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“Fish-people Are Calling for Help”—Harming the fish-people is harming yourselves

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Hallo, Supreme Master TV team! Some time ago, you broadcasted a program interviewing the vegan artist, Ms. Elen Ture, whose mural titled “The Forgotten Ones” vividly portrayed the miserable lives of the fish-people. The program shocked me so much. In addition, your program series, “Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Harmful Effects of Meat,” also reveals how the consumption of meat is destroying the fish-people and ocean. Indeed, it’s very true as Supreme Master Ching Hai said: “Fish-people-eating is very depleting to the planetary ecosystems.” “Even fish-persons, since they are produced with the similar cruel practices as meat, we should not consume fish-people.” 

I’d like to contribute a little poem that speaks out for our fish-people friends, in the hope that it will evoke the inborn loving nature in more people so they give up eating fish-people as well as all other animal-people products by switching to a vegan lifestyle.

“Fish-people Are Calling for Help”

We are fish-people in the water who only want to roam happily in rivers, lakes and oceans. However, we are fearful of you humans. Scared by your fishing, imprisoned by your farming, we are trembling all day and all night in fear and anxiety. 

When cold iron hooks catch hold in our throats, when coarse nets trap our bodies, the pain is intolerable, and we will faint and suffocate. For we also have flesh and blood, For we also have sensitive nerves. 

More terrifying are the bloody kitchen knives cutting apart our bodies, gilling, scraping… As if treating unforgivable criminals, We are sentenced to death. But, what are we guilty of? What law have we violated? 

Innocent tears flood the seas. Silent cries shake the Highest Heaven. Help, help us! If we had hands, we’d join our palms to beg humans to stop eating fish-people. If we had legs, we’d kneel in front of humans, pleading with you to stop eating fish-people. 

All sentient beings in the Creation are one. Harming the fish-people is harming yourselves. Fish-people-eating will poison you and make you sick. Fishing destroys the water environment… Wake up quickly, all human friends. Treat all fish-people and sentient beings with compassion, To save our home, our Earth, And to create World Peace! Zi-Ying from China

Protective Zi-Ying, Bravo for speaking up, too, like the vegan artist and sending your poem that supports all the glorious marine animal-people who co-inhabit our Earth! Without them, humanity would perish. May Buddha’s great Light illuminate the Truth and guide all souls, including you and your brilliant Chinese co-citizens, to protect our magnificent planet. In Heaven’s Grace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master prompts us all to open our eyes, ears, and hearts in this reply to you: “Benevolent Zi-Ying, I too see, hear, and feel the pain of the people of the marine animal kingdom, as our life-giving oceans and seas continue to be heartlessly emptied and contaminated. Much Love to you and gratitude for your poetic plea to humanity to change and become vegan before it is too late. May the Godses bless and protect you and the virtuous Chinese people.”

“Why do we get sick or that our country is in wars? It’s due to our karma of killing sentient beings.” ~ The Venerable Thích Nữ Như Lan (vegetarian) 

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