index’ will be infected with the virus and receive their karmic retribution, be captured, or be branded. Please do not stop us from executing our task.”

Thus, I could only helplessly watch and do nothing about it. It reminded me of my dream at the beginning of 2017. In the dream, I saw that there would be a pandemic on Earth three years later, with fields littered with corpses, which were too ghastly to look at. I woke up in tears.

Now, it’s the time of inspection, all clear and distinct. God knows everything. Heaven knows everything. Nothing can be fabricated. We really have to make sure that we are truly full of love in our hearts. Love is everything! At this historic moment, fellow initiates, please be diligent in your practice and go Home with Master soon, back to our New Paradise. Your disciple, Ying-Xiu from China

Insightful Ying-Xiu, Our appreciation for sharing your inner experience with us. We pray that all humans on Earth heed the many warnings we have received and immediately adopt the loving vegan way of life. Wishing you and committed China Divine upliftment, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some instructive words for you: “Enlightened Ying-Xiu, your inner vision shows how urgent the situation on Earth is right now. Truly hells are opening and sending all sorts of beings into our world to punish anyone who is sinful and too low in their vibration. This is really happening, even though most cannot see it. People must be truly pure in their thoughts, words, and deeds in order to survive the purification of the world. I can only pray all heed my words. May the radiance of the Buddhas bless and guide you and the protective Chinese people.”
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