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Personal Experience: The virus has a soul! I felt the power of repentance and forgiveness

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Dear Supreme Master TV team and my most Beloved Supreme Master, I am a nurse in a small hospital in Germany and in November 2020, we had a coronavirus outbreak in my unit. After one and a half months of hard work, I got infected by the coronavirus.

The viruses caused a high fever in my body, and it was quite turbulent. I sensed it clearly. They ran up and down in my whole body, so I told them, “Why so much noise? I understand you very well. My Beloved Master told me about it. I am so really sorry about all this. If I did anything bad to you in the past or present, then please forgive me. I definitely was so ignorant and stupid at that time. I didn’t know I did hurt you so badly. Please forgive me, in Heaven’s sake. Please accept my deepest sincere apologies from the bottom of my whole heart.”

They answered me, “We are just soldiers and have our duties to fulfill…” I told them, “I am a soldier too. A simple soldier of God full of duties and with no enemies. We are the same, that’s why I understand you so well. Please be gentle, be loving, be merciful with us. I would never harm you, any other sentient beings, or anything at all. I am always with God, and you are too.”

And then, I felt so much pain with so much sorrow from them. My tears just didn’t stop running. Then, I felt such compassion and love so pure and so deep. I sincerely thanked them, that they were so merciful and loving, and I told them to go and rest in peace in Heaven forever. And then they just left me. Suddenly it was so quiet. In no time, I fully recovered.

I know that’s only thanks to my most Beloved Master. My Master explains everything to me and protects me 24/7. And Supreme Master TV supports me always and shines in my worldly life. It’s so important to stay with God, trust God and live with God. Only God would heal us. If you are always with Master, you will be able to comprehend everything and never be afraid of anything. You will do just so well. You will be just so humble, genuine and so diligent. You will be so free. And it’s so beautiful. I wish that all the wishes of my Master would come true as quickly as possible. Stay safe and stay healthy, my Master. I love You, Master, and love you all so, so much. Your most grateful Mathilda from Heidelberg, Germany.

Cherished Mathilda, Thank you for sharing your profound experience with the Covid-19 virus. Your story really shows us that all life is conscious, alive, and fulfilling a purpose, as well as demonstrates the power of repentance and forgiveness. May God always bless you and upright Germany with Divine protection, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Here are some loving words from Master to uplift your heart: “Compassionate Mathilda, I am so touched by your sincerity. How you handled your Covid-19 infection shows that you are truly following my teachings and trust me and what I have shared about the Covid-19 viruses having the souls of the murdered animal-people in them. If everyone on Earth understood this and repented by adopting the vegan diet, our world would become a Paradise in a very short time. I pray every day this will soon be realized. Thank you, my love. May you bask in the Light of Heaven along with all the positive German people.”
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